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 By Alf Evans




It was a cold windy morning on the 12th April 1993, the wind was noted as a strong Westerly. As a reminder that pit accidents can occur on the surface and not just underground that strong Westerly wind was the cause of what could have been a fatal incident.


In the early hours of that morning the stockyard traversing crane seen above broke loose from it's anchorage due to the pounding from the wind, the crane then traversed uncontrollably from the West end of the yard to the East end. Upon reaching the East end the crane toppled over narrowly missing the explosive car.


 For reasons unknown no one had reported this incident to inspectorate. Consequently when the manager T. Lawson arrived at the mine later that morning all hell broke loose.

Dave Vicars writes: I cannot remember the crane getting away on the stockyard but I can remember the tractor getting away whilst lowering supplies down to the bank it nearly ended up down the shaft, after that they installed a slot track creeper.



If you have further details of the above incident please send them in







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