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The people listed  below appear on this site, either as contributors or were concerned with the mine or miners at some stage in the history of Silverwood. There are also those who have websites with information related to this sites content. Not forgetting two canine friends also listed below. The list is in order of appearance on the site and is a way of locating individuals and stories not listed elsewhere on the site. If I have missed anyone please let me know.

Please note that those who have sent in their miners names will be acknowledged in the near future.

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Peter Hardy M. P

Mr J. Kenyon Parker
John Brown
F. Parker Rhodes
Sir Chas and Lady Ellis
Sir William Ellis
 F. J. Dundas
F. H. Frost
John Law
Brian Eyre


Rhoda Ball

Reuben and Hannah Gunn
Jim Wroe
King George V
Queen Mary

John Waller
Roy Nixon
Sir Herbert Samuel
Winston Churchill

Bruce Wilson

John Law
Mick Carver
Mick Hayes
Phil Deaves
John Waller

Bruce Wilson

Sheila Khan
Michael Knight
Julie Palmer nee Browne
Ernest Bevin

Florence Mosley
Elizabeth “Lilly” Barber
King Edward VII School Sheffield
Keith Barraclough

Margaret McGowan
Julie and Nicola
Anne Meggitt
John Lindley BSc

D. Ezra
Edward Heath
Harold Wilson
Queen Elizabeth
Prince Phillip
Mandy Haughton

Agnes Wright

Jon Rosling

Faye Valentine

Lynda Napper

Chief Inspector Nesbitt

Dave Douglass

Adge Covell

Mike Glennon

Mrs Thatcher

Brian Elliot

Peter Lawery

Hannah Lawery

George Johnson

Neil Peters

Baroness Denton

Mandy Haughton

Mr. Peter Hardy

Arthur Scargill

Roy Greenslade

Peter Heathfield

Mr. Kevin Barron M. P.

Doctor Sedgewick

Rosalie Walkington

Alan Hodgson

Chris Tyler

Alan Hodgson

John Ward

 Ian ( iron ) Hague

Raye Kelly

Nadia Simpson nee Kelly

Ken Simpson

Jack Baughan

Louie Simpson Ron Longmate,

Jim Slater,

George Dabs

Jack White,

Harold Saunders

Sam Langford

Ada Ryan

William Edward Kelly

Princess Alexandra of Kent Susan Kelly

Ada Kelly

Jack Baughan

A. Gibbs

George and Edith Hill

George Hill

Edith C. Hill

George I. Hill

Mary Ann Hill

Flora E. Hill

Gertrude Louisa Hill

Brian Eyre

Flo Hill

Jack Doxey

Tom Weaver

Jack Wooton

Stevie Marsh

Stevie Marsh

Madge Hartle

Mary Hartle

Ivy Carver

Helena Linstead Paul Linstead
Jacqui Foister
Annie Pears


Mary and Maggie Gray

Jack Cawthorne

Rosalie Walkington

Thomas and Ann Blyton

Blytons of Greasebro




Mrs Thatcher

Robert Green

Eliza Briddon

Edna May Green

William and Jane Slater & family

Mr. Dean

Penny Hyslop

Selina Smith

Nigel Birch

Lilly Mills

Joe and Dolly Mills

Lilly Barlow

Hariett Barlow

Harry Barlow

Mr Hillsley

Alan Smith

Aubrey 'Orb' Windsor

Freda Bliss
Betty Barlow
Harold Barber
The Barlow's in 1881and 1901
Joseph John Law

John Law
Joshua Law
Janet Law
Keith Barraclough
Glynn Edwards
John Waller
Cliff  Bierton
Fred Spencer
Steve Smith
Peter Lawery

Pete of theYorkshire Main Colliery site
Peter Hardy M. P
Mr. Barron
John Healey (Wentworth)
Fred Spencer
Jeff Lovell
Tina Turner
John Healey
Rosalie Walkington
Peter Lawery

George Johnson
Mick Carver
Raye Kelly
Nadia Simpson
Ann Cassidy
Peter Lawery
Fred Hartle
Mary [ Daughter of Reginald Gray ]
Bob (Robert) Green
H. Mileman

G. Sykes

A. Barlow

G. Hespe

E. Foster
John Henry Green
Reginald Gray
Fred Kelly
Albert Merrill,
George Fullman
Hilda May Lawery
Bob (Robert) Green.
Paul ?
H. Mileman
G. Sykes
A. Barlow
Frank Green
G. Hespe
E. Foster
W. Burgin
G. Baker,
A. Uttley,
J. Lewis,
G. Weaver,
T. Hall,
G. Elsey,
W. Sands
N. Elsey,
W. Ball,
H. Uttley,
A. Gray.
Mr. Elsey
Ron ?
Ben Pickard

James Bester
Mary Moores
Nellie Guest
Doris Pickburn
Mary Deakin
Patricia Lydon
Julie Rogan
Kathleen Higgins
Wilfred Yeardley
Joyce Bennett
Sylvia Oliver
Doris Wragg
Ann Harrington
Mr S Wood
Peter Smith
Peter Lawery
Mick Carver
Ivy Carver
Jeannie Maskery
John Waller

George D. Johnson
George Johnson
Pete of the Yorkshire Main Colliery site

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