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Silverwood miners riding the paddy train photo courtesy Ralph Law
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Welcome to a new page where you can add local news, or advertise an upcoming event related to Silverwood Colliery or mining.




May 2008


Community Education programme



A project which is about capturing the identity and the history of Brampton and the surrounding areas – all of which centre around the mining industry

 we are having a number of events next week [ 5TH - 9TH MAY ]where we are interviewing people about their experiences and a session in Wath Comprehensive school where students there are interviewing ex miners and their relatives and a final 40’s themed event on the 23rd May where we have displays, a presentation from the mining museum, an ex colliery brass band, vehicles and characters from the 1940’s, plenty of food and more!
If anyone would like to get involved in any of this,  and are able to contribute to the displays and artefacts, have contacts for inviting to the main event and whether you would like to record some of your own stories and pictures on what will become an educational DVD for use in local schools enabling young people to learn about their own history from those who shaped it.


Please contact

Christine France Project Leader
Cedr, 28, Percy Street
Rotherham S65 1ED
Ph. 01709 722834  


May 2008  

photo copyright Rotherham FedRotherham Federation of Tenants and Residents (Rother Fed) is holding free reminiscences activity sessions led by Joanne Brunt on Thursday afternoons during May 2008 at the Tenants Resource Centre.  All the sessions are practical and fun and open to all Rotherham tenants and residents


1st May 2008

Wash Day and Housework is the theme for the session on Thursday 1st May 2008. Imagine a busy afternoon spent boiling up the copper and sorting your smalls out for washing—see dolly tubs, rubbing boards, soaps and much more.


15th May 2008,


We will explore Toys and Childhood during the session on Thursday 15th May 2008, exploring childhood and family life, school and the games we used to play—share many old toys and games, sweets and drinks.



15th May 2008,


Experience Amami Nights on the afternoon of 22nd May 2008, dance halls and picture houses, make up and hair dos, stockings and lippy all add up to a good night out on a monkey run.


On 29th May 2008

On 29th May 2008 Joanne will ask ‘can you afford the doctor?’ exploring what we did before the arrival of the NHS 60 years ago.


Sessions are between 1pm and 4pm and include free tea and biscuits. The Tenants Resource Centre is at the 2010 Eastwood Depot on Chesterton Road on Eastwood Trading Estate. If you would like to book a place on one or all of these sessions please contact Steve on 01709 822258 or e-mail

Tenants Resource Centre
Eastwood Depot
Eastwood Trading Estate
Chesterton Road
Rotherham S65 1SZ
Tel: 01709 365041
Mobile: 07758 490344
Rother Fed is registered as a limited company ( no. 5913521)

June 2007


There will be a Miners reunion at the Silverwood Welfare club  on the 15th December 2007.


Silverwood Welfare Club

Doncaster Road
South Yorkshire. S65 3ES
Tel: 01709 854074


May 2007


Thanks to Sheila Cameron and Stan Crowther of the Rotherham Civic Society this site was invited to help with an upcoming tribute to the men who died and those injured in the 1966 paddy train disaster at Silverwood. The tribute will be part of the Rotherham Heritage Fair on 19th May. [ Check the Rotherham Advertiser for dates ]

I would like to thank the Rotherham Civic Society for including this site in a recent [ 4th May 2007 ] article by the Rotherham Advertiser concerning the Society and it's endeavours to produce what should be a very successful heritage theme.

"Our Heritage in Stones" 

>Now I know everyone that can will attend this marvellous event, so if anyone would care to take a photo of the Civic Society stand and send me a copy, I'll place it on the site so that those like me [ Ex Pats ] can at least see an image of the event.


The Civic Society badly needs a secretary, so if you would like to join this worthwhile group who amongst other things play an important role in the preservation of local heritage please contact them at 


May 2007

Tenants Resource Centre
Eastwood Depot
Eastwood Trading Estate
Chesterton Road
S65 1SZ


 10am and 12.30pm on Tuesday 19th June 2007

Rotherham Federation of Tenants and Residents is a new organisation supporting tenants and residents groups around the Borough.  We are  interested in collecting information about the history of community associations and tenants and residents groups in the Borough throughout  the 20th Century. We are particularly interested in the history of social housing in Rotherham. We would be very interested in hearing from anyone who has any memories of being involved in TARAs and community associations or photos they  could share.
We will be holding an initial workshop on the history of the tenants movement in Rotherham between 10am and 12.30pm on Tuesday 19th June 2007 at the Rother Fed offices in Eastwood to which everyone is welcome to attend. The workshop will be  facilitated by John Grayson who has a wealth of knowledge on the history of tenant participation in the coalfield areas. Representatives from Rotherham Museums and Archives will also be attending.


Tel: 01709 365041
Mobile: 07758 490344
Rother Fed is registered as a limited company ( no. 5913521)


April 2007



If anyone is interested there are 3,244 mining jobs available in Australia at this moment [ April 2007] Top rates being paid. Be aware that many of the jobs are in isolated areas with mining camp accommodations.

The Australian coal industry is booming, with China being one of the major customers.

Visit here for more information.

April 2007


In a recent correspondence I am informed that " young people are being encouraged to be in touch with their local environment and taking ownership of their local area and reminiscing about what there grandfathers and great grandfathers did for a living back in the day. The project is to include memories old and new by portraying those memories onto boards using graffiti methods to do so. The pictures would be very useful indeed and to pay a tribute to the project at the site would be fantastic for these young people as they then could in years to come tell their children that just like their great grandparents they have had some involvement in Silverwood Mine."
Matthew Egerton
Detached Voice & Influence project worker Dinnington Youth Centre Doe quarry lane Dinnington. S25 2NH


This is a marvellous project and Matthew and his associates are to be congratulated for it's conception, and I'm sure that all ex miners will be delighted to know that they are to be paid a tribute by the youngsters of today.  Hopefully the finished work will be made accessible to one and all, and I hope that many of you will go along as a show of support to these youngsters, and perhaps tell them a story or two about what it was like to be a miner.

I will keep you posted with what ever further updates I receive, meanwhile lets wish the project and the young folks every success. I for one can't wait to see the result, some of these young graffiti artist have a great talent, and putting that kind of talent into a project like this, has to be an all round winner!






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