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Books by Brian Elliot


Brian Elliott is a well known  photo journalist and photo historian,. From the number of  books below we can see why Brian is such a well known figure.  The information below has been provided freely by me, as not only a benefit for you the reader but also a tribute to a very talented Yorkshireman, with a great interest in Mining and local history.


Photo courtesy of Brian ElliottIn the 1984 Strike a Silverwood Miner named Bruce Wilson had the foresight to keep a diary of his involvement in that strike. That diary was edited by Brian Elliot and the book on the left was published.

The book is a 176 page illustrated Paperback

ISBN: 1903425 514

Price: 11.50 incl. p&p

You can have the book signed by the Author simply

Click here for a signed copy from Brian Elliott


Pictured on front cover

Bruce and, younger brother Bob, along with mates Shaun, Darren and 'Captain' Bob

photo courtesy of Brian Elliott

The Yorkshire Miners book on the left is the result of countless hours delving into  the NUM archives and also private collections by Brian. With 250 photographs this, like the above book is a must have for anyone interested in the history of Yorkshire Miners

  Sutton publishing ISBN 0-7509-2999-5

Price 11.99

Click here for a signed copy from Brian Elliott

Pits and Pitmen of Barnsley below

photo courtesy Brian Elliott

Wharncliffe Books
47 Church Street
Barnsley, S70 2AS


Other Books by Brian

The Miners' Strike Day by Day,  Arthur Wakefield (edited by Brian Elliott)

The Making of Barnsley, Brian Elliott, 1988
Aspects of Barnsley 4  
Aspects of Barnsley 5  
Aspects of Barnsley 6  
Aspects of Barnsley 7  
Aspects of Barnsley (Reprint)  
Aspects of Doncaster 2  
Aspects of Barnsley 2 (Reprint)  
Foul Deeds and Suspicious Deaths in Sheffield  
Yorkshire Mining Veterans.  
The Making of Barnsley (New Edition)


NEW RELEASE Yorkshires Mining Veterans

Brian Elliot has got a good book out on mining ,at the end of September, named Yorkshires Mining Veterans, containing interviews with old miners, some in their 80,s etc, in fact according to Brian a few never made it to see publishing of book.

 Many thanks to Brian Elliott for giving us the books above and a very encouraging comment regarding this site.

QUOTE " You are doing a great job with the site" end of Quote.




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