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Here are just a mere handful of the Miners of Silverwood, placed here to represent the thousands that actually worked at the mine. The drawing is by Fred Spencer and the photos have been added by your webmaster.




"The men who worked there"


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Some of the men on the following pages worked all their life at Silverwood, some starting work at age twelve remaining at Silverwood until retirement.. Others worked there briefly and then left. Many were to return after leaving. Whatever the circumstances anyone who ever worked at Silverwood became part of a special working community. Great friendships were founded at the Mine like that of Peter O'Brien who wrote recently and said "The first day I started work at Silverwood your father [ Ike Doxey ] was working on the coal face and from that day on we were the best of pals" The comradeship of these men was evident when ever they met socially, casual, or at work. They had a great pride in what they did and who they were. From the mail I have received regarding these Miners one thing is becoming quite clear and that is their Children and Grandchildren have also great pride regarding the Miners of Silverwood.

From the opening of the Colliery the Miners arrived in the area from many different places, bringing their families and settling in the growing suburbs. Their hobbies were varied, many taking advantage of allotment gardens to grow Vegetables, flowers, breed pigs, or breed racing pigeons. Others played sport, some took an interest in the local community and became Parish Councillors. These men were very direct and honest in their manner, very independent in their ways.


Despite the harsh and dangerous conditions they worked in, the miners maintained a sense of humour, and comradeship. This comradeship suffered a severe blow during the 1984 strike as friends and families were torn apart during the conflict. The miner may have lost this conflict, lost their jobs, but unlike their opponents they did not lose their integrity and pride. Thanks to Peter Hardy M. P. addressing Parliament  we have a fitting descriptive summary for these men "Everybody at the colliery was singing Tina Turner's record, Simply the Best because they believed that they were the best. British Coal should have recognised that they were the best".


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 First published in a Regional anthology of Northern Poems 1993


They breathed comradeship and hope.
Their life's blood they gave.
From Father to Son.
From cradle to grave.

The dust and the danger.
Were minor discomforts.
No more than a scolding.
From an irate parent

Proud of belonging.
To a place of happiness and sorrow.
Times filled with giving.
The occasional taking.

The gearheads are falling.
Coal-faces are dying.
The pits were our lifes blood.
They go, not of our choosing.


Poetry by Fred

The Price of Coal 





The Miners List

Please be aware that the list is the result of over 10 years [ As of 2011 ]compilation, and still grows weekly.

A special thanks is extended to Mick Carver who has spent countless hours this last nine months gathering names and transcribing information from documents, producing an A to Z of names for presentation on this site.  Indeed Mick's effort has produced the majority of names on the list.

Mick Carver photo copyright Mick Carver


Any names or words followed by a question mark were hard to decipher so please send in any corrections.

 Also many initials could be wrong  in particular    I / J / / L / H / F / P /  T /
Please note that many of the Miners on the list had worked at Silverwood in previous years than the dates shown on this list. After the 1926 strike the men signed on again
Some of them were youngsters who had been working previously on the surface and then ventured below ground.




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Please note there is a protection on these pages containing the list.  Just drop me an email and I will gladly send freely without obligation, whatever information I can on individuals.

Many thanks to all those who have contributed to these pages.

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