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Lacey - Lawn   Lawn - Lewis   Lewis - Linney   Linney - Longmire   Longmire - Lynch



Lacey - Lawn


Walter Lacey ? 1925
Joseph Laithwait Collier 1927
Jim Laithwaite
Thomas Lancaster Stoneworker 1927
William Lancaster Stoneworker 1927
J. Landon Collier 1919

Isaac Ike Lancaster
George Lane Collier 1924
H. ? Lane Collier 1924
J. Lane Collier 1925
Edward Lane ? 1927

Cecil Langton
John Langton Stoneworker 1924
John Langdon ? Stoneworker 1928
John William Langfield ? Stoneworker 1927
W. Lanty ? Fitter 1927
M. Larkin Collier 1919
Bernard Larkin Driver 1928
Thomas Larkin Stoneworker 1927
J R Latham Collier 1919
William Latham Stoneworker 1927
William Latham Driver 1925
Stewart Latham
W. Lathbury Collier 1919
Jack Latham
James Laughlin Collier 1910
Alf Laughton
J. Laughton ? Stoneworker 1925
Joseph Laughton Driver 1928

Enoch Lawrence Collier 1912
Arthur Laurence Collier 1927
Ralph Law Blacksmith 1935 - 1981approx
Leonard Laurence Driver 1923
Mr Lawrence, Hostler 1940's
Peter Lawrence Manager 1970's
Fred Lawery
Ernest Lawery
Graham Lawery
D. Lawless Collier 1925


Lawn - Lewis

C. Lawn Collier 1919
Ben Lawn Stoneworker 1925
Charles Lawn Collier 1925
Enoch Lawrence Driver 1927
Harry Lawson Pre 1916
H. Lawson Driver 1919
Tony Lawson  M. B. E. (Colliery Manager) (1990 1994)
Mr. Lawson Manager 1989
James Lawton Collier 1919
M. Lawton Collier 1919
Henry Laycock Stoneworker 1923
A. Layford Collier 1919
Harry Layton Stoneworker 1924
Ernest Lazenby Pitbottom worker 1924
Arnie Lazenby
Bill Lazenby
Duggy Lazenby
Herbert Lazenby
F. Leadbeater Stoneworker 1919
John Edward Leads Collier 1924

William Lee Coke Labourer 1912
N. Lee Pre 1917
John Lee Collier
C. Lee Collier 1919
Andrew F Lee Driver 1923
John Lee Stoneworker 1924
Harry Lee Stoneworker 1924
Alfred Lee ? 1927
Arthur Lee Driver 1924
Ernest Lee Stoneworker 1927
Herbert Lee Stoneworker 1928
John Lee Stoneworker 1926
John Lee Stoneworker 1924
John Lee Driver 1925
W C Lee Collier 1926
Gary Lee (Rooster) 1979-1994)
Colin Lee (1981-1993)
Earnest Lee 1920's driver
Ernest Lee Linney
Albert James Lees Collier 1925
William Lees Collier 1925
William Thomas Leese Collier 1924
John Henry Leonard ? Stoneworker 1925
Harry Lester Driver 1928
Michael Levick Stoneworker 1927
Stanley Lewin ? Collier 1926


 Lewis - Linney

J. Lewis Collier 1919
H. Lewis Collier 1919
Ernest Lewis ? Collier 1926
Herbert Lewis Chains 1927
J? Lewis Packer 1927
William Jos Lewis Stoneworker 1927
Herbert Lewis pre 1966
Jack Lewis pre 1965
Joe Lewis pre 1966
Fred Lewis pre 1965
W. Leyland Collier 1919
Henry Leyland Collier 1927
James Leyland Chains 1925
L. Leyland Rope 1926
William John Leyland Haulage 1927
James License ? Collier 1924
Brian License Deputy ?
James H Liddall Pit bottom 1924

Thomas E. Liddiard Collier 1907
W. Lidsay
     WestPit 1925
William Lidster Collier 1919
Harry Ligg
Thomas Lilley Collier 1919
Samuel Lilley Collier 1919
J H Lilley Filler 1919
George Lilley Collier 1919
John Henry Lilley Collier 1924
J H Limb Stoneworker 1924
Fred H Limb Stoneworker 1926
Fred H Limb Driver 1925
William John Limb Stoneworker 1926
R. Linbrook? Stonework 1927
C. ? Lindley Collier 1926
George Lindley Stoneworker 1927
John Lindley Deputy Mech. Eng
W. Lindley Collier 1927
Edward Lineman Stoneworker 1924
George Linley Stoneworker 1927 and previous


Linney - Longmire

Earnest "Sonny" Linney
Arthur "Pop" Linney
J. ? Linney Stoneworker 1925
Charles Linstead Medical Team 1930's
Malcolm John Linstead Apprentice Welder
William Lister Collier 1919
C.Litchfield Driver 1924
J. Litchfield Collier 1919
Michael Litchfield Driver 1927
C. Littlewood Haulageman 1919
Garry Littlewood Stoneworker 1925
Jason Liversidge Driver 1919
Brian Liversidge 1956-1992
Bertram Edwin Lloyd Collier 1924
Edward Lloyd Pre 1918
John Loach Stoneworker 1925
P? Locket ? 1927
James Locket ? 1927 and previous
William Lockitt ? Stoneworker 1927
Keith Lockley (Electrician)
Fred V Lodge Stoneworker 1924
John Loftus Stoneworker 1924
P. Loftus Stoneworker 1924
Pat Loftus 1950's
Robert Lomas Stoneworker 1923
Ellis? Lomax Collier 1927
A. Long Stoneworker 1927
Johnny Long Deputy 1970'S/80'S

Bertram D. Long  Collier 1960's /70's
John Longden Pre 1916
Archie Longden Collier 1919
H. Longden Collier 1919
Albert J Longden Stoneworker 1927
Fred Longden Driver 1926
Fred Longden Driver 1925

Fred Longden  Driver 1924
Harry Longden West Pit 1925
Fred Longden
John Longden 1955 onward
Peter Longden
J. Longhton Collier 1924
Jack Longmate Stoneworker 1925
Leslie Longmate Driver 1927


Longmire - Lynch

T. Longmire Stoneworker 1924
Thomas Longmire Driver 1925
Arthur Longmire ? Fitter 1927
Ernest Lord ? Chains 1928
Alf Lord 1955 onward
Peter Lorimer
Herbert Lounds
Jeff Lovell Safety Engineer 1978 to 1992
W. Lowe Collier 1919
W. Lowe Collier 1919
John Lowe Stoneworker 1924
William Lowell Collier 1919
Charles Lowthorn ? Collier 1924
Robert Lucas Collier 1924
Edward Luke Stoneworker
Alfred Lunn Collier 1927
J. Lydon Collier 1919
William Lynam Stoneworker 1924
J. Lynch Locoman 1970's
Joe Lyons
John Lyons
George Henry Lyon Pre 1917


John Doxey

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