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Habbit - Hallas   Hallas - Harris   Harris - Harvey   Harvey - Hemsall   Hemsall - Hill   Hill - Hodgson   Hodgson - Hoyle

Hoyle - Hunt   Hunt - Hynman



Habbit - Hallas


William Habbit  [ Rabbit ]? Haulage 1927
John Hacking ? Driver 1928
Thomas Haddican April 1924
Thomas Haddiean [ Haddigan ] Collier 1925
Ambrose Hadley Driver 1928
John Haddrill Shaft sinker 1901
George Haddrell West Pit worker 1923
George Haddrell
George Haddrell-jnr
Keith Haddrell
Dave Hadfield, Branch Delegate pre 1984 - 1994

Frank Hague Filler 1912
G. Hague Collier 1919
Arthur Hague Collier 1925

Mr. H. Pitchford   Undermanager

George Haigh Stoneman 1913
Frank Haigh Driver 1924
W. Haigh Collier 1919
Walter Haigh West Pit worker 1923
Mick Haigh
Walter Haigh Stoneworker 1925
Geoffrey Haith Deputy and Overman , miners rescue team 1941onward

Mr S. M. Halder  Undermanager
J. A. Hale     N. A. C.O.D.S Executive Branch Secretary 1970's
? Hale Driver 1927
J. Halesworth Collier 1919
G. Haliwell Stoneworker 1924

William B. Hall Filler 1913
Thomas Hall Collier 1919
H. Hall Y ? 1919
George Hall Collier 1924
A. Hall Collier 1926
Cyril Hall Stoneworker 1927
J R. Hall Driver 1925
J R. Hall Haulage 1925
Ike Hall pre 1970's
John Hall pre 1980
Peter Hall pre 1980
Allen Hall pre 1980
Michael Hall

Roger Hall  Surveyor 1970's
Frank Hallas pre 1970's
Bertie Hallford pre1930
W. Hallsworth Pre 1916
John Hallsworth Driver 1924
Bill Hallsworth - Snr.
Bill Hallsworth-jnr-pre1966
Walter Hallam Collier 1919
Thomas Hallam Driver 1927

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Hallas - Harris

Albert Hallas Driver 1927
Franklin Hallas ? Driver 1925

John Hallatt ? Driver 1928
William Halliwell Collier 1927
Stephen Hallow 1911
William Hallsworth Driver 1927
Samuel Halsall Stoneworker 1924
W. Hamblin Collier 1919
William Robert Hamblin Collier 1926
W. H. Hamer Pre 1916
J. Hamill Stoneworker 1924
Geoff Hammill 1967-1995
Peter Hamstead Stoneworker 1926
William Hamstead Stoneworker 1927
Harold Hanock Driver 1924
John Hancock Pre 1917
J H Hancock Collier 1919
Joseph Sidney Hancox ? Stoneworker 1928
George Hand Collier 1925
John Hanley Fitter 1925
J. ? Hansbury ? Collier 1925

James Hanton Labourer 1908
J. Hanton Y ? 1919
A E Hanton West Pit Worker 1923
William Hanton West Pit 1925
Fred Hanton? Stoneworker 1927
Clifford (Cliff) Hanton Pony Boy to Overman 1934 - 1982
J. Hanton.
Herbert Edwin Harbisher Stoneworker 1924
Isaac Hardwick
Thomas Hardwick
Fred Hardwick
George Hardwick
Charles Hardwick
Frank Hardwick
Burgess Hardwick
J. Hardwick Collier 1919
G. Hardwick Corporal 1919
Burgess F? Hardwick Driver 1926
Fred Hardwick Pit bottom 1928
G. C. ? Hardwick Driver 1924
Walter Hardy Collier 1919
F. A. Hardy Stoneworker 1925
John B. Hardy Collier 1925
John Cyril Hardy Driver 1927
Brian Hardy

George W. Hargreaves  Roadman 1906
J. Hargreaves Collier 1919
Albert John Harper Collier 1919
Frank Harper Stoneworker 1923
Frank Harper Collier 1924
Thomas Harper Collier 1924
John Harpin Driver 1928

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Harris - Harvey

Thomas Harris  Contractor pre 1913
Rowland Harris  Pony driver pre 1913
Ernest Harris Collier 1924
W. Harris Stoneworker 1927
Scott Harris deputy
Adrian Harris ( surface engineer) pre 1944
Charles Harris
Edward Harrison Collier 1919
Fred Harrison Collier 1919
Samuel Harrison Collier 1919
J W Harrison Collier 1919
G. Harrison Stoneworker 1923
Fred Harrison Fitter 1925
J. Harrison Collier 1925
E. Harrison Collier 1924
Frederick Harrison Stoneworker 1927
John Harrison West Pit 1924
Samuel Harrison Collier 1924
Albert Harrison 1913 to 1961
John Hart Haulage 1928
Ernest Hart Stoneworker 1924
Stanley Hart Rope 1924
Albert Hart pre 1970
Steve Hart ( Blacksmith ) pre 1994
W. Hartill Collier 1919
William Hartle Chainworker 1923
Fred Hartill ? Collier 1925
T. Hartle Collier 1919
Enoch Hartle - Safety Officer
Alf Hartle
Fred Hartle - Deputy
Craig Hartle -electrician.
Tom Hartle Face Worker
Cliff Hartle face worker
Brian Hartle electrician 1960 to 1983
James Hartley Fitter 1927
Leslie Hartley [ Deputy ] 1977-1994.
Dave (dusty) Hartley collier
Charles Hartsborn ? Collier 1927
Charles Hartephorn Stoneworker approx 1924
Charles Hartsthorn Stoneworker 1924

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Harvey - Hemsall

Percy Harvey Collier 1919
J. Harvey ?Rope 1926
William Harvey ? Stoneworker 1927
Harry Harvey Rope 1928
John W. Harvey Stoneworker 1928
Sam Harvey
Harry Harvey
Frank Harvey 1953 - aprox 1967 train driver

Robert (BOB) Harvey Electrician 1973

Alf Harvey. 1950's
Robert Harwood Stoneworker 1924
Alfred S. Hasker Stoneworker 1927

Thomas Hather collier 1907
David Hatfield (Wingnut) (Electrician) Pre 1970
G. Hattersley Collier 1919
G. H. Hattersley Stoneworker 1925
Sidney John Hatwell ?Stoneworker 1927
E. Haugh Collier 1919
H. Haughton Collier 1919
Herbert Hawes Collier 1927
Tony Hawkins Colliery Officer pre 1980
G H Haycham Collier 1919
Fred Hayes Collier 1924

John William Haynes Collier 1915
Joseph Haynes Collier 1919
William E Haythorne Stoneworker 1924
Ernest Haythorne Driver 1927
A. E. Hayward Driver 1927
John J. Haywood ? 1923
Arthur Haywood Driver 1927
Ernest Haywood Stoneworker 1925
G. Haywood Driver 1924
Ernest Hazledine Collier 1919
W. Heath Collier 1919
Joseph Heath Filler 1923
H. Heath Collier 1923
Bernard Stanley Heath Collier 1924
George A Heathcote? Stoneworker 1924
W H Heeley Collier 1919
William H. Heeley Stoneworker 1924
A. Heffenan Stoneworker 1927
L. Helliwell Stoneworker 1925
John C. Helliwell Stoneworker 1928
Arthur Hellewell 1953 - 1980's,
 Cyril Hellewell  1955 - 1967.
J T Hemmingway Collier 1919
K. Hemmingway Stoneworker 1927
M. A. Hemmingway Driver 1910
John Hemmingway ? 1910
Bernard Hemmingway from 1928/30

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Hemsall - Hill

Henry Hempsell Stoneworker 1924
Charles Gordon Hemstock Pre 1916
Pete Hendan ? Collier 1924
J. Hennigan Stoneworker 1924
Pat Hennigan Stoneworker 1924
John Henry Stoneworker 1923
Martin Henry Hensey  Stoneworker 1924
Austin Henshaw Collier 1919
Frank Henshaw ? 1926
Hughie Hepburn
Fred Heppenstall Pre 1917
E. Heppinstall Collier 1919
Allan Heppenstall Collier 1925
P. Heppinstall Haulageman 1924
John Hepworth Collier 1919
Wilfred Charles Hepworth Stoneworker 1923
Wilfred Hern? Stoneworker 1928
George Barlow Hewitt Driver 1927
Thomas " Tom " Hetherington Pre 1916
Frank O? Hewson Collier 1926
J N ? Heyston? Collier 1925
Frank Hibbert Electrician 1945
J. Hibbotson Stoneworker 1923
Edward Hickey Driver 1924
James Hickey Driver 1924
Raymond Hickling Stoneworker 1925
Benjamin Joseph Hickman Pre 1918
Joseph Hickman Collier 1919
J. Hickman Collier 1919
Joseph Hickman Collier 1919
Joseph Hickman Stoneworker 1928
T. ?Hickman Collier 1926
George Hickman Driver 1927
Chris Hicks Stoneworker 1927
George Hides Driver 1928
Y. Higginbottom Collier 1919
P. Higgins Pre 1916
John. Higgins Pre 1915
Patrick Higgins Stoneworker 1924
Thomas Higgins Stoneworker 1924
? Higgins Collier 1927
Jack Higgins Chains 1925
John Higgins Driver 1926
Paddy Higgins
William Highton faceworker 1923 onward
George Highton faceworker 1919 onward
William Highton tail gate ripper 1946 onward
Ken Highton heading worker 1950 onward
Phillip Highton faceworker 1964 onward
William Highton fitter 1969 onward
John Highton faceworker, 1971 onward
Peter Highton faceworker.
George Highton Driver 1927
Joseph Hiley Pre 1916

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Hill - Hodgson

Stanley Hill Collier 1919
Samuel Hill Collier 1919
James Stanley Hill Driver 1923
Ashmore Hill Driver 1924
Edwin Hill Stoneworker 1927
Bill Hill.-Loco Driver pit top pre 1947.
James William Hill  Deputy pre 1952
James Hill Stoneworker 1924
George Hill
I. Hilley Collier 1919
George Hillyard Collier 1924
George Hillyard Driver 1924
George William Hilton Driver 1926
James Hilton Collier 1925
William Hilton Collier 1925
William Hilton Collier 1925
J. Hinchcliffe Driver 1924
Robert Hinchlcliffe Collier 1919
Lawrence Hinchcliffe Collier 1919
John Hinchcliffe Collier 1924
William D.  Hincliffe? Stoneworker 1928
S. Hinchclife Locoman 1970's
Clarence Hind Collier 1927
Joseph Hind Stoneworker 1928
H. Hines Y ? 1919
Thomas William Hindley Haulage 1928
F. Hinds Collier 1919
Harry Hinds Collier 1926
James Hinley Stoneworker 1924
C. Hirst Haulage 1927
Clarence W. Hirst Driver 1926
H. Hitchen Collier 1924
Harry O Hitchen Filler 1924
George Evans Hitchen Stoneworker 1927
Leonard Hitchen Stoneworker 1924
William Hitchen Stoneworker 1924
Reg. Hitherington Driver 1924
Herbert Hives
John Hobb Collier 1923
Arthur James Hobbs ? 1928
Thomas Hobson Stoneworker 1924
Henry Hobson Collier 1919
W. Hobson Ropeworker 1924
Fred Hobson Rope 1924
F. Hobson Haulageman 1924
John Hobson Collier 1926
Edwin Hockley Driver 1928
John Hocknull? Chains 1927
James. Hodgekins Pre 1915

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Hodgson - Hoyle

John Henry Hodgson Driver 1927
Percy Hodkiss Fitter 1924
William Hodson Collier 1923
Robert Hogan Stoneworker 1924
Frederick ? Hogarth Stoneworker 1924
Geo. Holbrook
Joseph William Holhook [ Holbrook ?] Chainworker 1924
John " Rover" Holden 1980's and prior
Roy Holdsworth Stoneworker 1925
James Holland Collier 1919
Norman Holland Pit bottom worker 1923
George Holland Stoneworker 1924
John W. Holland Surface 1925
John Holleywell Stoneworker 1925
H. Hollin Pre 1916
E? Hollins Driver 1926
H. Holliwell Chains 1925
Stuart Hollingsworth (Colliery Accountant)
Fred Holmes Pre 1916
Lewis Herbert Holmes West Pit Worker 1923
Benjamin Holmes Collier 1924
Charles P. Holmes Collier 1925
Arthur Thomas Holryod Pre 1916
Ted Holton Official
John Homes Collier 1924
F. Honeywood Y / 1919
F. Honeywood Filler 1923
G. T. Hood Stoneworker 1928
William Hooson ? Stoneworker 1924
Mick Hope Pit Overman 1970's onward
Henry Hopkinson Collier 1919
A. Hopkinson Collier 1919
H. Hopkinson Collier 1919
Frank Hopkinson Stoneworker 1926
Tony Hopkinson Linesman 1950's
George Henry Horner Pre 1917
Robert Horrocks West Pit Worker 1923
John Horrocks Driver 1927
Walter Horsfall ? 1926
A G Horton Stoneworker 1923
Albert Horton Chains 1928
Charles Horton Haulage 1928 and previous

James Albert Horton  Ripper 1939
Stanley Horton Landsale
J. Houghton Stoneworker 1924
W. Houghton Y?
Edward Houghton Driver 1928
Eddie Houghton [ Home coal deliveries ]
Henry Howard Driver 1928
T. M. Howson Stoneworker 1924
F. Howson Stoneworker approx 1928

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Hoyle - Hunt

Leonard Hoyle Stoneworker 1924
J. Hoyle Collier 1919
Clement Hoyle Collier 1924
George W. Hoyle Collier 1924
J? Hoyle ? 1924
Archie Hoyle Collier 1925
Charles Hoyle Collier 1925
Charles Hoyle Stoneworker 1924
Samuel Hoyles Collier 1924
F. Hubbard Stoneworker 1924
Fredrick Hubbard Stoneworker 1927
Henry Hudd West Pit Worker 1923
Sam Huckbody ? 1928
John Hucknull Pre 1915
William Edward Hudd Driver 1927
Arthur Hudd Collier then Surface Worker 1932 - 1972.
Frederick Hudd colliery overman
Henry Hudd
T. Huddleston Collier 1919
Charles Huddleston Driver 1925
James Wilfred Hudson Pre 1917
John Hudson Collier 1919
Arthur H Hudson Collier 1924
Charles Hudson Collier 1927
Charles Hudson Collier 1925
Frank Hudson Stoneworker 1927
J. Hudson Driver 1924

Dave Hudson (electrician)
Robert Hughes Collier 1919
S. ? Hughes Stoneworker 1927
W? Hughes West Pit 1925
Arthur Hughes Driver 1928
J. Hughes Stoneworker 1927 and previous
J. Hughes West Pit 1925
John Hughes Stoneworker 1927
Reginald Hughes Stoneworker 1928
William Hughes Stoneworker 1924
F. Hull Stoneworker 1919
Thomas Hulme Collier 1927
George Humpherson Pre 1915
Samual Humpries Pre 1917
John Humphries Y ? 1919
Henry Humphries Collier 1919
Leonard Humphries Collier 1924

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Hunt - Hynman

W. Hunt Y ? 1919
Arthur E Hunt Collier 1919
J H Hunt Collier 1919
J. Hunt Collier 1919
Joseph Hunt Driver 1919
Rowland Hunt West Pit worker
John Hunt Stoneworker 1924
Charles Hunt Driver 1928
Arthur E Hunt Collier 1924

Gerry Hunt 1970's
Alfred Leonard Hunt Driver 1928
Clifford Pearson Hunt Stoneworker 1927
George Hunt Stoneworker 1924 and previous
Harry Hunt Driver 1928
John Hunt Stoneworker 1928
Michael Hunt Stoneworker 1924
Percy Hunt Driver 1928
Albert Ed Hurd Driver 1926
Thomas Hurst Dayman 1924
George Arthur Hutchinson Pre 1915
G W ? Hutchinson Collier 1923
T. Hutchinson Driver 1924
G. Hutchinson Driver 1924
Arthur Hutchinson Collier 1925
H. Hutchinson Stoneworker 1925
John Hutchinson Chains 1927
W. Hutchinson Stoneworker 1924
William Hutchinson Collier 1924

Phillip William Hutton Deputy pre 1913
J. Hutton Collier 1919
Charles Hutton Stoneworker 1928
H. J. Hutton ? Stoneworker 1927
Arthur Hutton Driver 1927
Tommy C. Hutton Driver 1928
Wilf Hutton

George Hutton aka Charlie 1950's onward
Oliver Hynes ? Stoneworker 1926
S. Hynman ? Rope 1926




John Doxey


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