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Cafferty - Casey   Casey - Chapman  Chapman - Churms  Churms  - Coals  Coals - Cook  Cook - Cotterill

Cotterill - Critchley  Critchley - Cuppit   Cupitt - Cutts


Cafferty - Casey

Patrick Cafferty Stoneworker 1925
Danial Cain 1918
Thomas Calladine Collier 1919
Thomas Callaghan Stoneworker 1924
W. Callaghan Collier 1927
Peter Calland Collier 1919
Peter Calland Collier 1925
G. Calton Collier 1919
Riley Calvert Stoneworker 1924
James Barry Campbell Collier 1928
Joseph T? Canadine Ropeman
John Canadine ? Haulage 1927
Leonard Canadine Face Worker 1934 - 1980
Alwyne Canadine ? 1927
Pat Cain Stoneworker 1924
Thomas Cant Stoneworker 1925
W. Carborough Haulage 1928
Fred Carnell Collier 1927
M. Carney Stoneworker 1924
James Carney Stoneworker 1924
Patrick Carney Stoneworker 1924
Richard Carney Stoneworker 1925
Michael Carney Stoneworker 1923
Micheal Carney Stoneworker 1924
Michael Carney Stoneworker 1928
Thos Carns ? Fitter 1927
Patrick Carol Stoneworker 1927
W. Carpenter Driver 1927
W H Carr Collier 1919
Peter Carr (Fitter)
Danial Carr Stoneworker 1925
Walter H. Carr Collier 1926
Mick Carter after 1984

Samual Cartwright Haulage Hand 1910

Albert Cartwright Miner pre 1915
Ernest R Cartwright Pre 1916
Ernest Cartwright Driver 1924
David Cartwright Driver 1924
Mr. Cartwright [ manager ]
William Cartwright Collier 1927
Harry Carver pre1930s - 1954
George William Carver 1940 -1984
Frank Carver Stoneworker 1925
Thomas Carver Driver 1910 onward
George Carver
Arthur Carver
Walter Carver

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  Casey - Chapman

James Casey Collier 1919
Frank Casey  Pitbottom 1927
John Cassidy Stoneworker 1927
Joseph Henry Cassidy Driver 1926
M. Cassidy Stoneworker 1928
Thomas Cassidy Driver 1925
Danny Cassidy pre 1960
Terry Cassidy pre 1960
Thomas Cassin
G. Casson ? Stoneworker 1925
John William Caswell Pre 1916
Elijah Casterledge Stoneworker 1927
Edward Casterton ? 1927
Laurence Casterton Driver 1928
E. Cattle Collier 1919
Henry Catterall Collier 1927
D. Cavill Collier 1919
John G. Cawdron Haulage 1927
Harry Cawdron, Miner,
Clarence Cawdron, Electrician.
William Henry Caw Pit bottom worker
Mr. M. J. Cawkwell Mech. Eng. 1970's
William Cawley Stoneworker 1925
A W Cawston Collier 1919
G. Cawston ? Stoneworker 1924
Herbert Cawthorne Driver 1925
Warneford Cawthorne overman later manager, area method study engineer and chartered mining engineer
Harold Cawthorne b 1898
Jack Cawthorne contractor
G. Cawthorpe Collier 1919
William Challoner Stoneworker 1924
Frank Challinor Stoneworker 1924
John William Challomer Driver 1927
John Harry Chambers Pre 1917
Harry Chambers Collier 1927
S. Chandler Collier 1927
Percy Chaplin Chains 1928

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Chapman - Churm

J. Chapman Collier 1919
Reginald Chapman Driver 1923
Oscar K Chapman Collier 1924
William Chapman Filler 1924
Sean Chapman Collier 1928
O. K. Chapman Stoneworker 1928
Oscar R.Chapman Collier 1924
T. Chapman Collier 1924
A. H. Charley Driver 1925
Robert John Charles
Michael Charles
Dean Charles
W. Charlton Collier 1919
William H Charity Stoneworker 1924
Eli Charnock Pre 1915
John Charnock Collier 1919
F. Charnock Collier 1919
R. Charnock Y ? 1919
James Charnock Driver 1923
Sidney Charnock Stoneworker 1924
George Charnock Driver 1926
John Charnock Stoneworker 1925
Stanley Charnock Driver 1928
E. Charnock Fitter 1924
Alan Charnock Blacksmith / plater / welder June 1977 until March 1994
Brian Chatterton Diesel Foreman Pit Top
W. Chatham ? Weighman 1927
Charles Cheek Driver 1926
James Cheek Driver 1926
C. Cherry Filler 1923
John Cherrington Pre 1915
Thomas Chester Stoneworker 1928
Thomas Chesterson Stoneworker 1924
Philip Childs.1962 1993
Thomas Chesser ? Stoneworker 1923
J. Chesworth Collier 1919
Harry Chesworth Haulage 1927
Harry Chesworth Driver 1924
John. Chesworth 1909
Duggie Cheetham Home coal
B. Childs Locoman 1970's
C. Chilton Collier 1923
Clarence Chilton  Driver 1924

Bernard Chilton 1921

S ? Chilton S? Weighman 1922
Cecil Chilton  Stoneworker 1921
W? Chilton  Collier 1922
Peter Christmas (Training Manager)

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Churms  - Coals

Arthur Churms Pre 1918
Arthur Churms Ambulance man
Patrick Chum ? [ Churms] ?Stoneworker 1925
Sidney Chumock [ Charnock ] ? Stoneworker 1926
J. Churns Collier 1919
David Churm Driver 1927
David Churms. faceworker 1980's
P. Churms Collier 1919
Pat Clamps 1980's
George Clare Stoneworker 1924
G. Clark Y ? 1919
Joseph Clark Collier 1919
A. Clark Collier 1923
Aeron Clark Stoneworker 1928
James Charles Clark Driver 1927
Frank Clark Stoneworker 1927
Fred Clark Driver 1925
George Clark Driver 1927
George Clark Pitbottom 1924
Phillip Clark  Driver 1925
Thomas Clark Driver 1928
Albert Clarke Pre 1915
C W Clarke Collier 1919
F. Clarke Collier 1919
F. Clarke Collier 1919
Earnest Clarke Collier 1925
John Clarke Collier 1925
Joseph Clark, 1910 onward
Charles William Clarke Collier 1924

Isaac Clark Collier 1938
Dennis Clark until late 60's
Colin Clark until late 60's
Walter Clay Stoneworker 1928
A. Claybourn ? Stoneworker 1925
Arthur Clayforce Collier 1919
S. Claypole Ropeman 1923
W. Clayton Collier 1924
Harry Cleary Driver 1924
W. Cleary Pit Bottom 1919
W. Cleary ? 1927
Dean George Clement deputy 1993 - 1994
Alfred Clements Haulage 1928
Tom Clooney? Stoneworker 1927
M. Clouney Collier 1919
John Clough Stoneworker 1924
Joseph Clough Haulage 1927
Michael Coanan Stoneworker 1924
Arthur Coaton ? Collier 1924
Henry Coates Collier 1919
Jarvis Cobb West Pit worker 1924
H. Coburn Driver 1923
James Edwin Cockayne Driver 1927

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Coals - Cook

Charlie Coals
James Coe Stoneworker 1925
Uriah Coggan Collier 1919

Walter  Coggins Roadman 1901

John Walter Coggins 1911

William Henry Coggins 1911

John Sargan Coggins 1920's

Maurice Coggins 1951
G. Cohen Stoneworker 1926
Henry Cole Collier 1927
Thomas Cole Stoneworker 1927
G. H. Coleman Collier 1927
Harry Coleman Stoneworker 1927
Patrick Colgan Collier 1919
J. P. Colgan Driver 1927
Patrick Colins Stoneworker 1927
J. Collier Stoneworker 1927
P. Collier Collier 1926
? Collier ? Stoneworker 1925
J. Collins Collier 1925
Arthur Collins Stoneworker 1928
Arthur Collins ? 1925
Clarence Collins Driver 1927
John Collins  Fitter/Filler ? 1926
L. Colls l Driver 1926
Leonard Colls Haulage 1928
W. A. " The Mole" Colthart fitter 1962 - 1987
Charles Colton Driver 1924
J. Concannon Collier1925
James Connell Collier 1919
Thomas Connell Collier 1919
Robert Connell ? Filler 1923
Pat Connell 1930 to 1970
Jim Connell
Austin Connell
John Connell ? Stoneworker 1924
Patrick Connell Driver 1927
James Connell underground and surface boiler room
M. Connolly Stoneworker 1923
D Connelly Stoneworker 1924
P. Connolly Stoneworker 1924
John Connor Collier 1924
William F. Connery Collier 1926
James Connor Stoneworker 1926

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Cook - Cotterill

W. Cook Pump Attendant 1902

William Cook Pre 1916
W. Cook Collier 1926
William E. Cook Driver 1926
C. Cooke Collier 1919
J. Cooke Collier 1919
John William Cooke Stoneworker 1924
John William Cooke Driver 1924
D. Cooke Collier 1927
Harold Cooke Rope 1925
Harvey Cooke Driver 1925
Joseph Cooke Stoneworker 1925
Wilfred Cooke Driver 1926
Allen Cooke Haulageman 1924
Harry Cooke 1960's
H. Cookson Collier 1919
Danny Cooney  Mine Development 1970's
John Cooney
Wilf Cope Collier 1919
James Copley Driver 1924
John Alfred Cooper Pre 1915
J. Cooper Collier 1919
S. Cooper Collier 1919
B H Cooper Collier 1919
Arthur Cooper Stoneworker 1928
S. R. Cooper ? Collier 1926
Fred Cooper Driver 1927
J. Cooper Collier 1926
James Cooper Collier 1926
Percy Cooper Driver 1924
Robert Cooper ? 1925
Samual Cooper Collier 1927
Samual Cooper Collier 1925
Samual Cooper Collier 1925
Herbert Cooper ? Collier 1926
Chris Cooper 1971 to 1987 coal face worker
Percy Cooper 1920's
John Weston Copley Filler 1924
Henry Copley Roadman 1925
Thomas Corcoran Stoneworker 1924
J. H. Corker Collier 1923
Charles Harrison Corker ? Driver 1927
George H. Corker Driver 1925
Sam Corker West Pit worker 1924
H. Corless ? Collier 1926
W H Corney [ Carney ? ] Driver 1924
Thomas Cornwell Stoneworker 1923
C. A. Corrigan Stoneworker 1925
Johny Corton

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Cotterill - Critchley

John Charles Cotterill Collier 1927
F. Coulson Collier 1923
Ben Coulson Driver 1924
J. W. Coulson.
Mark Coulson 1983 to 1993
John Coulson 1960 to 1986
J. W. Coulson Driver 1924
Fred Coulson ? 1909
Les Coulson pre 1953
George Coult Loco Guard 1982
C. T. Count Collier 1927
Frederick Coupe Collier 1923
John Henry Cowell West Pit 1924
G. Cox Collier 1919
G. Cox Collier 1919
J. Cox ? 1909
James Cox Stoneworker 1927
John Cox ? 1923
Tom Cox Stoneworker 1924
Bill Cox
Barry Cox
Bob Cox
Matty Cox -Deputy
Clifford Cox
Mr. Coxen
W. G. Coxon Collier 1919
Henry Coyne Pre 1917
John Coyne Stoneworker 1924
John Crabtree Pre 1916
J J Crabtree Y ? 1919
Lewis Crabtree Collier 1919
John James Crabtree Stoneworker 1925
Cyril Crags Filler 1924
Cyril Craggs Stoneworker 1927
John L. Craig Driver 1925
Alfred Crane Pre 1917
Thomas Cranswick Driver 1926
W. Craper Stoneworker 1924
Alec Crawford

Patrick Crawford  mail train and supplies
Arthur Creasey
John Crehan Collier 1919
William Crelan Collier 1919

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Critchley - Cupitt

Henry Critchley Collier 1919

Bert Critchley    Pit bottom worker 1923
David Critchley (Fitter)

Fred Critchley
Ronald Critchley
Brian Critchley
Eric Critchley
Arthur Critchlow
Joe Critchlow
C. Critchlow Assistant Manager Personel 1970's
Brian Critchlow 1980's and prior
J. Craven ? Fitter 1927
Fred Cresswell Driver 1928
Harry Critchley Driver 1927
George Croft ? Collier 1924
Wilfred Croft Driver 1928
Sydney Crofts Stoneworker 1925
Sydney Crofts
Walter Crook Collier 1919
Lewis Crook Collier 1924
 Stan Crook. pit top check weigh 1970's /1980s
W. Crookes Collier 1919
John Crookes Collier 1925
Henry Crouch West Pit Worker 1923
W. Cross Y ? 1919
Steve Crook.Fitter.
Brian Crook. Electrician.
? Crossley No 1 Mechanical Engineer
Lewis Crosswaite Day man 1928
John Crosswaite Collier 1925
Robert Crowther Stoneworker 1927
Sam Cuckson Stoneworker 1924
A. W. Culen ? Collier 1924
Anthony Cullen Stoneworker 1924
John Culkin Filler 1912
John Cullumbine Collier 1925
Wilfred Cullumbine Driver 1910
T. Cumberbatch Collier 1919

Phillip Cunnane Stoneman 1914
A. Cunningham Collier 1919
John Cunningham Stoneworker 1924
Charles Frederick Cunnington Stoneworker 1924
Henry Cuncliffe ? Collier 1925

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Cupitt - Cutts

Walter Cupitt Driver 1927
R. Curtis Pre 1915
L. J.Curtis Haulage 1924
Leonard J. Curtis Pitbottom 1928
Leonard James Curtis  Pitbottom 1927
Terry Curran
George Wortley Curzon ? Collier 1924
F. K. Cusworth 1920's
J. Cusworth Stoneworker 1924
Ambrose Cusworth Driver 1927
F. R. Cusworth Stoneworker 1924
Harry Cusworth Driver 1925
Ambrose Cuswoth Haulage 1928
W. Cuthbut Collier 1919
Walter Cuthbert Stoneworker 1924
Basil Cutts Driver 1924
Tommy Cutts
Bas Cutts - Deputy
B. Cutts Driver 1926
Arthur Cutts
Walter Cutts



John Doxey


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