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Bacon - Ball   Ball to Barlow   Barlow - Bath   Bath - Bernard   Bernard  - Birchall    Birchall - Bowon   Bowon to Bramall

Bramall - Brown   Brown - Burns   Burns - Bygate



Bacon - Ball

A. Bacon Collier 1919
J. W. Bacon 1918
Frank Baddley Pre 1918
H Baddley Rope 1925

Thomas Bagley Stoneman pre 1913
Arthur Baggaley Chainworker 1927
Wilson Baggaley Chains 1927
Danial Bagshaw Collier 1926

Joseph Bailey Collier 1912

Samual Bailey Collier 1908
E. Bailey  Ropeworker 1924
Alfred Bailey Collier 1919
T. Bailey Haulageman 1919
John Thomas Bailey Collier 1919
Sister Bailey [ Nurse ]
Arthur Bailey Collier 1927
C. Bailey Driver 1926
J. Bailey Collier 1927
J. Bailey Driver 1926
G. H. Bailey Driver 1926
G. W. Bailey  Driver 1927
H. A. Bailey Fitter 1927
Harvey J. .Bailey Collier 1927
John Thomas Bailey Stoneworker 1924
Walter Bailey Driver 1928
Wilfred Bailey Haulage 1925
John Bailey Driver 1928
George Baines Collier 1926
J. C. Bains Stoneworker 1928

Jim Bailey-Deputy
Wilf Bails
Fred Bails

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Ball to Barlow

Sister Balcon Medical Team 1950's
James Ball 1901
William Henry Ball Manager 1908 onward
Henry Ball pre 1916
W. Ball Collier 1919
Harry Ball Collier 1919
Arthur Ball Collier 1919
A. Ball Collier 1919
Benjamin Ball Collier 1919
A. Ball Collier 1919
L. Ball Collier 1919
G. Ball Collier 1919
Thomas R Ball Collier 1919
John Ball Check 1923
William Ball Driver 1924
F. Ball ? Stoneworker 1924
B. Ball Collier 1924
J. Ball Collier 1927
Stephen Ball pre 1960 es 1963
Steve Ball electrician
William Ball. machine man.1980s

Samual Baker Coke Loader 1908
John Baker Pre 1916
A. Baker Stoneworker 1923
Fred Baker Driver 1927
Ben Baker Pitbottom 1925

F. Baler Collier 1927
Fred Bales power house pit top
Wilf Bales miner
Frank Bamford Filler 1919
Sam Bamforth ? 1924
George Bamford Pitbottom 1925
W. Bancroft Fitter 1927
A. K. Banks Collier 1924
G. Banks Stoneworker 1926
J. Banks Collier 1924
James Banks Stoneworker 1926
James Banks Stoneworker 1925

Wilfred Bannister Pony Driver 1925
John Bannon 1952 onward
Wilfred Barber Pre 1917
J. Barber Collier 1919
George Barber Stoneworker 1924
Fergus Bardsley Collier 1927
George Barker Stoneworker 1923
Ernest Barker Collier 1924
Fred Barker ? 1928
G. H. Barker Collier 1926
W. Harris Barker Collier 1926
John Edwards Barker Collier 1926
John Edwards Barker Collier 1926
R. Barker Collier 1927
Sydney Barker Stoneworker 1927
Geoff Barker 1980's

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 Barlow - Bath

Earnest Barlow Collier 1925
Barlow - Bath

Frederick Barlow Collier 1926
James Barlow Collier 1927
Leonard W. Barlow Collier 1928
Walter Barlow Collier 1926
Tom Barlow 1919 onward
Enoch (Nip) Barlow
Horace Barlow
A Barnes Pit bottom worker 1924
Louis Frederick Barnes Pre 1915
W E Barnes ? Collier 1924
A. Barnes 1963
G. Barnes Driver 1924
Jos Barnes Collier 1927
Ted Barnes,
W. Barnett Stoneworker 1925

Walter Barrawclough Collier 1909
Charles Barrowclough Stoneworker 1924
Barraclough Stoneworker West Pit 1927
Harold Barraclough Driver 1925
Percy Barraclough West Pit 1925
J. Barratt Driver 1924
John Barrington Stoneworker 1924
George Barrowcliffe Stoneworker 1923
Daniel Barry Stoneworker 1924
A. J. Barry Stoneworker 1926
Benny Barnsley Collier 1919
Wilfred. Bartholomew Locoman 1970's
Frank Bartlett Fitter 1924

Paul Bassingdale Fitter 1970's
John Bassington approx 1928

Ellis Bates Pre 1916
William Bates Collier 1919
G W Bates Collier 1919
F. Bates Collier 1919
J. Bates Collier 1919
Abraham Bates Collier 1924
Jack Bates Fitter
Abe Bates Fitter
Eddie Bates

George W. Bates Stoneworker 1927
John Bates Stoneworker 1925
Ely Bates
Douggie Bates

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 Bath - Bernard

Edward Thomas Bath Pre 1915
Wilfred Bath West Pit 1924

Frank Batley Chains 1924
Joseph Battery Stoneworker 1926
Harvey Battersby
Andrew Batty Collier 1919
J. Baughan Collier 1919
Walter Baxter Engineer 1905
James Baxter Collier 1924
Edgar Bayliss Collier 1924
Frank Baynton Collier 1924
Percy Beardsley Collier 1919
Wallace Theodore Beavis Collier pre 1947
Sam Beckett Rope 1925
Sam Beckett Rope 1927
Samual Beckett Stoneworker 1928
Willie Beddows Pre 1918
G. Beddows Collier 1919
Joseph Bedford Collier 1919
J. Bedson Collier 1924
Harry M Beeden Weighman 1923
Leonard Beety Stoneworker 1927
H. Beighton Collier 1919
Frank Bell Stoneworker 1924
W H Bellis Pit Bottom 1919
Robert Bells Collier 1928
Alfred T Bennett Collier 1919
F. Bennett Collier 1919
Joseph Bennett Stoneworker 1923
Alfred Bennett 1928
Benjamin Bennett
John Robert Bennett Surface and underground worker
Ted [ Staffy ] Bennett pre 1962

Charles Bennett Collier 1924
Walter Bennet Stoneworker 1928

Frederick Bennett Coal cutter 1937
George Bentham Stoneworker 1925
Reginald Gustave Desmond Bentley Pre 1916
George Bentley Collier 1924
Harold Bentley Collier 1924
Arthur Bentley Driver 1928
H. Bentley West 1926
R. A. Bentley locoman 1970's
Bunny Bentley
Frank Beresford Driver 1924
Alfred Beresford Stoneworker 1928
Albert John Beresford Pitbottom 1926
Frank Beresford Haulage 1927
Frank Beresford Driver 1924
Fred W. Beresford Collier 1927

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Bernard  - Birchall

Peter Bernard
Mick Bernard
Ben Bernard (Father of Tony, Mick & Peter)
Tony Bernard

Anthony Bernard supplies 1982-1988
? Berries Driver 1928
Robert Berry Collier 1926
John Berry Electrician 1970 - 1994
Alex Bessey Driver 1928
James Bester Collier 1925
William Beswick Pre 1916
John Betts Driver 1927
James Beumont Filler 1924
Charles E. Bevington Driver 1924
William Bibby Driver 1924
J. Bibby Driver 1926
James Bibby Haulage 1928
John W. Biddle Stoneworker 1927
John W. Biddle Stoneworker 1924
Enoch Biddolph? Stoneworker 1928
Bobby "Bighands" last name unknown pre 1994

Alan Bierly   Deputy 1970's
G. Bilke Stoneworker 1924
Y. Billings Collier 1919
Joseph Billings Collier 1924
W. Bingham Collier 1919
W. H. Bingham Stoneworker 1926
J Bingham Rescue Team pre 1948
Harvey Binghams Collier 1919
H. ? Bington Collier 1924
James Binks Driver 1924
George Henry Binks Stoneworker 1924
H. Binks Driver 1928
William Binney Pre 1917
J. Binney Collier 1919
J. Birch Y? 1919
J. Birch Driver 1923
Henry William Birch Driver 1925
Jack Birch Driver 1927
James Birch Driver 1928
Thomas Birch Collier 1925
Walter Birch Pitbottom 1925
Walter Dervill Birch Haulage 1927
William Birch Collier 1925

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 Birchall - Bowon

H. Birchall Collier 1919
C. H. Birchall ? 1926

C. H. Birchall Stoneworker 1925
Walt Bird
Michael Bird Pre 1915
Dennis Bird Stoneworker 1923
S. Bird ? Filler 1924
J. Bird Collier 1924

Joseph Bierton 1934-1976
Cliff Bierton 1974-1985 (fitter)

Joseph Birkett Chains 1928
C. Birkinshaw Collier 1919
H. Birkinshaw Filler 1924
H. Birkinshaw  Fitter/Filler ? 1925
Ernest Silverwood Blacker Collier 1924
Arthur Blackham West Pit worker 1924
A. Blackham Driver 1926
Austin Blackledge Stoneworker 1924
J. Blackley Collier 1919
W. Blake Driver 1925
John Blakesley Fitter 1924
Jimmy Blanchard
Walter Blank Stoneworker 1924
A. Blenkinsop General Manager pre 1920
Richard Blynn Collier 1919
Alfred Blyton 1909
Jas Boardman Collier 1919
P. Boardman Collier 1919
John H. Boardman Driver 1927
James Bodkin Collier 1926
Jimmy Bodkin

William Boden    Ripper 1908
H. Bodle Collier 1919
George 'Juddy' Bodle

Edward P. Bohan Hostler 1908
W. G. Bollinger Stoneworker 1927
Leonard Bollington Driver 1927
Ernest Harry Booker Pre 1918
H. Booth Collier 1919
John Booth Filler 1924
Ruben Booth Stoneworker 1924
Ruben Booth Stoneworker 1923
J? T Booth Stoneworker 1924
Andrew Booth Stoneworker 1927
J. T. Booth Collier 1924
Peter Booth Stoneworker 1927
Wilfred Booth Fitter 1925
Wilfred Booth Stoneworker 1924
Thomas Charles Boothby  Rope 1926
Thomas G. Boothroyd ? Collier 1927
James Boardman Driver 1926
Don Borthwick, Loco Driver 1980's
Stuart Borthwick, Methane Borer, 1987-1993,
Josiah Bott Pre 1916
George Bourne Stoneworker 1927
Joseph Bourne Collier 1924

Phil Boulton Mine Development 1970's

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 Bowon to Bramall

R. Bowell Collier 1919
J. Bower Collier 1919
Henry Bowen Collier 1919
Jack Bowen Driver 1928 - 1971

Wilfred Bowler Stoneworker 1925
W. Bowes Y? 1919
John Bowman Dayman 1923
William E. Boyce Collier 1924
Tom Boyle Stoneworker 1924
Terry Bowe (Deputy Manager / Deputy Manager - Services)
G. Boyle Collier 1919
Dave Boyle 1985
Kevin Boyle 1985

William G. Bracey Haulage 1926
Reginald Brack Ropeworker 1925
Lyndley Brackenbury  Ropeworker 1925

Lyndley Brackenbury Ropeworker 1925
Benjamin Bradbury Pre 1915
John Bradley Collier 1919
John Bradley Driver 1927
Fred Bradley
Alfred Bragger
Joseph Bragger
Horace Braley-Under ground Eng-pre 1970
Bob Bridges
Fred Bradley Collier 1919
B. Bradley Collier 1924
Michael Bradley Stoneworker 1926
Thomas Bradley Collier 1924
Tom Bradley Stoneworker 1927
W. Bradley Stoneworker 1927
Walter W Bradshaw Corporal 1923
Win Bradshaw Pony Driver 1924
John Bradshaw Stoneworker 1928
John Bradshaw Stoneworker 1925
John Bradshaw Collier 1924
W. Bradshaw Driver 1925
Alfred John Bragger Pre 1918
Frank Brailsford Pre 1916
W. Brailsford Collier 1919
Wilfred Brailsford Collier 1927
Cyril Brakenbury Ropeworker 1925

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 Bramall - Brown

H. H.Bramall Collier 1925
Alfred Thomas Brameld Pre 1915
R. Bramham Driver 1919
W. Bramham Stoneworker 1924
John M. Brammer Stoneworker 1926
Laurence Bramur ? 1925
William Branian Stoneworker 1925
Gilbert? Brant Dayman 1924
Arthur Braster Fitter 1925
George Braster Driver 1925
George Braster? Collier 1925
William Bray Driver 1925
S R Brazier Driver 1920
John Henry Brazier Stoneworker 1922
Laurence Brazier Stoneworker 1924
George Brazier Collier 1923
George Brazier Collier 1924
S. Brazier Collier 1924
John James Brazier 1905
Sydney Richard Brazier
Tom Brennan Stoneworker 1923
Pat Brennan Stoneworker 1925
John Brennan Stoneworker 1926
Luke Brennan Driver 1927
James Brett Stoneworker 1925
Frederick Briddon pre 1914

Bob Bridges
Herbert John Bridgewater pre 1914
L. Bridgewater Collier 1925
Richard Bridgewater Driver 1927

James Briggs  Collier 1915
Joseph Briggs Collier 1919
J. Briggs Collier 1919
Glen Briggs Collier 1925
Harry Briggs Driver 1927
W. Briggs Collier 1925

Edward G Briggs  Bricklayer 1942
Keith Bright-Rope man 1976-1991
T. W. Brimley ? Collier 1924
Frank Brindley Collier 1919
Samual Brindley ? Collier 1925
C. Briscoe Y ? 1919
Harvey L Broadbent Corporal 1924
Stanley Brocklesby Weighman 1924
Robert [Bob] Brocklesby

Harry Brocklesby (Deceased) Skip fitter
Keith Brocklesby Welder
Martin Brocklesby 1983-1994 Underground Haulage
John Brogan Chainworker 1924
Albert Brookes West Pit Worker 1923
Charles Edwin Brookes Driver 1924
W. Brooks Collier 1919
A. Brooks Collier 1919
F. Brooks Collier 1923
G. W. Brooks Stoneworker 1926
Samual Brooks Collier 1926
Samual Brooks Stoneworker 1924
Bernard Brotherton Collier 1926

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 Brown - Burns

Herbert Valentine Brown Pre 1916
Richard Brown Collier 1919
William Brown Collier 1919
J W Brown Collier 1919
F. Brown Collier 1919
Frank Brown Collier 1922
Adam Brown Stoneworker 1927

James Brown Collier 1926
John Brown Lower 1925
W. Brown Roadman 1927
Ernest Brown Stoneworker 1924
Horace Brown pre 1962
Billy Brown

Mr J. A. Brown  Undermanager
James Browne pre 1906
John Browne Landsale
Robert Browne Fitter
Henry Brownett Collier 1923

Charles Browning  Collier 1919
Joseph Henry Brownlow ? 1923

Frank Brozier  Collier 1942
Raymond Brumboll ? Collier 1928
? Brumham Collier 1925
Thomas W. Brumley ?Haulage 1927
Bernard Brunt Stoneworker 1924
Harold Frederick Bryan Pit bottom worker 1924
Harold Bryce Pitbottom 1925
William H Bryson Pit bottom worker 1924
Wilfred Buck Pre 1918
A. Buck Collier 1919
Walter Buckford ? Stoneworker 1928
George Buckle Collier 1919
G. W. Buckley Stoneworker 1924
Oscar Bullens Stoneworker 1924
W. Bullock Stoneworker 1926
William Henry Buncall Pre 1917
J H Buncall Collier 1919
Percy Bunce ? Driver 1924
John Bunney Driver 1924
Ernest Bunting Collier 1919
Earnest Bunting Roadman 1927
James Burdin Fitter/Fitter 1927
Frederick Thomas Burdin.
George Burgess Collier 1926
Harold Burgin Stoneworker 1923

Harold Burgin Driver 1924
Keith Burgin

Arthur Burgin Driver 1927
S. Burgin ? Collier 1926
Wilfred Burgin 1926
William Harold Burgin Driver 1928
Harry Burgin until 1975/76
K. Burgin 1982 and previous
Terry Burgin. faceworker.

Mick Burgin
J. Burke Collier 1919
T. Burke Y 1919
John Burke Collier 1919
John Burke Collier 1919
James Burke Stoneworker 1924
John Burke Stoneworker 1926
P. Burke Collier 1924
Robert Burke Driver 1924
Paddy Burke 1963 - 1986
Reginald Burkinshaw Haulage 1928

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 Burns - Bygate

John W Burns Collier 1924
Harry Burton Collier 1919
H. Burton Collier 1919
George Burton Driver 1927
Harold Burton ? 1925
Harry Burton Fitter 1926

Harold Burgess-weighbridge-pre1965
E. Burrows Collier 1919
Charles Burrows Collier 1919
C. Burrows Filler 1919
Keith (Skinner) Burrows haulage hand 1955 - 1987
Anthony "Hank" Burrows   Electrician 1980- 1988
George Burrows
George Burrows
Percy Burrows
Herbert Burrows
Si Burrows
James Butcher Driver 1928
Horace Langley Butler Pre 1916

James Butler Trammer 1909
Frank Butler Collier 1919
A Butler Y ? 1919
Frank Butler Stoneworker 1924
Earnest Butler 1930's onward

George Butler Chainworker 1924
Vincent Butler Stoneworker 1925

Charles William Butter   Collier 1940
Percy Butterfield Collier 1925
C. Buttle C West Pit 1926

Thomas Buxton Ripper 1907
Edwin G  Bygate Collier 1919
A. Bygate Driver 1927
Walter. Bygate  Driver then Hewer 1924

Walter Bygate approx 1919



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