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 Iris Watson

My dads name was Frank Rogers  DOB  17.6.13 and he passed away 24.12.1965. He worked at Tinsley Park Colliery and then Nunnery Colliery. I am seeking information on both mines, and also anyone who remembers my Dad.

Many thanks Iris.

 Barry Holt

I am looking for information on coal mining around the Morley East Ardsley area of west Yorkshire both my Grandfather were miners and would have worked in the mines around 1900. I understand the area was dotted with lots of small Mines. Any information would be well received. Barry Holt

Dave Vicars

Seeking information on Albert Rowbotham, Albert was born in Swinton on the 15th of March 1899 his parents were William Henry Rowbotham and Mary Ann Firth. I have copies of all the Census records and his birth Certificate, he was my Grandfathers eldest Brother. I am still trying to find out about Albert after 1918 as he dose not appear on the electoral register.

 John Lee I have found an old Silverwood brass sign [ See sign Silverwood Signs] I am trying to track down where it has come from, I found this website and was hoping someone could help me? I would be very grateful.

The SILVERWOOD sign is not a very big sign: 16 inches long, 2 1/2 inches deep, and it is made from brass. I found it at a scrap yard in Cornwall, England. The sign just says SILVERWOOD. There are no other markings that I can find on the front or back.

John at


Hi To Everybody
My Name is Tom, I have built a web site on the History of the old West Thurrock Power Station in Thurrock Essex I would like to include some pictures of the Miners Picket at Tilbury or West Thurrock, can anybody help? I worked at Tilbury, and my mate put up several Miners during the strike, I think they may have come from one of the Kent Mine's ( Bettshanger rings a bell) By the way you have a very interesting site.
Regards Tom

Alison Salter
Hi, I am trying to trace ancestors below that worked at Silverwood Mine.
1927 John_T_Fulford age 46 living at 17 Nodder ? St Parkgate signed on as a Stoneworker October 1927 previously worked at Andrews
Does anyone know what/where Andrews was? I do know that he moved to Deal in Kent after he worked at Silverwood I think to work at the new Betteshanger pit.
John F Fulford age 40 living at 17 Nodder ?St Parkgate signed on as a Collier January 1926
John F Fulford age 14 in 1924
A Fulford age 18 living at 14 John Terrace Rawmarsh signed on as a Stoneworker September 1924 previously worked at Parkgate forge
I would appreciate any information on the above men

Mick Carver

 I would like to hear from any children of Sister Adshead who worked at Silverwood, the thing is I have a photo of me and my 2 sister and a girl who I am sure was Sister Adshead’s daughter.

Ed Durham

My name is Ernest Durham. although I've been known for years as Ed (after my initials).   I was born in Abel Street in December 1935.   I now live in Norfolk having retired in 1989 after 36 years in the RAF.
My mother's maiden name was Moxon and her father was Enoch Moxon who was killed on 20 April 1916 - he is buried in the Ecoivres Military Cemetery just a few miles NE of Arras.    I discovered this only 6 months or so ago and my wife and I went to see the grave last month.   Enoch came from a mining family and I believe he worked at Silverwood.   He joined the York and Lancs at the outbreak of WW1 but remustered and became a tunneller with 182 Tunnelling Company, Royal Engineers.   Clearly with his experience he was volunteered when the business of mines and countermines started in France.   He was 35 years old when he died and my grandmother remarried and lived for another 10 years, having 3 more children to add to her already large family, of whom my mother was the only girl.
My father's family also came from mining stock.   Grandfather, Joseph, and father, Wilfred, both worked at Silverwood.   Indeed my father lost a leg in an accident at the pit before WW2.   I have seen their names on your excellent website.   I was wondering if you might have more information on the accident in which my father was involved.   I regret I have no better date than "before the war".
I lived in Abel St and then Silver St until just before the end of WW2.   We latterly lived with the Kelsalls.   We then moved to Badsley Moor Lane before finishing up in Wortley Road, Masborough.   I shall be visiting Rotherham and Thrybergh later this month to do a bit of research into my family history.
I should be grateful if anyone could give me any information which might help me in my family search.
Kind Regards Ed Durham

 Frank and Margaret Jones previously of Dalton Brook
Would like to hear from anyone who remembers us from the 1930-60 era.



Hi First of all I would like to say that the Silverwood Colliery Web Site is fabulous and very interesting. I am currently trying to research some family history regarding my late father in law and his father who was a miner at Silverwood Colliery. We have been told the gentleman we are trying to trace was killed in an accident at the pit and wondered if there is a list of accidents and casualties. We believe the accident took place somewhere around 1928 give or take a year or two. Any advice you could give regarding where to search would be appreciated. Thank you in anticipation Linda Mitchell. The person I am trying to trace is George Mitchell.

  Nicola Jones
Hi, I'm looking for information on Harry Cooke I think he was at the pit about 1960's also any information on G. W. Cooke who lost his life in a pit accident 1913 car house pit.
Many thanks. Nicola

John Mummery
I am trying to locate an old friend who worked at Treeton pit he worked on development with me and his name is Mick Brown.

 David Newey

My Newey family lived in Dalton Osberton Street and Saville Street for some years, my dad was Bill Newey foreman at Silverwood and passed away age 48,  24.12/1973 his dad was Ben Newey, his Mother Ethel Newey, I would like to know how for back the Newey family lived in Dalton Rotherham.

Alan Jones

Dear John
I am researching the history of 122nd Heavy Battery of whom the following is listed as being a member.  
Thomas Alfred Gullick [see web page] died 1918
I suspect he enlisted after my specific period of interest, but I would be very interested in knowing any more detail and whether there are any known descendents?
many thanks

If anyone can help with Alan's search please contact him on the above email address. John

Lydia Hibbert nee Furness  Feb 2008

Does anyone remember my mother and father Frank they lived in Thrybergh in the 1940's my mum was a midwife and my dad worked as an electrician at Silverwood I think they lived on Whinney Hill

Chris Woodhead

I'm trying to trace my ancestors and came upon your sites relating to the collieries of South Yorkshire. My grandfather's brother, Jack Woodhead, (baptized John) born 05.05.1887, worked at Harworth Colliery during part of his adult life. Are you able to point me in the right direction where I might find out more information about him please? Many thanks, Chris Woodhead

Hi, I was informed this morning by my uncle that his uncle, Thomas Ridge of Shelley Drive, Herringthorpe Rotherham. worked at Silverwood pit, he was born in 1901 and apparently he was strangled and died while working there, presumably by accident, he was aged 62 at the time, so that makes the date of the incident 1963. I would be grateful if anyone can help with more information or know where I should enquire next?, would there be an accident record somewhere, bearing in mind the chap died?
Regards Elaine.




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