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Huddersfield Town F. C. who are preparing a centenary celebration in 2008. The Publication Committee are seeking information on past players of the club for inclusion in a tribute.

We now have two players from Thrybergh listed with Huddersfield and it is thought that there may be others from the area who also played with Huddersfield. Information sought  on the players includes Birth, Place of Birth, Death, place of Death, Parents, and any relevant information regarding their football careers.

If you have any information regarding the above please contact Alan Hodgson


For Publication
Dear Friend
We are writing to you to ask you to help in our cause to promote a Miners Memorial in the County of Durham. We are a group of like-minded individuals who though small in stature are growing in reputation as we seek to enrich and preserve the mining heritage and traditions of County Durham.
There has been some talk of overshadowing the skies of Durham City with a new and modern sculpture known locally as 'The Wok of Durham.' We, as a Heritage Group do not believe that this is an apt piece of art to rival the spires of Durham Cathedral and would be unsympathetic to it's surroundings.
It is with this in mind that we attach a petition asking that there should be no 'Wok' blighting the skyline of County of Durham but instead a tasteful and moving memorial to the Mining Industry and a befitting landmark to the miners who made this county great.
If you agree with us, and our following is growing, would you be so kind as to use the attached petition form to collate as many signatures as possible so that we might present these to the County Council Executive and other interested parties, showing them that there is a real need for a Monument to Miners in this county and no need for a pie in the sky extravaganza.
M. de Dunewic
K. Hutchinson
For and on behalf of Brandon Heritage Group.


This is a worthy cause so please contact the group below or John Doxey for a copy of the petition

Joanna Walkington

HI my name is Rosalie Walkington and as I am getting on in years I am trying to find out information on my grandad who worked at the Silverwood pit (I think) my mother referred to it as the "Widows Pit". She was very close chested about how he died and when but I believe that it was down the pit and that he was 37 at the time. My gran said that she got 500 compensation because it was too dangerous to bring the bodies up so they just closed off the seam. His name was Alfred Blyton and I think that he was a foreman. I want my children and grandchildren to see what prices were paid by their ancestors to feed their families and to keep others who were better heeled warm! I want them to be proud of their line. I hope you can help.

Mick Carver

Over the past few months I have been trying to find out all I can about the Blytons  of Greasborough and then blow me they are on the site. [ THIS SITE] The thing is my great great grandfather William Thomas Carver who was born in Swinderby in 1852 lodged with the Blytons in the 1871 census( I have the census) and Elizabeth Blyton was from Swinderby this is still a very small village so my first thoughts were that Elizabeth could be Williams sister. (I now think she was Elizabeth Carnell) But even stranger is that I went cycling around Swinderby and the grave yard is full of Blytons so I wondered if there is another connection.

John Buttle
My great grandfather worked at Silverwood pit his name was Joseph Mckenzie born in 1891 he was involved in the sinking of the main shaft at Silverwood my grand father also Joseph Mckenzie worked there in the second half of the century but his career was halted in an accident. do you have any knowledge of these people, any information would be very helpful.

Angela Lane
Interest: Trying to find any photos of my grandfather who worked in Silverwood mine but don't know the years; his name was Frank Hallas and unfortunately he passed away when I was only four years old (1975ish) but I would love some research into the mine e.g. photos Thank you Angela Lane

Michael Knight email: Country: England
I am the grandson of Wright Knight a worker of Silverwood pit until 1976 when he was made unfit to work in the pit if any one knows him or can give me some info please E-Mail it to me.

Don Portman Snr. researching Henry James Glynn I would like to know if he worked in the Silverwood mine?

John Haynes  I am trying to trace my father's employment as coal miner. His name was Sidney Haynes. He lived at 20 Melbourne Avenue, in Bolton on Dearne from the fifties during the sixties, seventies & eighties. I believe he worked at Hickleton Main. Is there any web site you may know of that I can visit to trace his employment history? RSVP

George D. Johnson. Maltby

 I have been searching for a book containing all the names of those killed in the Maltby gas explosion in July 1923, I understand one exists containing a few pages with information I require, can anyone help ?

Mike Glennon email: I would like to hear from anyone who worked at Kilnhurst Colliery.


Cliff Bierton  Now living with the softies of the South of England and showing them what a real graffter looks like. Born and Bred on School Street in Thrybergh, by the side of the railway line that ran up to Silverwood Colliery, moved to St Leonards ave in 1969 into flats at the bottom end by the school field, so it was just a hop to school for me, left comp in 1974 and went straight to Silverwood as an Apprentice Fitter (surface then underground) left in 1986 now residing in Bognor Regis in West Sussex, but even now I still miss my roots and I think I will till the end of my days.
Anybody out there remember me give me an E-mail I`d love to hear from you.


Sarah Holden
Hi there, I have just been wondering around your web-site it is fantastic. My family emigrated to New Zealand in 1972 from Yorkshire. Since my Nana passed away last year I have been trying to trace a bit of my family history, on my Mothers side. I have talked with my great aunty (my Grandmothers older sister) who is now 90 years old.
My Grandfather was born in 1878 - George Thomas Mason My Grandmother was also born in 1878 - Margaret Ellen PriceThey were both born in Wednesbury - Staffordshire and in 1904 moved to 6 Norwood Street, Dalton Brook. I know that my Great Grandfather worked at Silverwood Pit as a Coal Hewer , I am going to get information off my Aunty on what years he worked in the pits so I can add to your web- site. I know he worked there in 1917 (from my Nanas Birth Certificate), and my Aunty has mentioned the 1926 Strike from May - October 1926.

Can you help ?.

John Doxey

At sometime in the history of the mine the shafts at Silverwood developed a problem leaving the men below no option other than walk to Roundwood pit bottom and emerge from their shift there. What year was this? Also what went wrong with the shafts at Silverwood?
I would really appreciate any information on this event.

John Doxey

Does anyone remember J. Bingham who was a member of the Rescue team at Silverwood, he retired around 1948.


Helena Linstead

Hello there , I hope you don't mind me getting in touch , My father , Charles Linstead worked at Silverwood Pit and I have to find out the years he was there, I'm not sure which road to go down and I wondered if you could help, or anyone reading this, if they knew dad or worked with him.

Please get in touch with me on this email address

Thank you so much, Helena


Barry Atton

Can anyone help, trying to find information about my fathers death at grange pit.  His name was Jack Atton age was 28,and the date of the accident was 22nd. June 1949 I think another person was also killed in the accident

 Barry Atton  



Lynda Napper

Mining has played a huge role in my life going back many, many generations. I am currently researching my own family history and would like to know if you have info regarding New Stubbin where my great grandfather Charles Thomas Bartholomew worked?

Irene Conroy

My father was from Wath on Dearn.Do you know which pit he and his family would have worked in around Wath? Can you help
Thank you so much

Ivan & Penny Hyslop

Hi, have come across your site while looking for any information on "Dalton Main Smash". While I am a New Zealander, my wife was born in Thrybergh, and her mother has recently died in her 94th year. Amongst her treasures is an old postcard with the above caption, and shows an overturned rail carriage on a railway line which appears to cross a causeway and join another line in the distance. My wife's grandfather James Slater apparently worked for the railway at Silverwood colliery for many years from aprox. 1910 to 1940. She also remembers some story about a rail crash which it was claimed her grandfather had some responsibility, but apparently absolved on enquiry. Interested to hear from anyone with information regarding the accident,
Thanks, Ivan Hyslop


My Great grandfather Reginald Kelsall died in the 1966 disaster. If anyone has any information on him or any pictures, then please get in touch. I would love to hear more about a man I sadly never got a chance to meet. Bobbie

Nicki Harvey

. I'd love to hear from anyone who knows anyone in my family. My maternal grandfather was WILLIAM MCGOWAN who worked at Silverwood pit married CONNIE and they had seven children Peter, Michael, Kevin, Sylvia, Maureen, Jennifer and my mum MARGARET.
MARGARET MCGOWAN married FRANK HARVEY on May 6, 1961 at Dalton Church. My dad was a train driver at Silverwood Pit. His surviving sisters are EDITH and SYLVIA and there were also brothers HAROLD and JACK and ERNIE. More I cannot tell you. I must have loads of cousins out there somewhere! I live in Suffolk and would love to here from anyone who knows anyone in my family.

David Baggaley

I am seeking information on Arthur Baggaley (1927) does anyone have any further details.

Regards David

Nigel Blanchard

hi, I am trying to find any one who knew my grandfathers ,Levi Coxon who worked at Silverwood until the late 50s any info would be well appreciated.


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