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Adge Covell email: Country: England
comment: A very well presented site, and very interesting too. Lots of good info on the colliery.

Stephen Flanagan email: Country: Australia
comment: Excellent site. I worked at Silverwood from 1971 - 1987, and enjoyed working with some great blokes

Raye Kelly  email:  Country: england
 yeah  great site my grandfather was a navvy helping to sink Silverwood pit, my father worked there from being 12 years old, ( Fred Kelly )  he played the big drum in the band and was union secretary for a while: I was born in Dalton and lived there for 16 years: it was a great place to live : tramping up whinny hill to school   etc  I've lots of old photos somewhere I must dig em out cheers

Reg Stubbings email: Country: rotherham
comment: I've lived in Rotherham all my life I started work at Silverwood colliery in 1962 to 1972 I still miss my mates and the type of work

Keith Graham Wilkes email: rugby Country: england
comment: I was born on Central Ave Sunnyside. my grandad William Wootton ended his days as an onsetter at Silverwood Colliery. his lungs diseased, a great bloke, he paid the price of coal.

Daz Beattie Country: UK comment: Great site, well presented, brilliantly interesting, even to a Barnsley lad. Anybody recall the second message "etched" on the Royal plaque in the pit bottom?

Anne 'nee Meggitt' Best site on Dalton, where I was born, My memories are imprinted in my brain now my Children can print  their heritage from the net, thank you for taking the trouble to collate all the material. My Father worked at  Aldwarke and Silverwood between 1928 until his death in 1971 His name was Harry Meggitt. his last job was on the pit top in the control room and our next door neighbour (Saville St) Stan Machin worked with him. I fondly remember my Father and his "pals",from Dalton congregating at the bottom of Osberton St, they used to  call it ' meeting at the houses of Parliament" here they put the world to rights and had the added advantage of seeing every motor vehicle that passed through Dalton ,forerunners of Last of the Summer Wine I think!" Tha,s  dun a reet gud job Lad" 

Michael Knight Country: England  I live in Thrybergh and I am the grandson of Wright Knight a worker of Silverwood Pit until 1976 when he was made unfit to work in the pit if any one knows him or can give me some info please E-Mail it to me.

Allen Hall  Hi John All my family worked at Silverwood My dad Ike Hall brothers John and Pete and me Allen. I lived in Thrybergh and Dalton till I married and moved to Redcar North Yorks Do you remember Jack and Nelly Richardson, son Taggi gringo marsa and monk all nick names. real names John Dave Howard and Keith. I have lots of memories of this wonderful place I still call home.

Linda Medlock (nee Whitmore)   Hi! I saw your page by chance, I lived in Reresby rd my dad Arthur worked at Silverwood up to late 1960's, mum's name was Lilly (nee Evans) she mentioned the Doxey's, I think it was Nelly?. You may know my brother Gerald?. Well done, it's stirred up a few memories. I live in Sussex now.

Nicola Taylor Country: United Kingdom

Granddaughter of former Silverwood miner, Sydney Watson.

Christian Brown Country: South Yorkshire
 Hiya U lot. I worked at Cadeby pit until it closed as a mechanic fitter. I enjoyed our night shifts listening to radio Hallam with the winders.I went in 1987 to the railway but still look from the top of the crags at what once was a misty headsgear of a family employer.

Chris Tyler  Hello john, Great website, found it by looking for details on Silverwood colliery. I live in Ravenfield and have done all my life. My mum is from Thrybergh. Her dad my Granddad is Stan Naylor who ran the fruit and veg. shop. I have also played for Silverwood football club.

Dave Asher My dad has just had his 80th birth day and some one brought him some pages that had be down loaded from your web site. They were all of Silverwood pit and he had worked there from 1950 till 1985 when he retired. Lots of the stores and name he saw he could remember and even some that went there too. He tells my they all knew when Ash had been working in that face with all the drawing he'd leave.
I would like to have his name on the miners list you have, his name is Tom Asher. Thanks

Stephen  Jenkinson  Greetings from sunny Blackpool in Lancashire! I was directed onto your very good website concerning SiIverwood and noticed you wanted Miners names. Here are two for you Rhyse Thomas1924 - 1964 and Michael Shaw1966 - 1969 Michael married Mr Thomas's daughter and they both live here in Blackpool. But like myself still proud of being Yorkshire people being born in God's own Country. Your site is very good, interesting and your connecting pages as well. The Thomas's were Dalton People and I think the Shaw's were as well.

 George D. Johnson. Maltby

Very enjoyable to go through all the details you have gathered. Having worked at Maltby Colliery 31 yrs, electrician and later shift charge elect/eng. So sad to see the pictures then, and the ones of the area flattened. I have been searching for a book containing all the names of those killed in the Maltby gas explosion in July 1923, I understand one exists containing a few pages with information I require, can anyone help ?

Mandy Houghton: Daughter of the late :Old Ozzie Wright and the sister of Oswin Arthur Wright (Ozzie): Joseph Wright (Joe) and David Wright (Dave). Also the Daughter In law of Edward Houghton (Eddie) did the Home Coals at Silverwood. Sunnyside has never been the same since Silverwood pit closed During the Strike my mother Agnes wright made bread and Stew and some of the miners going on picket duty would pop in for a quick bite, sad but also good old times. A lot of people knew the Wright Brothers and mi dad.

Mike Glennon email: Great work John, love reading your history lesson that I can relate to. Waiting for any information on Kilnhurst Colliery.

Muriel Elsworth nee Jackson.   My Father was Tommy Jackson worked down Silverwood 1916 to 1970 - Lived at 17 Kelvin St Dalton with his Son Joe Jackson. Enjoyed your site very much , well documented I moved to Wincobank to get married in 1957[ still there]

Cliff Bierton  Now living with the softies of the South of England and showing them what a real graffter looks like. Born and Bred on School Street in Thrybergh, by the side of the railway line that ran up to Silverwood Colliery,moved to St Leonards ave in 1969 into flats at the bottom end by the school field, so it was just a hop to school for me, left comp in 1974 and went straight to Silverwood as an Apprentice Fitter (surface then underground) left in 1986 now residing in Bognor Regis in West Sussex, but even now I still miss my roots and I think I will till the end of my days.
Anybody out there remember me give me an E-mail I`d love to hear from you.

Flo Hill Hi, just wanted to let you know that my brother in law Brian Eyre sent us a copy of your paper with the story of Freddy Hartle and the meeting of him and my husband Jim Hill during the war and they still are good friends I must say that Brian keeps us up to date with news of all our friends and relatives keep up the good work kindest regards Flo Hll

Tanya Travis  Hi, I think your web site is fantastic I grew up in a pit house in Sunnyside, I would like to add my Grandfathers name on your miners list. Percy Johnson. Thank you so much,

Pete [ Webmaster Yorkshire Main Colliery ]

HI JOHN Good to hear from you, Thanks for the comments on my site, I have learnt a lot from your site over the past twelve months and hope that one day my site will be as good as yours, All the best, PETE.

Fred Spencer an excellent site, your efforts are a credit to your roots, best wishes to you and yours and all those visiting the site.

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