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The men below worked at Grimethorpe Colliery before signing on at Silverwood. Where a miners entry has a link [ more ] , that link will take you to further information on that miner.

Please note that some street names occurred in different localities, as in Doncaster Road which could be in Rotherham, Dalton, Thrybergh, or Hooton Roberts. School Street can be Thrybergh or Eastwood Rotherham.

Where locality is known it will be recorded below. If you know of the locality of a street below that has no locality named please contact me so the list can be completed.  Some Street Locations are listed here [ This site ]

The list is in a timeframe format per month and year The month and year is when they  signed on at Silverwood.


Please note there is a protection on these pages containing the list.


This site accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of information contained on the origin pages, but be assured that all information has been accepted  by this site as accurate on face value. Should you discover an inaccurate entry please inform me so that entry can be rectified.    

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Thomas Henry Ogley ? age 21living at147 Park Rd Conisbro signed on as a Corporal September 1923
C. Kilgarith age 38 living at 44 Dalton Lane Dalton signed on as a Collier October 1923

J. Turner age 30 living at 41 Fuljambe Rd Eastwood signed on as a Stoneworker November 1923 
J. H. Corker age 47 living at 10 Norwood St Dalton signed on as a Collier December 1923 




Walter Dolby age 31 living at 50 Kelvin St Dalton signed on as a Collier May 1924
Thomas Pilkington age 43 living at 51 Kelvin St Dalton signed on as a Collier August 1924
Ephraim Parker age 28 living at 8 Vale Rd Thrybergh signed on as a Collier October 1924
Frank Saunders? age 32 living at 4c 6 Brays St ?? Sheffield signed on as a Stoneworker December 1924





Thomas Pilkington Thomas Flatly age 25 living at 42 Primrose Hill signed on as a Collier February 1926 < see above >
Frank Clark age 23 living at 7 Abell St Thrybergh signed on as a Stoneworker October 1927
Charley Mcnicholes age 25 living at 7 Abell St Thrybergh signed on as a Stoneworker October 1927
H F Owen age 32 living at 118 Main St Bramley signed on as a Stoneworker November 1927


Lesley Gagen and I think he worked from 1930-72 and was a deputy.
David Upton and worked roughly 1967-70 as a faceworker.



John Doxey


October 1927



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