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'Rotherham's elder statesman'

A tribute by John Doxey



Photo composed by John Doxey from two originals courtesy of Peter Obrien and Jonathan Dabs.

background Thrybergh Parish Hall




Stan Etchells 1970'sIn 2007 ex Silverwood miner Stan Etchells pictured left sadly passed away at the grand age of 93. Born in 1913 the son of  miner, William Etchells and raised at number 50 Silver St. Thrybergh. E. Etchells and J. Etchells  two of Stan's brothers also worked at Silverwood.


William Etchells had worked at the nearby Roundwood Colliery for awhile prior to signing on at Silverwood as a Collier in 1925, but had previously worked at Silverwood in 1919.

Stan is first recorded at Silverwood in 1928 where he had worked on the surface after leaving school age 14 and signed on as an Haulageman in September of that year.


The next we hear of Stan is when he joined the Royal Artillery during the second World War, and it was this event that led Stan into a long and distinguished service as a local councillor. Like most European countries at the end of the war France was in absolute disorder and the Allied armies were faced with the mammoth task of re-establishing order from that ensuing chaos, and Stan was one of those soldiers involved with this.


Stan moved to Reresby Road Thrybergh with his family and resided there for 60 years.


Returning to 'civy ' street in Thrybergh he decided to become involved in local administration by joining the parish council, an involvement that was to keep him active for the next fifty years plus.

In my time at Thrybergh I can recall seeing Stan strolling round the streets always well dressed, greeting people and often lending an ear to their concerns. As the years went by he was to gain the respect not only of the locals but also that of his peers. By the 1960's he had left Silverwood and was employed as a timekeeper at the Rotherham Forge and Rolling Mills where he was a very well respected member of the workforce.


In 1984 due to his efforts and successes he was elected as Lord Mayor of Rotherham which in itself was a wonderful tribute to his abilities. This was a man who served on many committee's including the Planning committee, and in recent years the Wentworth South Area assembly. He was also a Governor at Whinney Hill school for some fifty years.


In the year 1997 George Stanley Etchells was recognized  for his wonderful contributions to local politics and received the great honour of being awarded an O. B. E. by the Queen. He had also by this stage been awarded an unofficial title by his peers and that was 'Rotherham's elder statesman'


With the passing of Stan it matters not if we agreed or disagreed with everything he did in his political career, what matters is that this was a man who dedicated his life to improve the local community, and he succeeded in doing that. He was indeed a fine example of what a man from humble beginnings can achieve. He will be missed greatly in the Rotherham area, and in particular amongst the communities of Thrybergh and Dalton.


John Doxey 2007


If anyone would like to add their memories and pay a tribute to Stan please send it in


















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