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Presented by Dionne Coggins





WALTER COGGINS (born 1853)
Walter came to Thrybergh from Souldern in Oxfordshire. Souldern was pretty much a rural area but had three lace-making schools and in 1851 there were more than 30 lace-makers in the parish, but the trade declined towards the end of the 19th century. It seems that the family moved to Yorkshire between 1961 and 1971 like many southerners seeking better prospects at the time; they came North, Steelworks, Cotton Mills, Mining and related industries were booming how Walter came to Thrybergh is not known, Walter met and married a local girl, Matilda South (daughter of Thomas and Hannah South of Thrybergh) and became a Farm Labourer as shown on the census below

In the 1881 census Walter and his bride Matilda are found living with Matilda's parents as follows:
Thomas SOUTH Head M Male 62 Cadeby, York, England Farm Labourer (Ag Lab)
Hannah SOUTH Wife M Female 62 Thrybergh, York, England Farm Labourer Wife
Fredrick SOUTH Son U Male 26 Thrybergh, York, England Colliery Fireman
Riley Robert SOUTH Grandson Male 6 Thrybergh, York, England Scholer
Walter COGGINS Son M Male 27 Oxford, England Farm Labourer (Ag Lab)
Matilda COGGINS Daur M Female 25 Thrybergh, York, England Farm Labourer Wife
Dwelling Cottage
Census Place Thrybergh, York, England
Public Records Office Reference RG11
Piece / Folio 4684 / 55
Page Number 21

In the following years the following children were born to Walter and Matilda:


Frederick Coggins christening: 18 Dec 1881 Thribergh,​ York,​ England residence: Thribergh,​ York,​ England parents: Walter Coggins,​ Matilda Coggins

John Walter Coggins  (born 1883) Baptism/Christening Date: 20 May 1883  Thribergh, York, England was the son of Walter and Matilda,


Samuel Turner Coggins christening: 07 Feb 1886 Thribergh, York, England residence: Thribergh, York, England parents: Walter Coggins, Matilda Coggins

William Henry Coggins christening:09 May 1888 Thribergh, York, England residence:Thribergh, York, England parents: Walter Coggins, Matilda Coggins


Edwin Harold Coggins christening: 03 Aug 1890 Thribergh, York, England residence: Thribergh, York, England parents: Walter Coggins, Matilda Coggins

In 1991 the family are listed as living at Rotherham Rd Thrybergh
Walter Coggins Head M 27 Souldern Oxford
Matilda Coggins Wife M 25 Thrybergh
Frederick Coggins Son 9 Thrybergh Scholar
John W. Coggins son 7 Thrybergh Scholar
Samual Coggins son 5 Thrybergh Scholar
William Coggins son 2 Thrybergh
Edwin Coggins son 8M Thrybergh


The ages of Walter Coggins and Matilda Coggins in the 1891census lists are 10 years out. They should be 37 and 35 respectively.


Another child was born to Walter and Matilda Coggins who was Edith Alice Coggins christening:28 Jan 1894 at Thribergh, York, England residence: Thribergh, York, 






In 1901 Walter  Coggins now aged 47  is still living in Thrybergh with his wife Matilda and has now become a Roadman possibly at Silverwood or Roundwood

Their children William H Coggins age14  working as a Lad On Farm, whilst daughter Edith A Coggins age 7 was listed as a Juvenile


Walter Coggins 47 Oxford Souldern Yorkshire Thrybergh Roadman
Matilda Coggins 45 Yorks Thrybergh Yorkshire Thrybergh
William Coggins 14 Yorks Thrybergh Yorkshire Thrybergh Lad On Farm
Walter Coggans 17 Yorks Thrybergh Yorkshire Thrybergh Waggoner On Farm

Edith Coggins 7 Yorks Thrybergh Yorkshire Thrybergh


In 1911 sons John Walter Coggins age 30 and William Henry Coggins age 23 are still living in the area


Walter Coggins (born 1911)
John Walter and Sarah Alice’s son  John Walter (known to all as Jack) worked at Silverwood as a Banksman from at least 1911 and through the 1920’s.  A Banksman was in charge of the cages The Bank is the top of the shaft, the Banksman receives the coal and sends it to be prepared for transportation. The Banksman's job progressed in time to having responsibility for safety procedures concerning men embarking on and off the cages.
John Walter married Sarah Alice Barton. Walter worked at Silverwood in the Coal Preparation Plant until he retired after 42 years of service and was awarded a scroll signed by Lord Robens and a pocket watch.

Walter married Elsie Ridsdale (daughter of Thomas Ridsdale and Emily). Thomas also worked as a Surface Coal Miner and we have always assumed this was at Silverwood as well.

Maurice Coggins was born 1936 in Dalton Parva
The son of Walter and Elsie. He was always known as Jack while at Silverwood (a nickname he gained from his great uncle Jack – real name John Sargan Coggins – who also worked at Silverwood in the 1920s).

He started his mining career at 15 (1951 through to 1963). He trained at Rotherham College and Manvers and West Pit Bottom and then went onto the training face – being trained by Sam Harvey and Nuggy Meggitt. At age 18 he went to work as a Collier in the Parkgate Seam and eventually onto the Melton Field Panzerface – where he worked with the famous Fred Kelly, Jimmy Green, Alan Jones and Knocker Barlow. He was one of the team that broke into the Melton Field seam to open it up. He also had mining friends named Eric Riley   <more> and Alf Harvey.


The great Fred Kelly was a massive influence on him and he credits him with making him the man he is today. His only regret is that Fred died in a nursing home close to us and he could have visited - but he came to your Silverwood site web surfing only in the last year or so and did not find out (from your site) that Fred was within driving distance until after it was too late.

My dad remembers his time at Silverwood with great fondness – collecting memorabilia from the mine wherever he can and enjoys telling his stories and taking his children (and now grandchildren) down the mine at Caphouse so they can experience what made him the man he is today.

His only regret is that he lost touch with Eric and Alf. Eric moved to Australia and despite emailing and trying to find him we have been unsuccessful.
If anyone knows  Eric Riley and Alf Harvey could they please contact:


Dionne []

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© Dionne Coggins 2012

Additional text as presented © John Doxey

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