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Silverwood Brass Band pg 2

[ Now disbanded



Photo courtesy of Joe Lewis, Sammy, and Graham Duke


The Band at a Garden Party somewhere in Lincolnshire 1947.

Photo by courtesy of Joe Lewis, Sammy ?, and Graham Duke

Standing left to right.

W. Burgin, G. Baker, A. Uttley, J. Lewis, Unknown, G. Weaver, T. Hall, G. Elsey,

W. Sands [ Secretary ] N. Elsey, W. Ball, H. Uttley,  A. Gray.

Seated Left to right

G. Fullman, Unknown, Unknown, R. Gray [ Bandmaster ] Mr. Elsey.


Joe Lewis from a photo kindly supplied by JoeTHE MEMBERS

John Henry Green

Local institutions in the village were always sure of his hearty support, and he was a vice-president of the cricket and football clubs, and also the colliery band, his services for the latter being highly appreciated.


AE Dodd (1909-33) Bandleader


T. McGuiness (1933-42) Bandleader

 Reginald Gray

was band leader around the 1950's and 60's. The Greys had a black Labrador called oddly enough Blacky.

This was pretty close but I am now informed that the dog was called  Darkie. and this Dog had an ear for music.

Fred Kelly,

There is a story that Fred Kelly could rotate his arms in a full circle behind his back and strike the drum upon completion of each swing, and on one occasion as the Band were just starting off from The Miners Welfare Club at Dalton, Fred was in the act of swinging his arms around his back when the end of one drumstick shot off, hurtled across Doncaster Road and broke a window. Much to the amazement and amusement of the onlookers.

Albert Merrill,

Albert played the tenor horn in the band and boy could he play it sweet as a nut. In another era Albert would have been a famous artist he had real talent, and a nicer guy you couldn't wish to meet. Albert was also famous at Silverwood Pit for his cartoons and produced one of fellow band member Fred Kelly playing his drums.

George Fullman

was a member of said band. Its a long time ago but I think he played something called a "Euphonium".

( Uncle George ) was a true "COCKNEY" born within the peel of Bow Bells he worked at Silverwood Pit before he married my grandmother Hilda May Lawery he lodged with The Johnson family in Thrybergh [ Peter Lawery ]


Bob (Robert) Green.. "I've lived in Sheffield all my life and was a 2nd Euphonium player in the Silverwood Colliery Band."


Paul 1st Euphonium Player [ Anyone remember Paul's second name ? ]

H. Mileman  Band Leader 1954


G. Sykes Band Leader 1955


A. Barlow Band Leader 1956 and 1957


Frank Green conducted the Silverwood Colliery Band on many occasions and took them to at least one contest 1959 onward


G. Hespe Band Leader 1962


E. Foster Band Leader 1963 when the band became known as Silverwood Colliery Welfare Band.

W. Burgin


George Baker played trombone in the band 


A. Uttley,


J. Lewis,


G. Weaver,


T. Hall,


G. Elsey,


W. Sands [ Secretary ]


N. Elsey,


W. Ball,


A. Gray.


Mr. Elsey. Noah Elsey


Ron ? Possibly played Eb Bass


Harold Johnson played trombone under Noah Elsey Bandmaster


Mike Longden  Cornet


Dennis Bradshaw  Solo Cornet 1950's


Jim Bradshaw Trombone 1950's


 Ronny Horne  Euphonium 1950'S


Jock Collins  B and E flat basses


 Harold Uttley   B and E flat basses H. Uttley


 Ernie Hallas  B and E flat basses


Reg Aspinall   Tenor horn


Jack Wilkinson  Soprano cornet


Arnold (? )  Soprano cornet


Reg.  Rawnsley.  Solo cornet


Ernie Uttley Repiano "cornet" flugel horn


John Smith, Second cornet


Brian Barnett Second cornet


Colin Machin Second cornet


Mr. Sands Cornet


Mr Smith,  Drums


George Humphreys  Second cornet.


Simon Boccanegra.

I hope to learn more of the history of the band and its members so if you can help with any information please send it along by email on the link below
John Doxey


Silverwood Colliery Band. Bandmaster : Reg Gray. Secretary : WH Sands, 1 Mowbray Place, East Dene, Rotherham, Yorks. Formed May 1909. Previous conductors : AE Dodd (1909-33) and T. McGuiness (1933-42). . ...



Nadia Simpson

Raye Kelly

Ann Cassidy

Peter Lawery

Fred Hartle

Mary [ Daughter of Reginald Gray ]

Bob (Robert) Green

J. Lewis

Sammy ?

Graham Duke

John Doxey

Margaret Macia (nee Baker)

Mike Longden

Joyce Johnson



Fred Kelly

Reginald Gray

R & F Green

George Baker

Mike Longden

Brass Band

Brass Band 2

Brass Band Drawing


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