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By Mick Carver



Now Mick Carver is a man of many surprises whom I consider a great mate, though we have only met via internet I have a great deal of respect for him.  The sneaky little devil wrote to me a few months ago and asked for a photo of me and my son Matt with the explanation it was needed for a new project, me being nosy asked what was the project., back came the reply "It's a surprise". Not being the most intelligent individual on this planet I couldn't figure out why he needed the photo, and have been scratching my little head ever since, much to Mick's amusement.

I had no idea that Mick had artistic talent so you can imagine how surprised I was to receive an email with the above drawing attached, Mick explains.
" Now what have I been up to ? well I donít know if I ever mentioned in our myriad of correspondence but if I get any spare time (ha!) I like to try a bit of sketching and painting. Sometimes I am at a loss for inspiration . Anyway a few months ago I saw an old photo of a band on Doncaster Gate and remembering the old miners parades I thought it would make a good sketch. In my first attempt I took a guess at the union banner as I could not find out what it looked like. I was halfway through the sketch when they had the banner in an exhibition in Rotherham library. so I started again. Iím not very happy at sketching crowds (perhaps this shows?) especially ones on the move, so I tried to draw the figures as fast as possible to try and create movement.

Towards the end of the sketch I still wasnít happy with it and I suddenly though I know what to do Iíll put Fred [ Fred Kelly ] at the front of the parade where he belongs, anyway see what you think?"

Well I think its great Mick!

Ok now there was another drawing attached to the email and that was a marvellous portrait of me and Matt my son, but see Doxey's not that silly I sent a photo that was ten years old, well I look ten years younger on the portrait don't I !

Many thanks Mick for sharing your artistic imagination here for all to enjoy, and for a portrait that will hang proudly on my wall.




Fred Kelly

Reginald Gray

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Brass Band

Brass Band 2

Brass Band Drawing




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