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By John Doxey




Back in the 1940's two young boy's living at Dalton formed a friendship during their time at the local school, this friendship was to continue through the 1950's when they both became Silverwood mine employees.

In 1971 Dave Edwards pictured on the right emigrated to Australia with his wife and two children, Meanwhile in the 1970's Danny Cassidy pictured on the left of the photo also left Silverwood but remained in the area. Sadly the two men lost contact with each other.

In 2007 Dave contacted me via this website and agreed to contribute some of his memories from his time at Silverwood, but it wasn't until I mentioned that my brother in law Danny Cassidy was coming over to Australia on a visit that Dave mentioned the friendship. So Dave and I exchanged a few telephone conversations and a few more emails and arranged a surprise visit for the unsuspecting Danny.


Now Dave lives within two minutes of "Seven Mile Beach" on the picturesque South coast of New South Wales which you may think well that's nice, and so it is, except that Cassidy is known as the Stranded Whale here downunder, because once he gets on a beach it's a devil of a job to get him off. I had told Danny we were going to a beach for the day so he was expecting to pull in to one of  the many of the beaches we passed, and we could sense that his little flippers were getting impatient.


Finally we reached Dave's home and there he was waiting on the driveway with a big grin on his face, Danny took one look and exclaimed " Dave Edwards, I knew it, I knew it!"






Ann Cassidy, Danny Cassidy, Dave Edwards and Yen Edwards

John "That's me just behind the camera"


Once in the house Yen made us very welcome and within minutes the two Dalton lads were reminiscing like two excited school kids, whilst Yen, Ann, and myself were talking about other things in general. Thanks to Yens marvelous hospitality we spent a very pleasant day and I know the two old friends were rapt with the occasion.

Many thanks for making us feel at home Yen and Dave!


2008 John Doxey


I would like to hear from anyone on your website regarding Albert Tuke including his family for an update on him. 

Regards Dave Edwards.


More on Dave  Dave Edwards





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