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List compiled by John Doxey



What is intended here is to compile a list of major and fatal accidents at the mine with details regarding dates, cause's and injuries. We have very few of the numbers fatally injured over the years, or those receiving serious injuries, so if you can help by supplying information we may be able to build up an accurate record of the many accidents and the men affected.


When George Orwell in 1936 wrote "The Road to Wigan Pier" he stated:

"The rate of accidents among miners is so high, compared with that in other trades, that casualties are taken for granted almost as they would be in a minor war. Every year one miner in about nine hundred is killed and one in about six is injured; most of these injuries, of course, are petty ones, but a fair number amount to total disablement. This means that if a miner's working life is forty years the chances are nearly seven to one against his escaping injury and not much more than twenty to one against his being killed outright. No other trade approaches this in dangerousness; the next most dangerous is the shipping trade, one sailor in a little under 1300 being killed every year. The figures I have given apply, of course, to mine-workers as a whole; for those actually working underground the proportion of injuries would be very much higher. "

George Orwell 1936



The are three early accidents recorded found so far concerning a Mr Gascoigne, Mr Cartwright, and Mr Jennings  date unknown

1901 Charles Power  killed by horse drawn wagon.

1901  Mr C. Sims 16th of June killed by wagon.

1902   Mr W. Cook  17th September  died falling down shaft

1905 John James Brazier 29 April  killed

1906, Horace Atkins March 25th, killed by roof fall

1906  John Price  13th June killed by roof fall
1906 t Henry Goulding 19th of August buried alive
1906 Thomas Flint 24th of August killed by falling stone
1906 James Parker  12th September killed by roof fall.
1906  George W. Hargreaves 2nd of December killed by falling stone

1907  George Simmone  23rd April crushed by tub

1907 Thomas Hather  26th of July killed by roof fall
1907 Thomas E. Liddiard 1st August
killed by roof fall

1907 Thomas Buxton   19th of September killed by roof fall

1908 William Somerville  3rd of January killed by roof fall
1908  Samual Baker 12th of January crushed by wagons.
1908 Samual Bailey  28th of March injured died  5th of May 1908
1908 James Hanton 22nd of April 1908 crushed by wagons
1908 William Boden 27th of June killed by falling stone
1908 James Ryder 16th of November 1908 struck by a stone falling  died  17th of November .

1909 A. Gibbs  died from injuries1st Jan

1909 J. Merrills  killed  4th January. cause unknown

1909  Lawrence Ward 13th January killed by a slab of coal which burst out of the face.

1909  28th of February, George Goynston William Poxton and a third man killed by falling roof

1909 J. Kilbride 22nd April killed by rock fall
1909  John Taylor 7th May killed by roof fall .

1909 James Butler  24th May 1909 killed by roof fall.

1909 Fatal accident  1st of July. cause unknown

1909  Walter Barrawclough  5th July killed by a train
1909 J. H. Gascoyne 21st December tub crushed his hand died 6th January 1910

1910 Samual Cartwright 5th August crushed between tubs

1911 Robert Dyson  8th February killed by roof fall.

1911 John Searles 17th May  killed by coal bursting from the face.

1911 Edward Wilson killed 23rd  of December

1912 William Lee 20th January electrocuted

1912 Enoch Lawrence  1st February  killed by roof fall

1912 John Pennington 15 April fell from cage

1912 Henry Shaw  12th August died blood poisoning after leg fracture .

1912 Joseph Bailey 10th of August received scratch died  9th June 1913

1912 Ernest Turton 16th of September 1912 run over by tubs
1912 John Culkin  5th October killed by roof fall
1912 John Tarper  8th October 1912 two tons of bind fell killing him.

1912 Allan Scholes 25th October killed by fall. 
1912  1912 Frank Hague 10th December killed by coal  burst from the face .

1913 William B. Hall  29th April killed by roof fall
1913 Arthur Winstanley   5th of July 1913 killed by roof fall

1913 Albert Henry Salter 15th August killed by  roof fall.
1913 George Haigh  31st September killed by roof fall roof.

1913 Thomas Harris, Roland Harris Peter Oakes Killed by roof fall

1914 Arthur B. Evans 9th January died underground cause unknown.

1914  Phillip Cunnane 1st December killed whilst shotfiring
1915 Thomas Stacey  15 January killed by roof fall.

1915 Bartholomew Prendergast 16th of June killed by roof fall .

1915 James Briggs, 28th of August  killed by roof fall
1915 Henry C. Rackman 7th October run over by tubs.
1915 John William Haynes 20th October struck by coal  died on the 24th December 1915.

1919 [ Pre ] A disaster involving Pit drivers.

1919 William Tuke  25th February killed by roof fall .

1919 Charles Browning  24th April killed  by roof fall
1919 Francis H. Oxley 22nd August
accident no details

Pre 1923  a mortar mill attendant was burnt about the head by a ... Voltage 550 AC..

March 31st  Elon Howells age 62 Screenman was involved in an accident,.

1922 January 30th 8:15 a. m. 3rd hour, Joseph Morgan age 14 Screen Lad was involved in an accident

1923  Elon Howells March 31 involved in an accident.

1923  William Fairhurst, 26th April 1923 died when run over by tubs.

1925 Wilfred Bannister 24th August died after accident involving tubs

1928 George Mitchell. cause unknown

1929 Thomas Burke   killed, cause unknown

1930's Bertie Halford  killed  Year and cause unknown

1930's Wilfred Durham   lost a leg

1933 Walter Dickinson  20th April trapped leg died two months later

1933 Alfred Blyton injured underground, died from injuries

1934  John Nettleship 4th of May roof fall which hit his head.

1936  Charles Edwin Smith 25th May twisted his knee died 36 days pulmonary embolism.

1937 Arthur Machin  21st May fractured thigh died from embolism  five weeks later.

1937  James Gent  17th June damaged hand  by roof fall died  7th of August Heart Disease

1937  Frederick Bennett  9th October killed by roof fall.

1938  Sydney F. Sims  5th April fell whilst repairing high pressure relief valve died from injuries.

1938 James Oliver  2nd May killed by roof fall .
1938 Isaac Clarke
23rd June killed by roof fall.

1939 William Davidson and George A. Wheeler killed by roof fall
1930's Wilfred Durham of Thrybergh lost a leg in an accident at the pit before WW2.
1939 James Albert Horton 17th August killed killed by coal burst from face.

1939    "Paddymail disaster" 2nd October

1939 Charles Burrows  retired after breaking his leg in an accident

1940 Billy Mills  victim of a roof fall, the fall badly crushed both of his legs

1940 Charles William Butter 12th July killed by roof fall.

1941 William Ryding  27th July killed by roof fall .

1942 Thomas Joseph Kearns   killed by roof fall .

1942 Murdoch McLean, July 9th killed whilst working on slack compressor

1942  Edward G. Briggs  25th August scalded died following day.

1942 Frank Brozier  12th December killed by roof fall.

1942 Thomas Colquit  killed by falling girder and dirt  .
1943 Roy Osborne 23rd February killed whilst riding conveyor belt.
1943  Leslie Grainger 22nd July killed when he jumped from conveyor belt
1944 John Henry Pike  14th January killed by tub collision

1944  Albert Rackham  16th January killed when he fell into a  water softening tank.

1947 George Mosley  

1947 George Mosley and Wallace Theodore Beavis  killed in an underground accident .

1949 30th  November a man was buried  buried, he was saved by his workmates..

1953 Les Coulson Killed cause unknown

1955 September there was an incident involving the cage,

1955 28th of July. Accident

1955 23rd of November paddy mail train accident

1956 One surface worker was hit by a train at Silverwood in 1956.

1960's Albert Hart fatality cause and date unknown

1960 David Churm age 47 fatality cause not known

1963 Albert Merrills   killed [ Date 22nd November needs verifying, it is also the date John F. Kennedy was shot ]

1963 Thomas Ridge death by strangulation in an accident

1966  Ken (Kelly) Nightingale killed by roof fall

1966 paddy mail accident on the 4th of February

1966 Miner killed name and cause unknown

1968  A miner was trapped in a coal cutting machine and was killed

1969/70 Face cave in   Fatal

1970 James Turner seriously injured, resulting in retirement age 50

1970's A young Electrician died whilst carrying out repairs to the Washers

1970's Sub contractor killed

1971  Jack Bowen Killed cause unknown

1979/80    Pit prop falling Serious injury

1980 Paul Moorhouse had an accident on S17's face in December, crushed his right hand and wrist, went  back to work October 1981

1989 Fatal accident No details


In the period 1987 to 1991there was only one fatal accident reported at the mine which occurred in 1989. In 1987 there were only three accidents recorded which were classified as major but no fatalities.  During 1988 there were 73 minor accidents and 6 major accidents totalling 79 for the year with no fatalities. During 1989 as well as the 1 fatal accident there were 7 major and 58 minor ones recorded totalling 66 accidents for the year. 1990 saw 7 major and 29 minor accidents with no fatalities for the year.





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