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1914     THE GREAT WAR     1918




Sam Allott of Dalton top left photo courtesy Danny Cassidy










The photo above is of Sam Allott of Dalton and his comrades, Sam was lucky enough to survive the war, but how many of the other men on this photo who also survived is not known.



The 1914 to 1918 Great War was to claim 250 lives of men who worked at Silverwood, and 62 miners who worked at the Roundwood colliery. Both mines were owned by the Dalton Main Collieries Ltd. In December of 1923 the Dalton Main Company Ltd erected a monument to the miners lost in the Great War. This monument is shown on the photo below.


Photo of letter courtesy of Brian Eyre

It is noted that a lot of these men who had worked together in the collieries, sadly fell together on the battlefield. The blackest day was on the 1st July 1916 during which 17 [ There may be more ]miners of Silverwood and Roundwood fell most of them remembered on the Thiepval Memorial Somme France.

The 1st July 1916, offensive by 13 Commonwealth Divisions was a failure resulting in a huge loss of life, Sixty-thousand British soldiers were killed or wounded on that black day. The capture of Thiepval where the above memorial is located was the objective on the day, due to German resistance, this objective was not achieved until the end of September that year. The battle of the Somme is well recorded and will always be well remembered in the families of those men who died.


The following pages starting with  1914  are a tribute to those miners of Silverwood and Roundwood Collieries who were lost in the Great War.


During the war the thing most parents, wives, and children feared was the arrival of a letter from the front, The parents of Samual Simpson received such a letter [ Pictured left ]from Sgt. J. Gill of "C" Coy 8 Bn. York and Lancaster Regiment, and one cannot help but also feel some sympathy toward the Sgt who obviously composed the letter with great sincerity and honesty.


The following pages are a tribute to those that were sadly lost who worked at Silverwood or Roundwood Collieries prior to joining the armed forces.

Where known there is additional information added to each name


Some of the men were buried in un-named graves,  or their bodies were never recovered for burial and are remembered on the many memorials. Others were buried in the countless graveyards of Europe , there were those that died from wounds received who actually made it back to Blighty and were buried locally.

At this moment in time I do not know which of the men named on this tribute worked at Silverwood, or who worked at Roundwood.

If you can help with further information on the men below it would be gratefully received. Email John Doxey




I have received many emails similar to the one here below from descendants of those lost and they have been a great help in gathering the names of the men below. I show the one below because Frederick was amongst the first lost from Silverwood and Roundwood.





" My name is Dawn Watford, and I am currently researching my family tree. I have found your website extremely interesting as some of my ancestors lived at Dalton in the early part of the twentieth century. My great great uncle is the F. Briddon who is on the honour roll, and I wondered if you would be able to use the following information to fill in his details as they are missing. His name was Frederick Briddon, and he lived at 57, Silver Street, Whinney Hill when he died. His nationality was British and he was a Private in the Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, 2nd battalion. He was married to Evelyn Bridden nee Critchley. He was killed on the eighteenth of November 1914, aged 31, at the battle of Ypres. His service number was 6540. His parents were Richard and Margaret Briddon, who moved to Rotherham from Sheffield. Margaret Briddon's address when she died was 54, Kelvin Street. There is a memorial reference to Frederick Bridden on the Menin Gate memorial at Ypres."


Herbert John Bridgewater was born in Rotherham by 1901 the only Bridgewaters listed in Rotherham were as follows:-

Susannah  Bridgewater age 33 born in  Rotherham

Ester  Bridgewater age 4 born in Rotherham
Mary  Bridgewater age 7 born in Rotherham
Leonard  Bridgewater age 9 born in   Rotherham
Albert  Bridgewater age 11 born Rotherham
Richard  Bridgewater age 13 born in  Rotherham a Pony Driver In Coal Ret
Herbert was also listed as a Pony Driver In Coal Ret
By 1914 Herbert's mother was living at 46, Kelvin St., Dalton, Rotherham and he had become a Private Service No: 7600 in the 2nd Bn. York and Lancaster Regiment. On the 5th October 1914 age 29 Herbert was killed in action and is remembered at La Ferte-Sous-Jouarre Memorial. Leaving behind his widow Emma Bridgewater.


The men who have been located and verified are listed on this page above and  on pages   1915    1916   1917   1918 


The men below have not yet been researched or there is a difficulty verifying their identity i.e. For Alfred Brown searching under A. Brown brings a result of  707 men, many of whom are listed with the initial A. only. With those men listed as Alfred there is no way of verifying the Alfred Brown below from the information given.



B [ To be researched ]


Alfred Brown

Sam Brown

George Brown

Ernest Bailey
George Bentley

Edward Birch

Tom Bates

James Burns


C [ To be researched ]


Harry Croft

Horace Carr

John Griffin Clifford

Fred Clark

Frank Cliff

Harry Cartwright

Albert Cartwright

John William Clarke

Horace Charge

George Henry Crook

John Canavan


D[ To be researched ]


William Edward Davies

Allen Durmas

George Darlington

Henry Dunning

Fred Dyson


E [ To be researched ]


Norman Ellis

Harry Ellis


F [ To be researched ]


Edwin Fisher

Walter Edward Faulkner


G [ To be researched ]


George Guest

Arthur Greaves

Horace Green

Charles Gregory

George Godfrey


H [ To be researched ]


George E Haywood

Thomas Hart
Joseph Houghton

James Houghton

Joseph Halley

William Hallam

Joseph Simon Healey

John Hunt

Arthur Hunt

Edgar Hunt


J [ To be researched ]


John Jepson
Joseph Jackson

Alfred Jackson

Frank Johnson

William Jones


K [ To be researched ]


William Kent

Martin Killganon

L [ To be researched ]


John Lee

Joseph Laylock


M [ To be researched ]


John Potter Marsden

Walter Marsden
James William Manns

Patrick Morgan
Harry Metcalf
James Meekes

John Marshall
John Morris

Charles Mather

Ernest Mcdermott

Joseph W Mcgarry
John Arthur Martin

Enoch Millins


O [ To be researched ]

Daniel O'Connell

P [ To be researched ]


William Pearson

Richard Pritchard

Henry Parker

William Palmer

Godfrey Harrison Parkinson


R [ To be researched ]


Frank Rodgers

Edward Rogers

Harry Roberts

Alfred Redfern


S [ To be researched ]


Fred Shaw

John Revill Shaw

Herbert Shaw

William Shaw

George Speed

George Harry Shaw

William Smithyman

John Smith

Joseph Smith

Sydney Smith


T [ To be researched ]


George Henry Turner

Clarence Teask

George Taylor

Harry Taylor

Arthur Taylor

James Tolley

Ernest Thompson

Samuel Thompson

Fred Thompson


V [ To be researched ]


George Vickers


W [ To be researched ]


Willie Ward

William Watson
Ernest Ryder Walton
John Henry Walker
Herbert Wood

George Warner

Thomas Whitehouse
John William Whitehouse

Walter William Wright
Francis Webster

Allen Walker
Walter James Walker
Thomas Waddingham
Herbert Williams
Harry Wilson
William Henry Ward



Permission to reproduce the information on these pages has been kindly given by
Peter Francis
Media & PR Manager
Commonwealth War Graves Commission

The information on these pages has strict copyright and you are advised to read the following extract from the Commonwealth Graves Commission site before proceeding.

You may view the site and download any part(s) of it for personal viewing for private purposes but you are not permitted without our permission to store it (or any part of it) other than for the purposes set out in this paragraph, print out copies except for your own personal viewing for private purposes or reproduce, copy or transmit it (or any part of it) in any other way for any purpose or in any other medium. You are not entitled to alter the content in any way. You are not entitled to make use any resources on this web site, including hypertext links to any part of this site, without making it clear to users that the resource is copyright the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. If in doubt, please contact a representative of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

The statement above applies to the information  on this site, any infringement will be reported to the above commission.
I would like to thank Peter Francis and the staff of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission for their assistance on behalf of myself and relatives of the men listed below. I would also like to thank Jonathan Dabbs for making me aware of the missing names. I think we should all congratulate the local council for their efforts in replacing the lost names, indeed it was their efforts that were the inspiration behind creating this page. I have no affiliation with the local council but admire their endeavour regarding the honour roll.

Relatives wishing to contact the Commonwealth War Graves Commission please see contact information


Disclaimer The information below has been compiled by John Doxey from the Commonwealth Grave Commission records, This site accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the information gathered.


“My gratitude to Louise Hudd of Rotherham who has given her valuable time in researching some of the names on these pages “

My gratitude also to the many people who have also sent in names and details




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