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Ravenfield History 2


In 1806 an Attested copy of a deed to lead and declare the uses of a fine, was recorded relating to settlement of the Smith family estates in Crich, Darley, Kilburn, Biggin, Duffield and Ravenfield .
On the 19th of  August 1811an indenture was recorded by the Dean and Chapter of York
which was between  the Revd Robert Markham, Archdeacon of York, a William Mordaunt Milner esq of Bolton Lodge in the county of the city of York, and a William Mills, a gentleman of York, concerning a  lease for three lives of tenements and land in  Ranfield in the county of York. Res. rent 20s.
Another Indenture was also recorded dated on the16th of  March 1813 Between the Revd Robert Markham, Archdeacon of York,  Revd Thomas Bosvile, clerk, of  Ranfield, William Mills, and a John Robert Mills, who were gentlemen of the city of York, concerning a lease for three lives of tenements and land in Ranfield in the county of York. Res. rent 31.

1818 T. B. Bosvile, Esq was the owner of Ravenfield he was the son of Thomas Bosvile of Braithwell. The Bosvile family between the 16th and 19th centuries owned  Ravenfield Park,  Ulverscroft, Leicestershire, Thorpe Hall, Lincolnshire, and other estates. The Ravenfield estate was valued and recorded in 1823

On the 19th of November 1825 a Lease and release to Thomas Wildsmith of Ravenfield, butcher.on Talbot LaneRotherham
On the12th of August 1829 Thomas Wildsmith of Ravenfield, butcher was Assigned a mortgage at Herringthorpe

The row of three stone cottages in the photo below were on the corner of Pringle Lane and were built in 1824 on the site of what was a small Farmstead.

On the 4th of July 1864 a Conveyance was recorded involving Jane Waite of Ravenfield, spr.

In 1865 a murder took place in Silverwood on the property of Farmer Brown of Ravenfield. The incident involved several local men from the Rotherham area. Discovering Poachers on the property four gamekeepers confronted the trespassers and a fight ensued, resulting in the death of Mr William Lilley one of the gamekeepers. A court case followed and the men accused were transported to Australia. The site I recommend here is the compelling true life story of one of the accused put together by his ancestors It is a very remarkable true story, and a sad reflection of the times. Depicting the life and times here in England and the penal colony of Australia. I recommend that you make yourself a cuppa, and settle down to read what I found to be the best story I have seen on the internet. John Doxey

WILLIAM SYKES http://website.lineone.net/~bill.sykes/index.htm


Sheila Khan is a descendant of one of the gamekeepers helpers on the night and writes

With reference to the above story, one of the men who was helping Lilley that night was named as William Butler from Ravenfield.  I believe this was my great great grandfather.  I cannot find him on the 1861 census in Ravenfield so he may have been living elsewhere at that time, but he was born in Ravenfield in 1841 and married there in 1862.  The only other William Butler found in Ravenfield at that time was a 14 year old, so it is not likely to have been him. William Butler was also injured in the attack and gave evidence at the trial.  The case caused a lot of controversy about poaching and the role of gamekeepers.
I would like to know if it definitely was my William Butler  I could not find any reference to his age or his family in the reports.
He was a father of either 2 or 3 children at the time of the murder and his first wife died of  TB in November 1865 not long after the birth of one of their sons and about 7 weeks after the attack. 

If anyone can help please contact Sheila on KhanSheila@aol.com


In 1881 young Godfrey Bosville is found at a boarding School run by Thomas H. Belcher Head M Male 33 Faringdon, Berkshire, England M.A. Oxford Clergyman School Master
Annie Belcher Wife M Female 32 Faversham, Kent, England
Ethel M. Belcher Daur Female 3 Malvern, Worcester, England
Margrat E. Belcher Daur Female 1 Malvern, Worcester, England
Eva N. Belcher Daur Female 2 m Malvern, Worcester, England
Godfrey Bosville Boarder Male 17 Raven Field, York, England Scholar
Dwelling No 1 College Grounds
Census Place Great Malvern, Worcester, England
Public Records Office Reference RG11 Piece / Folio 2919 / 98 Page Number 21
At the same time his relatives were in residence at Winchester Hampshire
Thomas B. Bosville Head U Male 22 Ravenfield Park, York, England Landed Proprietor (Undergrad Oxford)
Margaret E. Bosville Sister U Female 20 Ravenfield Park, York, England
Helena B. Bosville Sister U Female 19 Ravenfield Park, York, England
Mary S. Lee Cousin U Female 34 London, London, Middlesex, England
Percy Neal Servt U Female 36 Cholsey, Berkshire, England Parlour Maid (Dom)
Jane F. Goodall Servt U Female 30 Basingstoke Cook (Dom)
Emily Brown Servt U Female 26 Chilbolton, Hampshire, England Housemaid (Dom)
Eliza Angus Servt U Female 16 Andover Housemaid (Dom)
John Twegeeve Servt U Male 28 Basingstoke Groom (D) (Dom)
Dwelling Medecroft
Census Place Winchester, Hampshire, England
Public Records Office Reference RG11 Piece / Folio 1231 / 39 Page Number 28
1883 was the year William Wilson died, William had a boot and shoemaker shop behind the centre cottage on the corner of Pringle Lane. Opposite the Cottages was the Village shop, off license , and Post Office
The Ravenfield survey of 1878 shows that the old School plot 73 was a cottage, school house and gardens belonging to the Ravenfield Estate.  It was shown as having a tenant Thomas Earnshaw Atkinson, but that had been crossed out and replaced with 'Vicar and churchwardens of Ravenfield'.  Thomas Atkinson is shown as schoolmaster.  The property is shown as 'homestead' at that time. One of the confusions is that there was no Church Lane mentioned at that time, it appears to be called Main Street (which of course is the name of the road at the top of the hill to Bramley and Hooton Roberts).
In 1920 the house and school and the barns were bought by Dennis Turner.  There is a deed transfer document for Dennis Turner, when he purchased a piece of land from the estate in 1935, when he gave his address as the Old School House, and was shown as a mine worker.  In the transfer documents no street is mentioned, just a location, lying between the lands of George Stacey and George Osborn of Osborn house fame.  The deeds of the present owner of the old School House mention that by this time it was Church Lane. At the time that Dennis bought the house in 1920 it was known as 'The institute' and in the occupation of Mary Brocklesby.  Another Brocklesby ( Joe Brocklesby) bought land from the estate towards the end of 1920.


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Sheila Khan

Dr. Pete Jones


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