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Ravenfield around 1905

A Presentation by Sheila Khan

From the writings of G. Osborn of Ravenfield 1978

The viewpoint was near the Village well and the wall at the lower end of Church Lane.

To the left is a fine tree soon to be cut down, Church farm [ the old one ] with one of its outbuildings, and Home farm in the distance.

To the right is the cottage later to be known as Bridge House, and in the background the northern gable end of old School House. The adjoing former National School closed as from September 30th 1909 cannot be seen. It served as the village reading room till c. 1921, since when it has been used as a workshop.

In 1979 the property was sold and the new owner as made various alterations. The former School room is now being used as additional living accommodation.


Šopyright G. Osborn 1978


Pingle Lane. c1905

Pingle Lane leads off Main St. to the left, and Garden Lane to the right.

To the right are the villages newest cottages, a terrace of three double fronted ones standing back from the road on a grassy bank. each with its own backyard and garden.

Built around 1824 they replaced one small farmstead However the stable, cowhouse, pigsty, and hay chamber were left standing, and the middle cottage continued as a small farmstead which contained a cobbler's shop [ now gone ].

It is very probable that all the windows on the street frontage were originally of the size still to be seen at No 13 the nearest cottage.

Near No 11 a pump can be seen against the wall. Beyond is the western end of Woodside farmhouse and the adjoining cowhouse. This cowhouse was still there in 1920, but was soon demolished.

To the foreground to the left the village shop, beer off, and post office shows its gable end to the street. Part of Oak House Farm with the tree in full leaf fills up the rest of the view.

Šopyright G. Osborn 1978


Hooton Lane cottages on the right, in the background Home Farm then known as the Cottage, and the backs of the long demolished cottages at the top of Church Lane.

Land was taken from gardens at both sides of Hooton Lane in 1929 to widen the road. The shutters were intended for use.

These 18th century cottages received their first Tenants in 1756, They are no longer uniform in appearance.

             Šopyright G. Osborn 1978


Many thanks to Sheila for sending along the photos and accompanying text.

Text transcribed by John Doxey

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