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Betsy Roebuck  YuccaPoint99@aol.com Web site http://www.robertroebuckancestry.com Texas, USA  Researching my Roebuck Ancestors in England!

Janette Stender  janettejoy@sbcglobal.net Can anyone tell me if the Mrs. Thornton that Roy Nixon mentions on the Ravenfield Pages of this site is Gertrude Thornton, who was married to Ernest and the mother of Zilla, Jesse, Margaret, and Kathleen? My late Uncle married Margaret, and my late Aunt married Jesse. Thank you.

Chrys Callan [chrys@callan4000.fslife.co.uk]

Dear Mr Doxey
I have just come across your excellent site of Ravenfield.  I am led to beleive my GGGG Grandfather William Garside (Husbandman) was married in Ravenfield to an Elizabeth Rogers on the 20/09/1784, but I'm not sure where he was born or any other details on either William or Elizabeth. Any information you could help me with would be very gratefully received as I have hit a brick wall with my research,
Kindest regards Chrys Callan

 Paul Butler  PaulButler@caulfieldgs.vic.edu.au

I am researching the Butler family in South Yorkshire.  I was born in Maltby, son of Jim and Jenny Butler.  If you lived in the area some years back, you will probably have seen our bright red lorries carrying limestone from Stainton to build the local motorways.  I now live in Melbourne, just down t'rowd from John Doxey in Sydney (actually a 12 hour drive!).
I have followed the trail back to Charles Butler, born in Thyrbergh in 1787 to Charles and Jane, nee Roebuck.  This Charles was born in Hooton Roberts in 1750 to Edward Butler.  The Thrybergh Charles married Mary ??? and they had Ann and George, my great-great-grandfather.  When Mary died in 1817, Charles married Mary Stables (see the magnificent site at www.stableshistory.co.uk managed by Michael Chance).  The challenge now is to find who the first Mary was and where Edward came from, to follow the family back further. 
With help from John Doxey and Sheila Kahn, I have information on Roebucks back to William, born in Ravenfield in 1661, and his father Oliver.  I would like to find links from these Roebucks through to the Roebuck family in Betsy's great site (
Great work with the Thrybergh - Ravenfield - Dalton sites, John - keep up the good work!

Brenda Chatterton Bjchatt@aol.com

My interest is in the Jackson family who lived at Firsby Hall Farm from about 1825 to 1870.  Peter and Elizabeth Jackson came from Ackworth West Yorkshire and took tenancy of this farm.  They had a family of 6 or 7 children, the eldest of whom was John Jackson.  John married Maria Mutton who was a Lady's Maid at Ravenfield Hall to Constantia Walker who was in residence at that time.  (1841 census)
John and Maria Jackson then lived at Firsby Hall Farm with John and Elizabeth.  They had nine children, eight of whom were baptised at Ravenfield Church, the eldest at St Peters Conisbrough.  I think they all received a good education so might have gone to the Ravenfield School.  Does anyone know if pupils' names are listed anywhere.  The names are William (b. 1843), John Peter (b.1846), Emily Elizabeth (b.1847), Lucy Ann (b.1849), Annie Maria (b.1851), Martin Richard (my great grandfather b.1853), Arthur Thomas (b.1855), Frederick Hugh (b.1857) and George (b.1860).  The three girls went into service in very prestigious households whilst John, Maria and their sons moved to Darnall Sheffield c.1862 where the males worked as coach builders for the railway.. There are a number of my family of Jacksons buried in Ravenfield churchyard.
From Brenda Chatterton


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