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John Doxey


Roy Nixon email: roynixon@trysting.fsnet.co.uk Country: England
comment: I lived in Silvermoor Drive Ravenfield as a child and went to the local school. My grandparents lived in Eastfield Drive, Thrybergh. My grandfather and father worked at Silverwood. I have many fond (and vivid) memories of Ravenfield during the 2nd world war. I am a retired Headmaster now living in the East Riding. I have an aunt still living in Ravenfield and a sister living in Rotherham.


 Sheila Khan  mailto:KhanSheila@aol.com Website: http://sheilakhan.topcities.com

Hi John The new pages are looking good Keep up the good work.  


Janette Stender janettejoy@sbcglobal.net

What a thoroughly wonderful web site! Can anyone tell me if the Mrs. Thornton that Roy Nixon mentions is Gertrude Thornton, who was married to Ernest and the mother of Zilla, Jesse, Margaret, and Kathleen? My late Uncle married Margaret, and my late Aunt married Jesse. Again, very well done web site ... I'm going to look through it again to be sure that I have explored it all.


Ken Brooks,

 Hi John. You may think that this is a strange email, but I will try to explain. I was born in Lancashire in 1929, and raised in Blackburn. I was called up for 2 years National service in REME from 1950 to 52. I spent the last year of that at Bovington with a lad who lived at 6 Braithwell Road, Ravenfield. His name was Dave, but I cannot remember his surname. He would also be 75 , if he's still alive. I was looking through some old photographs, and came across Daves address. It is possible that his home in 1952 does not now exist, as I sent a letter to that address and it was returned as undeliverable.
I believe that Dave was a Draughtsman at a company that manufactured railway track and marshalling yard systems [ also probably long gone ]. We have been in the US since 1964, after emigrating to Canada in 1956. We now live on the coast of North Carolina.
I realise that this is a long shot, going back over 50 years, but if you have any information on " Dave " I would appreciate it. Who knows, you may be in our age group.

Thanking you, Ken Brooks.


Gordon Hett. I have just come across your website and much enjoyed working through it. It has resonances with some of my experiences and memories, which I may go into on another visit. On this occasion, could I just concentrate on one aspect, St. James Church. I am the present organist and have been involved with the organ, choir and other aspects of the music for the past forty years.


Stevie (Stephanie Cawthorne) Marsh: stevie@marshs.fsnet.co.uk
Wow, what a great site. This is the first time I have found this site, although I have been doing my family history, which involves Ravenfield, for a number of years.
I too am a retired Headteacher - forty years in the profession and twenty years as a head. Got my bus pass last year. I was born on Reasby Avenue and went to Ravenfield school too. Miss Ward was our head, we all loved Mrs Littlewood (her husband Geoff was a good friend of my dad's, as was Tom Bashforth - they were all at school together in Ravenfield), Mrs Ryback and Mrs

Hobson were also at the school.
My great grandparents and parents all lived in Ravenfield but died before I was born. I remember Mrs Thornton, our Sunday School Teacher well, and will ask my mother about her relatives, Janette.
I have bookmarked your site. Thank you, John, for your time and effort. It is much appreciated.


Alan and Audrey Walker audandal@onetel.net

Came across the Ravenfield site by lucky chance. Excellent Yorkshire by birth we now live in Devon but are very interested in Family History. My wife's ancestors, MALEHAM, lived in Ravenfield, see our website www.audandal.org.ukand any information about the family would be welcome.


Ralph Richardson. RALPHR31@aol.com

I really enjoyed reading the site. I was a pupil at the school from about 1946 to 1954, Miss Ward was the Headmistress then. Other members of staff that I remember were Mrs. Hobson, Mrs Littlewood & Mrs Rybeck. The school meals were diabolical, they were brought in to the kitchen in containers, probably then warmed up & dished out. My mother was Muriel Richardson, who ran a small hairdressing salon at what used to be 2, Moorlands, but was changed to 42, Moor Lane South. It would be good to hear what some of my old friends are doing these days, especially, Alan Williams, John Hunt, David Lee, Keith Richardson, Noreen Cutts, Evelyn Wadsworth & Pamela Oldfield.

David Judd david.judd3@btinternet.com

From a Book I have on the SMITH family which includes numerous Pedigrees, I have on page 23 extracted details of a William Smith who had a son Edward who married Eliza. dau of Sir Robert Bosville de Agnes Jud, Edward and Eliza went on to have 4 children, Edward, Thomas, Humphrey and Maria. It would appear this information is extracted from the Heralds Visitation of Kent in 1619. Would you have anything further on Sir Robert Bosville and Agnes Jud, many thanks David Judd

Mr & Mrs Shaun Steven Willey amandaW632@aol.com

Matt & Sue Bingham [suebingham@telus.net]

Hi John, My name is Matthew Bingham and I live in Vancouver, Canada. I jsu wanted to say you have a great site and it brought back great memories for me. I was raised for most of my childhood in Ravenfield. I lived with my dad (David Bingham) and my mom (Georgina Bingham) and my sister Sarah and my brother Jonathan. We lived at Number 3 Radford close from me being about 2 years old right up to me being about 13. I went to Ravenfield junior school where I remember Mr. Jennings as the headmaster. I have such fond memories of going to the post office to pick up my copy of the Beano every week and hanging out with my friend's Roderick Walsh and Steve Hides (I believe the Walsh family still lives in Ravenfield) Anyway I am 32 now and live in Canada with a family of my own, the site made me more than a little homesick.
Cheers, Matthew Bingham. 

Sue Slater  scslater@optusnet.com.au

Suzanne Caroline Hoile (Warton ancestor)

 Mr & Mrs Shaun Steven Willey   amandaW632@aol.com
Mr & Mrs Shaun Steven Willey

June and Harry Willey   junew@unwired.com.au

Hi John, this will be a very short note to find out whether I dreamed reading what I take to be an ex resident of Ravenfield, as she mentioned the corner shop Bashfords which must have been there since before time, and an old Ravenfield church choir boy had to read it.  I would just like to mention we were one of the first residents in Sunnyside and from information I have had, we had one of the family in Silverwood Colliery when it first opened and we had one member of the family there when it closed.  We did for a short period of time live in the stone cottages on the way to Bramley and I have a nephew still living in the deputies stone row in Ravenfield, and I did have a school friend live opposite Bashfords but unfortunately he died a few years ago.  I will close for now but look forward to hearing from you with an explanation as to how you have an Australian email address.
Regards, Harry Willey









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