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The Bosvile Family

The History of one of the notable families who owned Ravenfield

Please note that the information below should be verified by obtaining copies of the original documents and records


Photo Ravenfield Hall courtesy of Robert Bird1818 T. B. Bosvile, Esq was the owner of Ravenfield he was the son of Thomas Bosvile of Braithwell. The Bosvile family between the 16th and 19th centuries owned  Ravenfield Park,  Ulverscroft, Leicestershire, Thorpe Hall, Lincolnshire, and other estates.

The Bosville family of Bradbourne Hall owned Bradbourne Hall, Kent Riverhead, Kent
The Bosvile estate was in family hands from the middle ages until 1740 when the male line died out and they gave up the ghost and sold up to move to London. The Bosvile title was sold (the Parkers), but also ( and it gets confusing here) the Ravenfield estate was sold later into the hands of people who were related to the Bosviles. Some owners used the Bosvile name, others didn't and one was a Bosvile-Bosvile. There is also often the variation of Bosville and Boswell to contend with when researching the Bosvile name.
The Bosvile name was also the surname of a band of Northern Gypsies who were evident throughout the centuries in England. In Rossington's churchyard Charles Bosvile the king of the northern gypsies known as Bosvile's People, was buried in 1709.

We will now try and trace the Bosviles through the centuries


Alice Bosvile daughter of Thomas Bosvile was born in 1345 at Sutton, Lincolnshire, England
Alice Bosvile daughter of Thomas Bosvile married Thomas Everhard around 1366 of Sutton, Lincolnshire, England  


Elizabeth Bosvile of  Frickley, York,daughter of John Bosvile was born approx 1440

Another Elizabeth Bosvile of Chevet Yorkshire is recorded who was the daughter of William Bosvile and Agnes Beeston born around 1450. This Elizabeth was to marry three times Firstly to  John Neville, secondly to Thomas Tempest, and here is a tricky one that needs verification thirdly toThomas Bosvile [ Cousins ?]

In 1461 to 1462 there was a quitclaim of Agnes, relict of John Doddesley of Eyleston, Ric. Doddesley, Wm. Doddesley, the younger, & Wm. Doddesley, the elder to Thos. Leke, esq., Thos. Boson, esq., John Vale & John Smythyman and the heirs and assigns of John Smythyman, all the right and claim which we have in one mess and one toft and croft which lie between the tenement of Thos. Leke on the one part and the tenement of John Bosvile on the other part in Eyleston

On the 7th of  June1473 a Quitclaim by John Bosvile son and heir of William Bosvile cousin and heir of John Jankynson, chaplain, deceased, to Sir John Savage, Sir William Brereton, Sir John Donne, Sir Hugh Calvelay, Kts., John Dutton son of Sir Thomas Dutton, Peter Dutton de Hatton, William Cornysh, William Lakun, Mathew Berkley, Alexander Frevile, Giles Sugdon, Urian Seintiuste, William Brereton, Humphrey Swynarton, William Basset, esq., Andrew Brereton, John Brereton, Humphrey Brereton, Urian Davenporte, parson of a moiety of the church of Malpas, Thomas Lewys, chaplain, Florys Seyntpier, Thomas Brereton, Edward Gogh, Thomas Dommock, John Berdmore, Thomas Lokwode, William Offley, John Henne, John Lynde, Bartholemew Bonne, Richard Overton, John Cowhope, Randle Caderot and Dykyn Cowhop, of his title to messuages, lands etc: which the said John Jankynson, chaplain, formerly had by gift and feoffment of Kenric Pecok in the township of Malpas or Depenbache.

Alice Bosvile of, Chevet,Yorkshire daughter of William Bosvile and Elizabeth Amias was born approx.1490






Dated 16 Hen VII 1500-01a transfer by William Bosvile, esq, Thomas Trigott, Henry Rokley, Thomas Popeley, and Thomas Sayvile to Thomas Sotehill' esq, son and heir of John Sotehill' esq, late of Soothill, of the manors of Soothill, Rawtonstall' and Laxton Scholecroft, Yk Rawtonstall, Yk Laxton, Yk,  which they late had from John Sotehill, esq, with the exception of four messuages
 Alice Bosvile of, Chevet,Yorkshire married Robert Nevillepre 1520

On the 5th of May 1582  Court baron of Manor of Penistone George Earl of Shrewsbury as guardian of Francis Bosvile. Ralph Bilcliffe surrendered a cottage and croft in Penistone. premises to the use, after his death, of his son and heir John Bilcliffe, by the usual customs and a rent of 8s. Fine 8s

On the 15th May  1582
  Court baron of Penystone George Earl of Shrewsbury, custodian of Francis Bosvile son and heir of Godfrey Bosvile. Thomas Swifte surrendered a messuage next to the chapel of St. John with all lands John Drabyll lately held in Penystone and 18 acres of land called Rodefeld; to the use respecting Rodefeld of William and Agnes Swifte, children of Thomas Swifte for 10 years and then to his son Richard in perpetuity and respecting the other premises to the use of Richard Swift To be held at a rent of 23s. 4d. Richard was admitted and they made fine - William and Agnes 12s. 8d. Richard 23s. 4d.

On the 7th May 1586 a lease by Francis Bosvile of Gonthwaite esq. and Dorothy his wife to William Peike of Hornethwaite. Messuage called Hornethwaite Hall in Thurleston, now in the occupation of William and a portion of a corn mill called Thurlestone Myllne for 21 years for 56s. 8 capons and 12 hens a year.

 In 1588 there was a sale from Francis Bosvile of Ginthwaite. Gent and Dorothy his wife to William Jesoppe, yeoman of messuage in Barnsley lately in the tenancy of Richard Thwaites and formerly the possession of Thomas Batley for a consideration of £40. Witnesses: Edward Armytage, Raff Bosville and others.

A surrender on the 6th of  July 1590 concerning Court baron of  Manor of Penistone Francis Bosvile. Richard Swift surrendered one messuage called Rodefeld howse in Penistone and lands etc. lately granted to Elizabeth Bottomley by right of dowry of the lands of Thomas Swifte her late husband, deceased one parcel of meadow called the Pingle excepted, to the use of Arthur Rabanke and Grace his wife for ten years following the decease of Elizabeth in accordance with uses stated in a deed of 1588. Fine for admittance. 7s. 2d.

There was a bond dated 31st July 1594 concerning George Dynham, of Muston, co.Kent, gent. bound to Godfrey Copley, of Sprotborough, gent., Thomas Bosvile, of Warmsworth, gent., and Richard Beamonutt  of Sprotborough, yeoman, in £500 to make an assurance in law to the obligees and Jarvis Wirrall in the lands formerly of the chantry of St. Katherine which Dynham released to them by a deed of even date.


From the History of Cawthorne concerning Cannon Hall 
Hunter begins his notes of Cannon Hall by observing that "the "interest at Cawthorne of the Lords of the Manor has been much "overshadowed by the growth of this large estate, which appears "to have been enfranchised by some early lord, and in which in "4 Richard II. 1381) the owners then Thomas de Bosvile, had a "grant from the king of a free warren." http://members.tripod.com/~midgley/chap04.html
The next mention of this estate is in an " Inquisitio post mortem" of John Boswell in 21 Henry VI., who was found to die seized of Cannon Hall in Cawthorne. This "Inquisitio," which has been more than once incidentally mentioned before, was the inquiry made by the king's justices through a jury of the county on the death of any man of fortune, to ascertain the value of his estate, the tenure upon which it was holden, and who and of what age the heir was, in order that the king might know what profits might arise to. the Crown.
The Bosvile estates still include several hundred acres in the north-western part of Cawthorne parish. The next mention of this estate is in an " Inquisitio post mortem" of John Boswell in 21 Henry VI., who was found to die seized of Cannon Hall in Cawthorne. This "Inquisitio," which has been more than once incidentally mentioned before, was the inquiry made by the king's justices through a jury of the county on the death of any man of fortune, to ascertain the value of his estate, the tenure upon which it was holden, and who and of what age the heir was, in order that the king might know what profits might arise to. the Crown.
The Bosvile estates still include several hundred acres in the north-western part of Cawthorne parish. In a "Survey of all the plaine lands in Cawthorne as they are now, "enjoyed by the lords or their tenants," made in 1649, Robert Hartey's name appears with 233 acres, but it is not stated whether as tenant or owner; while "Mr Huite land" is given with his own name as only 13 acres "in John Shirte's occupation," the name of Michael Hartley appealing as owner of 44 acres, with Mr. Bosvile as owner of Rawroyd and other estates, John Lindley, of Jowet-house, Thomas Pashle', of Broadgates.


There is a  undated terrier of Warmsworth glebe lands which refers to property of Thomas Bosvile, early in this the 17th century.

Also in this century a  R. Glover Somersett  a Herald, Marshall to Norroy Kinge of Armes, to Mr Christopher Monckton Esquire, that he is entitled to the arms of his paternal family, quartered with those of Moston, Cavell, Bosvile and Newhall [  Goodwood MS.  'By courtesy of His Grace the Duke of Richmond and Gordon, and with acknowledgments to the West Sussex County Record Office and the County Archivist']
Around 1618 Elizabeth Bosvile daughter of Geoffrey Bosvile was born at Bures, Essex, England
In 1623 on the 24th of November a Conveyance Bargain and Sale in which the consideration money to be employed in the payment of the debts of Sir Henry Goring to Dame Elizabeth Craven widow and ex'trix of Sir William Craven, Dame Elizabeth Bosvile, widow ex'trix of the will of Robert Peshall as in no. GOODWOOD/E256, the said Anthony Clowes, Peter Bradshaw, citizen and draper, John Bannister, citizen and grocer, William Honny-wood and Robert Austen, citizens and mercers, of London. [GOODWOOD/E259, 260 'By courtesy of His Grace the Duke of Richmond and Gordon, and with acknowledgments to the West Sussex County Record Office and the County Archivist']

On the15th  Septeptember 1615 a bargain and sale with feoffment in which Giffard retains from his purchase from Wirrall the following: the Hawbushe Close 8a. a close of 2a. arable near Garhouse Gate in a field called the Brexe, and 3 rods. arable in a furlong near a close of Gervase Bosvile.

David Judd who is researching amongst others the Bosville family writes
From a Book I have on the SMITH family which includes numerous Pedigrees, I have on page 23 extracted details of a William Smith who had a son Edward who married Eliza. dau of Sir Robert Bosville de Agnes Jud, Edward and Eliza went on to have 4 children, Edward, Thomas, Humphrey and Maria. It would appear this information is extracted from the Heralds Visitation of Kent in 1619.

David would be grateful if anyone with anything further on Sir Robert Bosville and Agnes Jud, would get in touch.

Please contact David Judd at david.judd3@btinternet.com

On the 28th of  November 1623 there was a bargain and sale with feoffment concerning
  A close of meadow 3acre. near Wheatley Crosse and called Wheatley Crosse Close between the lands of Brian Cooke senior on the east, Hugh Childers west, River. Don north and the Doncaster Wheatley highway south, and bought by Childers from Henry Cowlinge, of Doncaster a yeoman, a close of meadow 4½acre near Wheatley Sike between the lands of Brian Cooke senior on the east and west River Don north, Doncaster - Wheatley way south, now held by William Squier, 2 closes of meadow lying between Fryer Holmes on the north, the lands of Thomas Bosvile south, the lane leading to Frier Holmes east, and the lands of Thomas Bosvile west, lately held by William Childers deceased., bought by Hugh Childers from Francis Justis and John Thomas and his wife Mary; a close of arable or pasture called Dovecoat Close 2 acre lying at the west end of West Laith Gates in Doncaster between the lands of Richard Levett, alderman, deceased on the south, the Doncaster - Hexthorpe lane north, and the lands late of Robert Parsonson deceased  west, and now held by Henry Coulson.

 In 1650 Thomas Bosvillesent a petition to parliament against sequestration

There are records of household and personal account books including the pay account of Colonel Godfrey Bosvile's regiment of foot for the committee of safety for Warwickshire 1642 to 1645 and the clothing accounts of Captain and Mrs Bosville 1645 to 1654; bonds 1546-1747.

Between 1650 and 1651 a Feoffment of  6 closes of arable meadow and pasture near the Clay Pitts between the lands late of George Bowers on the west Belbalke Lane east, the Doncaster  Hatfield highway south, all bought by Brian Cooke Senior from Thomas Bosvile, esq.

On the 8th of December 1651 an Assignment of a lease concerning 8acres of arable land enclosed in the Clay Pitts near the Oke buske location, a close of meadow or pasture 9acres of arable land, 3 closes of arable meadow and pasture 12 acres a close called Bellbalke Close 6acres, all of which Mawhood holds for 5s. annual rent for a term of 500 years from Thomas Bosvile of Edlington, co. Yorks., esq., by a lease of 14 July 1649.

There are Deeds of title dated 23rd July 1656 of Thos. Bosvile of Edlington, esq.

 On the 26th of June, 1661 there was an Assignment to new trustees. Thomas Hanson of Thurgoland, gentleman who was the only surviving feoffee of the manor courts, leets, etc. of Silkstone under a deed of 3rd of  June, 1606 by the fee farmers, to Sir Francis Wortley, William Bosvile of Gunthwaite, Henry Edmonds of Worsbrough and others, All the estate vested in himself in the said manor, courts, leets, etc.

 A surrender on the 6th of April 1676 concerning Court baron of Godfrey Bosvile. It was presented that William Peck, alias Rich, surrendered on the 30th Novovember.1670, all that moiety of all messuages, lands, tenements, marks and groves in Thurlestone and Penistone and also a moiety of all other messuages, and lands whatsoever, which William Jenkins on and Joan his Wife once surrendered at a rent of 3s. p.a. to the use of William Peck alias Rich and Ellen his wife for their lives and other stated uses. If all the heirs fail, then as an annual rent charge to maintain a pious priest at Ecclesfield Church. They made fine 3s.

On the 11th of October 1681  Godfrey Bosvile of Gunthwaite ph. of Penyston co. York Esq. was issued a lease concerning Goodmanham
On the following day 12th of October 1681 Godfrey Bosvile made certain Articles of Agreement Tripartite of 28 Sept. 1681 made between himself and John Beaumont , and Sir John Hotham of Scorbrough Bart.

On the 11th of November, 1682 a Post nuptial settlement of 2 parts. and lease for a year, concerning Joshua Dunn of Halifax, mercer, to Godfrey Bosvile of Gunthwaite and Robert Ramsden of Stony Royd, Halifax, merchant, in consideration of his marriage to Mary, daughter of Thomas Clarke, of Hotherfield, Yorks. to whom he has entered into a bond of £500. Moiety of the rectory of Silkstone, of the great and small tithes, oblations, etc.

On the 2nd of October 1682  Godfrey Bosvile of Gunthwaite ph. Pennystone co. York Esq. and Bridgett his wife took out a lease. Two days later on the 4th October 1682 a further lease by
Godfrey Bosvile of Gunthwaite ph. Penystone Esq. and Bridgett his wife

 There was an exemplification of a fine on the 28th November  1682 concerning John Beamont Esq., Godfrey Bosvile Esq. and Brigitte his wife as deforciants


1701 the Will of Sir Henry Bosvile of Little Mote is noted
"In the name of God Amen I Sir Henry Bosvile of Little Mote, Eynsford in the parish of Eynsford in the County of Kent"

From the West Riding Quarter Sessions, dated: July 1703 includes a letter to Godfery Bosvile from John Rhodes of Flockton re bastardy case,
A further corespondence was noted  to Godfrey Bosvile dated Apr 1713 from a W Wombwell describing vividly the usage of Oldam bridge,

On the 17th of April 1717 Ann widow of Charles Bosvile of Carlton gent. to John Champney  and Edward Marshall of Metham yeoman to register estates in the East Riding Witnesses. Stephen Rogers, Richard Scholey, William Vollence. Seal, a heart and anchor.

E. Bosvile, wrote to her nephew William Spencer of the Spencer family of Attercliffe and Bramley Grange, Braithwell, West Riding of Yorkshire thanking him for collecting rents for her

There was a Lease for a year on the 29th of  April 1731 from Charles Adderley of Hams hall, co. War., esq., to Anne Bosvile of Biana in the parish of Eccleshall, co. Staff., a spinster. The Manor of Thorp, co. Derby, with messuages, lands and appurtenances in the parish of Thorp. Also a Release on the 30th of April 1731 between Charles Adderley of Hams Hall co. War., and Anne Bosvile of Eccleshall co. Stafford. The manor of Thorp with land and appurtenances in co. Derby.

30th of December 1733 a Lease for six months from Anne Bosvile spinster of Sackville Street, St. James, Westminster, to Blest Colclough of Ellenhall, co. Staff., gent. The Manor of Thorp, co. Derby, with messuages, lands and appurtenances in Thorp.

Dated the following day 31st of  December 1733 a Mortgage concerning Anne Bosvile of Sackville Street, St. James, Westminster, spinster, Charles Adderley of Hams Hall, co. War., esq., and Blest Colclough of Ellenhall, co. Staff. The Manor of Thorp, co. Derby, with appurtenances.

In 1741an account of what money and effects Stephen Perry hath had of William Perry towards paying a debt to Miss Bosvile.

In the Bradfield Civil Parish on the 7th July 1756 a surrender, Manor of Sheffield. Court Baron of Edward Duke of Norfolk. Edward Kenyon, Richard Bromehead, Nicholas Stead, John Morewood, Anthony Worrall and Thomas Marriott, surrender the Feoffees' land to the uses if the Trust and are admitted tenants, 6th of  September 1744 Deed of trust, the trustees following a commission dated 25th of November 1748, convey all the Feoffees' property  to Godfrey Bosvile of Gunthwaite, esquire, John Wilson of Broomhead, gentleman, the Rev. Francis Haigh of Bolsterstone, clerk Richard Morton of  K or R anyers, yeoman and John Morton of Bolsterstone, new trustees. 2nd and 3rd of November 1750 Counterpart lease by the Feoffees to George Shaw of Sheffield, maltster. One half of the Broomfield on half the Short Acres, the Lady Dole, the Daw Butts, and the Daw Croft, for 21 years at £6,

In 1762 from a copy of the will of Chas. Bosvile of Biana Eccleshall devising all real estate to sister Eliz. Bosvile for life with reversion of Staffs. estate Geoffrey Bosvile.

There was a very curious story told in connection with some proceedings taken in Chancery, about I722, in a vain attempt to recover an endowment which had eluded Braithwell School. John Bosvile, tanner, of Wardsend, brother of the Vicar of Braith- well, had built the school house in 1693, and was known to have made a will endowing it with certain lands; but on his death in I697 nothing could be heard of any such will or endowment. A suit was instituted, and evidence was taken in which it was freely imputed that Thomas Bosvile and Thomas Rawson had, somehow, contrived, to their own emolument, to deprive the school of the benefits John Bosvile either conferred, or intended to confer, on it. Some hesitation in accepting this version which was only one, and that the unsuccessful, side of the case is justified by the difficulty of reconciling what was said about Thomas Rawson with what we know of his family. According to the Braithwell deponents, Rawson was apprenticed by John Bosvile, as a tanner, " out of charity," It was made to appear that he so worked himself into the good graces of the old man as to get possession of the business on easy terms. But Rawson's father had himself been a tanner at Wardsend, probably through his marriage with the widow of one of the Bosviles, a daughter of an Upperthorpe Rawson; so that there is no need to seek a sinister explanation of the fact that the son Thomas, who was only an infant when his father died, should be brought up to, and ultimately inherit, a business with which he was both paternally and maternally connected. However this may be, the exception afforded by the Rawsons to what has been said as to the disappearance of old families in the eighteenth century, in no way affects the contention that such fortunes as were acquired were made outside the staple trades of the town. Those families which had been most prominent were no longer here to send, as they had done in the olden time, the cadets of their houses to be apprenticed in Sheffield workshops.

Transcribed by Eric Youle

From the East Ridings quarter session files Quarter Sessions Files for Michaelmas 1781a case concerning Robert Wilberforce and Matthew Bosvile furrier both of Seaton Ross, Robert Wilberforce. in bastardy  and Sarah Boyes of Raistrop singlewoman

In 1780  Godfrey Bosville stated that  his body should be used for medical research after his death he was apparently frightened of being buried alive


 In 1809 there was a survey of the estates of William Bosville and the 1830 sale of Penistone; various deeds (1548-1814); accounts and vouchers (1579-1832),

From the Dean and Chapter of York Registers of documents passing the Common seal of the Dean & Chapter a Lease register dated 1801 to 15
An Indenture dated 16th of  March 1813 between the Revd Robert Markham, Archdeacon of York, the Revd Thomas Bosvile, clerk, of Ravenfield otherwise known as Ranfield , William Mills and John Robert Mills, gentlemen of the city of York, of lease for three lives of tenements and land in Ranfield in the county of York. Res. rent £31.

1881 census

Thomas B. BOSVILLE   Head   U   Male   22   Ravenfield Park, York, England   Landed Proprietor (Undergrad Oxford)    
 Margaret E. BOSVILLE   Sister   U   Female   20   Ravenfield Park, York, England       
 Helena B. BOSVILLE   Sister   U   Female   19   Ravenfield Park, York, England       
 Mary S. LEE   Cousin   U   Female   34   London, London, Middlesex, England       
 Percy NEAL   Servt   U   Female   36   Cholsey, Berkshire, England   Parlour Maid (Dom)    
 Jane F. GOODALL   Servt   U   Female   30   Basingstoke   Cook (Dom)    
 Emily BROWN   Servt   U   Female   26   Chilbolton, Hampshire, England   Housemaid (Dom)    
 Eliza ANGUS   Servt   U   Female   16   Andover   Housemaid (Dom)    
 John TWEGEEVE   Servt   U   Male   28   Basingstoke   Groom (D) (DOM)    
Dwelling   Medecroft
Census Place Winchester, Hampshire, England
Public Records Office Reference   RG11 Piece / Folio   1231 / 39 Page Number   28

Charles KNIGHT   Head   M   Male   36   Winterslow, Wiltshire, England   Gardener (D)    
 Elizabeth KNIGHT   Wife   M   Female   33   East Grinstead, Wiltshire, England       
 F. E. KNIGHT   Daur      Female   4   Maddington, Wiltshire, England       
 Edith KNIGHT   Daur      Female   2   St Faith, Hampshire, England       
 C. A. KNIGHT   Son      Male   1   St Faith, Hampshire, England       
 Infant KNIGHT   Son      Male   1 m   St Faith, Hampshire, England       
 William CABLE   Brother   U   Male   26   E.Grinstead   Gardener (D)    
 Mary A. CURTIS   Visitor   W   Female   66   Winchester   Nurse    
Dwelling   Medecroft Lodge
Census Place Winchester, Hampshire, England
Public Records Office Reference   RG11 Piece / Folio   1231 / 39 Page Number   28


Harriet C. BOSVILLE Head  W  Female   56   Hley Hall, Nottingham, England   No Profession    
Mary A. STEINBERG  Servant U Female 51 London, Middlesex, England  Housekeeper (Dom)    
Margaret KIRKHAM  Servant U Female 34 Burnley, Lancashire, England Ladys Maid (Dom)    
Margaret WARLEY   Servant   U   Female   68   Penkhall, Stafford, England   Nurse (Dom)    
Alice BRAND   Servant   U   Female   20   Elsworth, Cambridge, England   Housemaid (Dom)    
Naomi ALLONSON   Servant   U   Female   22   New Bolingbroke, Lancashire, England   Laundrymaid (Dom)    
Sarah E. SOODE   Servant   U   Female  22  Coleshill, Warwick, England  Kitchenmaid (Dom)    
Agnes BLAIR   Servant   U   Female   20   Edinburgh, Scotland   Scullery Maid (Dom)    
William HEADLAND   Servant   W   Male   55   Welton, Lincoln, England   Butler (Dom)    
Ralph Thomas PLAICE   Servant   U   Male   22  Hovingham, York, England   Footman (Dom)    
Charles EDMONDSON   Servant   U   Male   17   Seterington, York, England   Page (Dom)    
Isabella JACKSON   Servant   U   Female   43   Newcastle, Northumberland, England   Housemaid (Dom)     :
Dwelling   Thorpe Hall
Census Place Rudston, York, England
Public Records Office Reference   RG11 Piece / Folio   4800 / 58 Page Number   1


William PRIDE   Head   M   Male   36   Mansfield, Nottingham, England   Coachman (Dom)    
Jane PRIDE   Wife   M   Female   41   Newcastle, Northumberland, England       
Charlotte PRIDE   Daur   U   Female   9   Rudston, York, England   Scholar    
William PRIDE   Son   U   Male   5   Rudston, York, England   Scholar    
George PRIDE   Son   U   Male   3   Rudston, York, England   Scholar    
Margaret PRIDE   Daur   U   Female   2   Rudston, York, England       
George WARD   Boarder   U   Male   18   York, York, England   Groom (Dom)    
Dwelling   Thorpe Hall
Census Place Rudston, York, England
Public Records Office Reference   RG11 Piece / Folio   4800 / 58 Page Number   1


Thomas MARSHALL   Head   M   Male   29   Alrewas, Stafford, England   Gamekeeper    
Mary A. MARSHALL   Wife   M   Female   32   Flintham, Nottingham, England       
Thomas W. MARSHALL   Son   U   Male   2   Flintham, Nottingham, England       
Algy MARSHALL   Son   U   Male   1   Rudston, York, England       
Dwelling   Thorpe Hall
Census Place Rudston, York, England
Public Records Office Reference   RG11 Piece / Folio   4800 / 58 Page Number 1


Ann BARKER   Head   W   Female   57   Rudston, York, England       
Dwelling   Thorpe Hall
Census Place Rudston, York, England
Public Records Office Reference   RG11 Piece / Folio   4800 / 58 Page Number   1

Alexander W.M. BOSVILLE   Boarder   U   Male   15   Setrington, York, England   Scholar 
Dwelling   Eton College
Census Place Eton, Buckingham, England
Public Records Office Reference   RG11 Piece / Folio   1458 / 104 Page Number   10


Fred Bosvile was age 39 in 1901 born at Yorks Ravenfield, he was living at Southampton St Michael Entire and was a Magistrate
Harriet Bosvile  age 29 born in Pembroke Llyngwain living at Southampton St Michael Entire 
Godfrey Bosvile  age 37 born in Yorks Ravenfield living at Kent Ightham as a Author
Mabel Bosvile age 27 born in Leicester living at Kent Ightham 
John Bosvile age 6 born at Norfolk Cromer living at Kent Ightham  
Helen Bosvile age 39 born in Yorks Rotherham living at Southampton East Woodhay and Living On Own Means
Margaret Bosvile age 40 born in Yorks Rotherham living at Southampton East Woodhay alsoLiving On Own Means

Alexander Bosville  age 35born at Yorks Settrington living at Yorks Thorpe and Living On Own Means
Alice Bosville  age 39 born in Scotland living at Yorks Thorpe  
Celia Bosville  age12 born at Yorks Rudston living at Yorks Thorpe  
Harriet Bosville age 75 born in Notts Aspley living at York Silkstone and Living On Own Mean
Charles Bosville  age 30 born in Lincolnshire living at South York Bishop Burton and was a  Beastman
Godfrey Bosville age13 born at Rudstone Yorkshire living at Hampshire Farnborough as a Scholar


There was a lease to Kilnhurst Colliery from Thomas Bole Bosvile, of Leyburn Hall, co.Yorks., and his mortgagees, of the Barnsley seam under land at Ravenfield, for a term of 60 years at a rent of £80 p.a. and royalties


Photo copyright Elizabeth CassidyPhoto copyright Elizabeth CassidyThe Bosvile Graves

At St James Church Ravenfield



photo copyright Elizabeth CassidyPhoto copyright Elizabeth CassidyThe grave on the right is of the tragic Thomas Godfrey Bolle Bosvile who died age 9 months

Photo copyright Elizabeth CassidyThe grave here is of Thomas Bolle Bosvile

Information compiled by John Doxey from the following



British Census Records

Rotherham and Sheffield Archives


Eric Youle http://www.omnesamici.co.uk/schooldaysINDEXATION.html





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