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The following people are recorded living at Dalton in this century.

Ricardus and Alicia  Stere name meaning Steer,

Willelmus and  Johanna Anyden ,

Hugo and  Idonia  Lodfey 

,Willelmus and Matilda  Fforman name derives from old english for = pig  a pig man one in charge of pigs,

Ricardus and Alicia Fforman ,

Thomas and Magota Wadyloue  the name is of northern origin and though it appears as Wady in love it more than likely means rage of Wolf as Wady deriving from Wode,

Willelmus son of Thome and Alicia, 

Johannes and Johanna Henryson  name means son of Henry.

Robertus and Agnes Emcus ,

Johannes Emcus possible brother or father of Robertus, surname is difficult but if split into two parts Em gives us buyer and Cus gives us Liquid measure so the name could mean dealer in water

Johannes of Berley and his wife Alicia, name means one from Barley or dealer in barley.

Willelmus and  Agnes  Laweson , name means son of Law which is Lawrence .  

Mergareta Laweson posible sister or Mother of Agnes .

 Johannes and Elena Bayne, name has several explanations usually it is a nickname deriving from Bones.

Robertus and Johanna Tag name means young sheep,

Johannes and Agnes Chapman, west saxon name meaning merchant trader.

Johannes son of Ricardi and  Agnes,

Robertus son of Laurencii and Magota,

Willelmus son of Johannis and Cecilia

Radulphus By the yate name of Yate derived from this it means dweller by the gate or gatekeeper,

Willelmus Stery son of Ricardi Stery, possible variation of Steer . 

Robertus son. , Johannes son of

Gilberti . Mergareta of Bramlay ,means one from Bramley

 Agnes of Bramlay possible relations of Willelmus Bramley,  Mergeteta .

Robertus Taylour , name means Tailor. 

 Beatrix Machun , name is a variation of Mason.

 Isabella daughter , Gilbertus Machun  possible brother or father of Beatrix ,

 Johannes Gilleson ,name means son of Giles,

Willelmus of Berlay , one from Berlay

Christiana daughter of Thome  , Willelmus son ,

Rogerus servant  of Agnetis ,

Willelmus Albus ,name means white. 

Willelmus Amory , Matilda Amory ,from old german meaning work rule

Nicholaus servant of Matilde

Willelmus Swyndhird, means worker with swines

Willelmus Jacson ,son of Jack

Willelmus  Hayre possible name for one who lives by the enclosure, and wife Alicia Hayre a Souter means Shoemaker , Johannes Adamson and wife Cecilia.


The Nomina Villlarum of 1315-16 informs us that Earl de Warren, who built Conisbrough Castle, had  gained ownership of Dalton


Trouble at t'Mill


 John Wangelist in 1324 was convicted of the theft of corn valued at 8d from a garth [ A close; a yard; a croft; a garden; as, a cloister garth ] .in Aiccup by the vills of Greasbrough and Dalton. The court at Conisbrough ruled that he and his goods to be seized.

In the same year the good folks of  Dalton and Greasbrough present that Adam del Kerre has a stray beehive worth 6d. and it shall remain in his keeping.


This was the era of the Black Death just how this scourge effected Dalton if at all as yet to be uncovered.

Henry de Scrop, knight, in 1349 by court order It is ordered just as more fully to distrain [ which means To seize and hold (property) to compel payment or reparation, as of debts,  or to seize the property of (a person) in order to compel payment of debts; distress.]  for homage, fealty and other services in arrears for tenements in Dalton. This order was to be brought before the court seven further times during this year


Meanwhile Mrs De Dalton was caught in a somewhat sobering matter when the vill of Dalton in 1349 presents that the wife of Laurence de Dalton 6d brewed at a penny twice and sold against the assize. Therefore she is in mercy which means that to be in mercy, signifies to be liable to punishment at the discretion of the judge.

John, son of William, in 1349 comes here in court and does his fealty [ Meaning The fidelity owed by a vassal to his feudal lord. The oath of such fidelity.\Faithfulness; allegiance.]  and says that he holds of the lord here the manor of Kirksandall and 18 bovates of land in Great Sandall, Sceresthorpe and Hatfield by fealty and by services 10s 6d per year in respect of relief so much. Also he holds the manor of Dalton Parva by fealty and by services of one pair of gilded spurs or 6d 

The tenants of Dalton in 1349 fell foul of the Conisbrough court because they did not cart two beams to the mill pond of Conisbrough just as they were bound.


Moving on to 1380 at Dalton, John Empcus, a constable. was fined for brewing ale without a license: Agnes Laweson  was involved in the case. She may have been the daughter or wife of  Robert Laweson who was accused by Richard Wlfe of Melton who alleged that Robert Laweson of Dalton unjustly detained from his service Robert Laweson junior, hired to serve Richard from Martinmas [11th November] to the following Pentecost. Damages assessed: 10s. Robert pleaded not guilty and the court ruled in his favour that Richard prosecuted unjustly and was fined 3d.


Then there was a bit of a "Ta do" in 1380 when an Inquiry was called for to decide whether William de Hill of Dalton obtained from Adam Seriant and Emma his wife 2 cartwheels bound with iron worth 30s, which were Emma's before marriage and which William took and kept. 30s damages claimed.

Once again the people of Dalton and Greasbrough fell foul of the law when an order is made to distrain the townships of Dalton and Greasbrough for the reason that they have not maintained the mill pond.



It was all happening in Dalton back then wasn't it?






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