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Trinity Croft CofE Junior and Infant School

Headteacher: Mr M F Gillam 2005
Dalton Lane

Dalton Parva, Rotherham, S65 3QJ
Tel: 01709 850570

Fax: 01709 851725
Voluntary aided school AGES 4-11

Please Note this is not an official School site please use contact information above to contact the School.

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The Trinity Croft School had 109 pupils attending in 2005, and was listed amongst the particularly successful schools in the Yorkshire and the Humber region for that year.


 Re: Dalton Church of England School at Dalton Parva.

 Fond memories of the School at Dalton Parva. We took turns to put coal on the fire to keep the classroom warm! Teachers were Mrs Morris, Mrs Marshall and Mr Ralf (Head). Every morning we would spend our money at Mrs Bowen's shop, a lovely lady who had time for all of us kids. Those days will never be repeated but the influences at the time stay with me.

My maiden name was Newey and I have brothers Alan (Malley), Colin and Lawrence (Loz). We lived on Bosville Street, up Dalton Lane. I attended the school from 1963 to 1969. The first teacher was Mrs Morris. This class was made up of 5 to 7 year old infants. Around 1966 Mrs Morris left and Miss Thurgoland replaced her.

At seven we went 'up' to the middle class and Mrs Marshall. At ten we were 'up' in the top class with Mr Ralph.

I well remember when I first started the school the toilets were a bit like outside privvies, with a just dividing wall between the cubicles and the playground. It was roundabout 1965 that these were replaced by a modern toilet block. It was great to have a pee in the warmth and be assured that the toilet would flush!

Attached to the school was the 'garden'. This was a small overgrown piece of land with oak tree, pear tree, blackberry bushes and lots of hiding places. For security reasons I suppose the boys and girls had to take turns to 'go down the garden'. It was either down the garden or in the 'big yard' which was asphalted ground and netting fence surrounding it.


 As you already know the school was governed by the Church of England. Part of our curriculm had to include perhaps more than the usual amount of religious services. But it didn't do much harm. In fact I would say that decent morals were planted in our minds whilst at the school. The Vicar (1963 - circa 68) Rev. Peter Challen used to come to school to give us a service on a Tuesday morning. From '68 onwards it was Rev George Shrimpton. I cannot give a date on his leaving as I had already moved on to comprehensive by then.

We had an annual visit from a representative of the Sheffield Diocese who would ask informal questions on the bible. Presumably to ensure that we were having adequate teachings on the Christian faith owing to fundings provided by the diocese.

The school was eventually replaced by a brand new building closer to the Parish Church. The old vicarage and church hall were demolished to make way for this. The school is now called Trinity Croft. Mrs Marshall was still teaching there in 1974. I well remember this as I paid a visit when I left school at sixteen purely out of curiosity and for sentimental reasons of course. I could give more information on the school and also the activities which held in the old church hall e.g Brownies, Boys Brigade. I am sure my brother Colin can give information here also. . Dorothy Sadowski.



Many thanks to Dorothy Sadowski for sharing her memories here





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