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Please note that this is not an official Council website [ see link below ] This is a personal website and this page has been added here as a tribute to the council and its members by John Doxey. Should you wish to contact the council please use the link provided below

Parish Hall Dalton Copyright Mick Carver

The name Parish Council was introduced by an act of Parliament and came under the local Government act of 1894. For hundreds of years the local administration had been the responsibility of the Lords of the Manor who had to maintain through taxes or levy his tenants. This was done by an assembly known as a court. Gradually as these courts became weaker the Church took over the responsibility. Each individual parochial area then became known as a parish. Because meetings in the small parish's were held in the Church Vestry the meetings of these groups were known as Vestries. As the local populations grew this increased the size of the meetings and smaller groups then divided into groups known as Select Vestries. Within these groups arose a great deal of corruption, and the government during the 19th century removed the Church Rate and took over the poor law. At first local government was in disarray until power was given to local administration which then became known as Parish Councils.

Gradually as the 20th century progressed parish council members were not solely from the ranks of the wealthy, they were joined by workers with an interest in the community. This of course gave everyone from all walks of life a chance to have a say in what happened within the parish.

The people elected at Dalton on the 4th December 1894 were

Robert Marsh In 1881 the Lord Mayor of Rotherham was Robert Marsh born in Goatcliffe Derbyshire listed as Solicitor Alderman Mayor of Rotherham,

John Walker

Thomas Turner

Thomas Stubbs

William Eyre


At this time Dalton was a farming community Robert Marsh and his family were  listed in 1901 as

Robert Marsh age 76 born in Derbyshire living in Dalton occupation a Solicitor
Elizabeth Marsh age 68 born in Scotland 
Mabel Marsh age29 born in Rotherham
Katherine Marsh age 37 also born in Rotherham

The rest of the newly elected Parish Council were Farmers who owned considerable acreage

John Walker age 33 born in Dalton occupation a Farmer
Thomas Turner age 63 born in Rotherham occupation a Farmer
William Eyre age 61  born in Wentworth Yorkshire occupation a Dalton Farmer

Mid 20th century

Sarah and James (Jim) Wilson  were Parish Councillors and had a shop at Topfield Lane Dalton, In Dalton there is a Wilson Drive, named after them

In recent years


Councillor   Patrick " Paddy " Burke who has lived in the area for as long as I can remember joined the council in 1994 and serves as an Adviser to the Cabinet Member for Economic and Development Services also a member of the Planning Board and of the Adult Services and Health Scrutiny Panel, and Chair of the Wentworth South Area Assembly

Councillor Paul Lakin Paul Lakin ex Thrybergh Comp Pupil joined the council approx1992 has been chairman three times and became a Councillor for the newly formed Valley Ward in 2004.

Councillor  Dave Pickering Joined the Council 1n 1996 and has been  a Rotherham Borough Councillor for three years serving on  a considerable number of committees

As can be seen Dalton has a strong representation in local politics including other members of the Parish Council not mentioned here on this page.

Dalton Brook has been in great turmoil in recent years with many changes taking place, so one can imagine that the three men above have been more than a little busy.


John Doxey


   Official Dalton Parish Council Website  http://www.daltonpc.net/

A new site produced by Sue of My Tangled web. You will recognize some of the photos on the Parish Council site as Sue asked Jonathan Dabs if some of his excellent photos from this site and the Silverwood site may be used. Sue also informed me of her intention to which I had no objection, Jonathan being the gentleman he is, agreed. Hopefully that clarifies why photos from this site appear on the Council site.

Many thanks to Mick Carver for the photo of the Parish Hall



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