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George Thomas and Elizabeth Ellen Mason. Photo courtesy Sarah HoldenGeorge and Margaret Mason [ pictured left ]

were a typical couple like many others who came into Dalton in the early part of the 20th century.

Both hailed from Staffordshire.

Thanks to Sarah their great Granddaughter, and Alice their daughter we have George and Margaret's story together with some marvellous photos.

Alice has some wonderful memories of Dalton and the people she knew from a time gone by.





Benjaman MASON Head M Male 25 West Bromwich, Stafford, England Striker In Iron Works
Charlotte MASON Wife M Female 24 Wednesbury, Stafford, England
George K. MASON Son Male 4 Wednesbury, Stafford, England Scholar
Benjamin MASON Son Male 3 Wednesbury, Stafford, England Scholar
William MASON Son Male 1Wednesbury, Stafford, England
Dwelling 37 Foster St
Census Place Wednesbury, Stafford, England
Public Records Office Reference RG11 Piece / Folio 2856 / 56 Page Number 23

Evan PRICE Head M Male 49 Wales Coal Miner
Sarah PRICE Wife M Female 49 Hanley, Stafford, England
William PRICE Son U Male 19 Hanley, Stafford, England Coal Miner
Evan PRICE Son Male 12 Hanley, Stafford, England Scholar
Daniel PRICE Son Male 9 Hanley, Stafford, England Scholar
Richard PRICE Son Male 3 Hanley, Stafford, England Scholar
Margaret PRICE Daur Female 2 Hanley, Stafford, England
Dwelling 57 Market St
Census Place Stoke Upon Trent, Stafford, England
Public Records Office Reference RG11 Piece / Folio 2717 / 89 Page Number 7

1901 census
Benjamin MASON 24 1877 Staffs Wednesbury Wednesbury Stafford Life Insurance Agent
Charlotte MASON 46 1855 Staffs Wednesbury Wednesbury Stafford
William MASON 21 1880 Staffs Wednesbury Wednesbury StaffordIron Works Labourer
George MASON 25 1876 Staffs Wednesbury Wednesbury Stafford Fitter Machine Gen
Benjamin MASON 48 48 1853 Staffs West Bromwich Wednesbury Stafford Blacksmith's Striker
Alfred MASON 20 20 1881 Staffs Wednesbury Wednesbury StaffordTube Works Lab
James MASON 18 1883 Staffs Wednesbury Wednesbury Stafford Gas Tube Roller


By Sarah ' nee' Brown

My Grandfather George Thomas Mason worked at Silverwood Pit from 1906-1933 he left due to problems with his eyes (work related) apparently he had a sister called Sarah.
My Great Grandmother Margaret Ellen Price had a brother named James Price who also lived around Dalton and a sister called Harriet Price.
My Great Grandmother Grandfather had 7 Girls all born at 6 Norwood Street, Dalton Brook.
Nellie Mason Born 1907 - Died 1916
Francis Mason Born 1909 Had a daughter Doreen Mason she was born in 1926 she was bought up by my Great Grandmother Francis later married Samuel Sunderland in 1958?. Doreen died in 1966, Francis died in 1978 They had no children.
Lilly Mason Spinster born 1911 died 1976
Betty Elizabeth Mason born 1913 Married Harvey Clarke he worked for 49 years in the Aldwarke Melting Shop she passed away in 1992? They had no children.
Alice Mason born 1915 - Married George Heaton, Alice and George emigrated to New Zealand in 1976 following sister Margaret, Alice is still living today in Wellington New Zealand.
Margaret Ellen Mason My Grandmother, Born 1917 Married William Alan Brown who worked at Parkgate Forge after serving in the second world war. They had one daughter named Margaret Brown, my mother. Margaret and William emigrated to New Zealand in 1974 following their daughter.
Harriet Mason born 1921Married Bryan Barker died 2004. They had two children Ann Barker and Bryan Barker who all still live in Rotherham today.


My Aunty remembers not too sure on spelling of some names)
Mrs Bamford who lived at 5 Norwood Street - she had quite a few children.
The Fretwells lived at 7 Norwood Street
Mrs Boardsmen lived at 4 Norwood Street she had a daughter Alice who later became Alice Watson.
All the girls attended Dalton School? and later Whinney Hill school Lilly Mason received a scholarship and stayed at school until she was 16. I have attached a old school photo
All of the girls left school and home at 14 years to go and work in the Cotton Mills Carpet weavers in Sowerby Bridge, my great Aunty said they couldn't stay around they had to go to work. They did visit home at Christmas times.
My grandmother Margaret Mason went back home in the 1940's and worked on the buses during the war.
My Aunty remembers during the Coal Strike she used to go and collect COKE for the house the men were striking and if they went back to work they were called ' Black legs' so she missed school during the strike.
She remembers the Grapes Hotel, Dalton Progressive Club, and the Bughut Theatre she couldn't believe all this information was on a Web-site!

Whinney Hill School

Lilly Mason at School

Many thanks to Alice and Sarah for sharing their family with us here on this site. Anyone having information on the Mason family please contact Sarah on DARRELL08@xtra.co.nz


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