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Welcome to the Dalton Guest Book. I hope you enjoyed your visit to this site. John Doxey


Howard J.Dalton email: howardj@dalton.fsworld.co.uk Country: England
comment: My great x 3 grandfather was the John Hall mentioned as stone quarry owner Dalton Magna in 1823. I would be interested to hear more about the Hall and Yelland family connection with Dalton Magna and Wickersley.

Nicola Steeples mailto:nic@ncmsteeples.co.uk Country: England
comment: enjoyed reading about my great grandfather and the grapes pub at dalton

Raye Kelly email: sales@kellyantiquelighting.co.uk  Country: England
 yeah  great site my grandfather was a navvy helping to sink Silverwood pit, my father worked there from being 12 years old, ( Fred Kelly )  he played the big drum in the band and was union secretary for a while: I was born in Dalton and lived there for 16 years: it was a great place to live : tramping up whinny hill to school   etc  I've lots of old photos somewhere I must dig em out cheers

Mrs.Ernie Tradewell Ernie.Tradewell@telus.net  Hello My husband's family Ernest Tradewell came from Thrybergh. Some of them were born in Dalton Magna. Interesting and informative site. Tradewell is such an unusual name. Most of them were carpenters. My husband's dad will be 90 this August his family came to Canada about 1906. Thomas Tradewell and Elizabeth (Castle)Tradewell were born in this area.

Anne 'nee Meggitt' Gkidneyman@aol.com Best site on Dalton, where I was born, My memories are imprinted in my brain now my Children can print  their heritage from the net, thank you for taking the trouble to collate all the material. My Father worked at  Aldwarke and Silverwood between 1928 until his death in 1971 His name was Harry Meggitt. his last job was on the pit top in the control room and our next door neighbour (Saville St) Stan Machin worked with him. I fondly remember my Father and his "pals",from Dalton congregating at the bottom of Osberton St, they used to  call it ' meeting at the houses of Parliament" here they put the world to rights and had the added advantage of seeing every motor vehicle that passed through Dalton ,forerunners of Last of the Summer Wine I think!"Tha,s  dun a reet gud job Lad"

Phyllis Pearson  I was looking for the name Burden....last night, in the 1901 census, think I made a link with my family. My GG'aunt Norah Elizabeth Robinson, b 1876, Swinton Yorks, could be the Norah Burden b 1876, Swinton, Yorks...I could not find her husband though. So, today I am searching in google for the Burden family.Do you have someone married to my Norah? she was actually called Bessie by the family. Love to hear from you, and, your site is brilliant, and yes, I voted for you.

Michael Kerr  mk001c9122@blueyonder.co.uk  I would be most grateful for any pointers my enquires are about my great grandfather Thomas Molyneux who I believe was registered as living at 13 Norwood St Dalton approx 1920s or any other Molyneuxs that any one would know of   thanks very much

Stephen† Jenkinson  stephen@ilovehuddersfield.co.uk  Greetings from sunny Blackpool in Lancashire! I was directed onto your very good website concerning SiIverwood and noticed you wanted Miners names. Here are two for you Rhyse Thomas1924 - 1964 and Michael Shaw1966 - 1969 Michael married Mr Thomas's daughter and they both live here in Blackpool. But like myself still proud of being Yorkshire people being born in God's own Country. Your site is very good, interesting and your connecting pages as well. The Thomas's were Dalton People and I think the Shaw's were as well.

Danny Cassidy Well done John, keep up the good work. I enjoyed reading about the Grapes.

Peter Oxley peter.oxley@ryedale.gov.uk John. What an amazing site! I kind of stumbled upon it. It is a very important archive for an ex Dalton man, born in Norwood Street, who's mother still lives in Dalton Lane. She's lived there for over fifty years. I'd be interested to see any photographs taken in the fifties and sixties, if there are any available. What an archive that would be! Well done and congratulations.
Best wishes, Peter

Muriel Jackson pelswo@hotmail.com
Hello John my daughter sent me your address it brings back some memorys. I would love to talk to MARY KEATING, MAUREEN SQUIRES , my family have all passed on there is only me left PETER & ME are still together if there is anybody who knows me please e/mail me I don't think this is bad for a Thrybergh schoolite love to all XXXX

Alison Salter  alison_salter@musician.org 

Hi, im looking to find a Clarence Ainsworth born in Dalton probably around 1910. He married my grandma - Ivy Fulford in around 1930. Apparently they married but then parted soon after - there were no children as far as  I know. About 15 years later (!) - in 1946 Ivy then obtained a divorce from him so she could marry someone else - a Patrick Williams.
Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks Alison

Ian & Dorothy Sadowski  barbcoll@tiscali.co.uk

Fond memories of the School at Dalton Parva. We took turns to put coal on the fire to keep the classroom warm! Teachers were Mrs Morris, Mrs Marshall and Mr Ralf (Head). Every morning we would spend our money at Mrs Bowen's shop, a lovely lady who had time for all of us kids. Those days will never be repeated but the influences at the time stay with me.

Robert Mills bobmills28@btinternet.com

I was born in 54 Norwood St in 1940, my father (Billy Mills) worked at Silverwood until a fall crushed his legs. My Grandfather Tom Barlow (56 Norwood St) and his sons Enoch (Nip) and Horace also worked down the pit. I went to Dalton Junior Headmaster Mr Hillsley, Thrybergh Secondary Modern Headmaster Mr Armatidge. I moved to Dorset in 1963 but still refer to the 'Brook' as my home.
Robert Mills

Eileen Doane kag24@tiscali.co.uk

Dear John,

I have been looking at your site on Thrybergh and have found it most interesting, my name is Eileen Doane (nee Johnson), I'm 60 years old and went to Thrybergh school in 1955 - 1960. If there is anyone out there who can remember me then I would like to hear from you. I lived in Dalton with twelve brothers and sisters at 51 Norwood St. You can contact me via my daughters e-mail address as I'm not on the interenet and she will pass them on to me. I would love to see any old group photos, if you have any. I look forward to hearing from any of you,

Eileen Doane

 Nicki Cooper   7meadowview@tiscali.co.uk

My name is Nicki and although I was born and bred in Suffolk, have a close connection with Dalton, Thrybergh etc. My maternal grandfather was WILLIAM McGOWAN who was a Silverwood miner. He was married to Connie and they had seven children...Peter, Sylvia, Michael, Kevin, Jennifer, Maureen and my mum Margaret.
Margaret McGowan married FRANK HARVEY, a train driver at Silverwood pit on May 6 1961 and Dalton parish church. It rained apparently! Does anyone remember any of my family? I don;t know much about my dad's family. The two sisters in he family were (are) SYLVIA and EDITH. There were brothers HAROLD and JACK, but I don't know much else. Sadly my parents have died but I would love to hear from anyone who knew them Mum went to Spurley Hey School. 

 Dawn Watford  [awatford@blueyonder.co.uk]

I am currently researching my family tree. I have found your website extremely interesting as some of my ancestors lived at Dalton in the early part of the twentieth century. My relatives are Thomas Gill, Richard and Margaret Briddon, and Frederick who was married to Evelyn Bridden nee Critchley. I would love to hear from anyone with information regarding my anscestors

Frank Sayles fjsayles@myplace.net.au

My G. G. Grandfather appears in the 1881 census for Dalton. I only remember his son, my Granddad who then lived on Effingham St in Rotherham. I have been researching my family for more than 20 years but this is the first time I have found this site. Frank

James West   mawlkw [remove brackets and this text  @ ] tiscali.co.uk

I am James West, and 8 years old. I have lived in Dalton all my life. I have used this site for my homework and it is very good.

Thank you. James.

Bob Parker. robert2811@btinternet.com
great to see dalton on the map, time of my life growing up and going to school with all my great old mates.
bob parker/little lou

Brian Eyre annie@eyre.fslife.co.uk
Hi John, Every time I visit your site there always seems to be something new. Itís also nice to see new faces appearing every now and again from the ď BrookĒ. Itís a pity every one I to talk to of the older end, donít seem to have a computer. But I keep spreading the word about your excellent site . Keep up the good work.
Brian Eyre

Rachel Plant   dane@plant151.wanadoo.co.uk    I cannot believe there is so much information and history on such a small village. I have lived in Dalton for nearly 8 years - initially in the 'new builds' which replaced the traditional 'Dalton Brook'. We now live in what we believe used to be the old 'police house' - 151 Dalton Lane. Any information relating to previous occupants etc. would be welcomed.
Keep up the good work - a fantastic site! Rachel Plant






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