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A presentation from Peter Lawery, all photos contributed by Peter except for the last one, which is from the camera of Jonathan Dabs.  Well the building itself may have disappeared but many a legend will live on regarding the Grapes Hotel



 Notes from Peter Lawery

On a recent visit to The Bagin I was surprised to see The Grapes Hotel sign on the wall . On asking where it came from I was told that when it was demolished it was given to the new owner, who in his wisdom has turned it into a car sales. Anyway it has prompted me to find my photos & information. The first photo was taken a few days before demolition. The next two are the removal of the roof & the last four are of the demolition from different places. The roof was taken off on Monday 10th May 1999 & the demolition was completed by Thursday 13th May 1999.

Peter also wrote earlier this year 2004 and sadly related the following.
Dear John,
On our way to Asda this morning, me, my wife Marie & my Mother in Law Grace Ramsden witnessed the demolition of Daltons last Sunday School. I do not think it has been used for a while because it has been sold & resold at least twice since we moved to Thrybergh almost five years ago. Its official name was Dalton Wesleyan Reform Church & was the only Sunday School in the village after around 1975 when the other one, Dalton Methodist Church was sold & converted into a house later named  "Church Haven". Since we moved I have lost track a little of what is happening in my adopted village of "The Brook". Had I still been there I would have been there with my trusty "Practika MTL3". On our way home the church was flattened. So another part of my beloved Brook has gone forever. Grace says she has been told that houses are to be built there.



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