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As you will see below there are a few houses yet to have occupants listed, if you can help with any information it would be gratefully accepted.




Herbert Valentine Brown and Claudia Weston Brown, Pre1916


John and Ellen Chesworth Parents of
Margaret Jane Chesworth and
William Jackson 1909

James Robinson age ?March 1926


Joe Walmsley age 14  August 1927


Phoebe Elizabeth Whatley (formerly Worth) after 1919


 William and Annie Slack pre 1916

Vincent Slack pre 1916

Mr and Mrs Winstanley owners of Bughut

Bowskills clothing shop

Bellamy's fish and chip shop.  

Jack Oakley's Newsagents Shop

Colin  Twigg ,and his Son car spraying

Grapes Hotel

Dr Jessica Core Clinic



Ruth Fretwell Tenant 1912

John Culkin age 29  lodger 1912


J. H. Whittaker and Co Outfitter and pawnbroker 1910

J. H. Lambert Tobacconist, hosiery, and smallware shop1910

F. H. Eling's Brook Bakery 1910

Frederick Arthur Westbrook Pharmacy 1910

Mr Wise's   Chemist


Charlie Higgins  manager 1931

 last miners house Fred Kelly family 1959

I will be linking the names on the street pages eventually, meanwhile a lot of the names can be found here Miners List which is a linked listing with further information on around 4,000 miners.



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