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Dalton History 1800

Aldwarke Lock




Salmon were still being caught in the River Don at Aldwarke weir, but it was not to be for long as the Industry in the area was built up


 In the  18O0's there are several people of note living at Dalton. John Haywood was the village Blacksmith, Joseph Yealand was the shoemaker and cordwainer. Several Farmers were to be found in and around Dalton John Didsbury,  Joseph Lambert,  Thomas Sibery , Francis Soar. The local Wheelwright was John Treadwell , and John Hall owned a Stone Quarry at Dalton Magna.


On the 18th and 19th of  March 1808 a Conveyance lease and release concerningThomas Bradbury Winter esquire of Shenley co. Hertford to John Whitehead gentleman of Whiston co. York . Three fourth parts of Inn Field, Near Brake and Limekiln Hill Close, in Dalton Parva, for 600.


There was a Release of dower dated 30th of November 1808 concerning Lydia Whitehead of Whiston, the widow of John Whitehead a gentleman, to John Whitehead of Dalton a gentleman.
All claim to dower rights in the estate at Dalton and Herringthorpe which was her husband's, nominal consideration ten shillings.


A Conveyance lease and release  dated 1st and 2nd of January 1811concerning Thomas Lee gentleman of Morthen in the parish of Rotherham, and William Morton gentleman of Cow Lane, Smithfield, London, representatives by a fully recited line of descent of Matthew Waterhouse late of Rotherham, mercer. The Pick Ing in Great Dalton, for 387

On the 1st of  Jun 1818 a Lease was issued concerning William Spencer Lieutenant-General of Bramley Grange, to John Wragg and James Wragg of Dalton Parva,  farmers. A messuage at Bramley with closes called The Croft, 2 Balk Lane Closes, etc. From year to year at an annual rent of 153. 15s.


There was a  Lease and release concerning Canklow VII  dated 13th and 14th July 1823
 concerning John Didsbury of Dalton, a farmer and trustee.


On the 29th and 30th of August 1823 A mortgage was issued from John Whitehead to Thomas May gentleman of Catcliffe in the parish of Rotherham,  A messuage at Dalton with the Willow Garth, Fernally Bottom, Fernally Close, Upper Yards, Lower Prick Hedge, Upper Prick Hedge, Cross Acre, New Close, Quarry Close, Hostage Close, Egree Field, Lane Head Close, The Wood, and the closes in 647 & 648, for 2,000 paid to Olive Cawthorne, 700 to John Foljambe and his fellow trustees, and 1,300 to May.


In 1826 there was a survey of a farm at Dalton which was the property of John Whitehead esquire, and let to Mr. Richard Woodhead 


In 1830 the Grapes Hotel was known as the Grapes Tavern A Lease for possession was granted this year dated 20th of April 1830 to John Wragg of Dalton Magna, farmer and David Backhouse of Tadcaster, a innkeeper.  A messuage at Dalton Brook used as a public house known as the "Grapes Tavern" with maltkiln stables, etc. and closes nearby known as Spawfield, Prick Headge Close, Burley Busk, Gibacre Close, Taft Field and Green Common 17 acres, 3 roods, and 6 poles, with a messuage adjoining the above messuage, the windmill nearby, 3 messuages at Dalton Parva and closes known as the Two Lane Side Closes 3 acres, 2 roods, and 9 poles, and Taft Field Allotment 1 acre and 8 poles


Thomas Ludlam of Dalton Magna, farmer brother and heir at law of Joseph Ludlam deceased.   a Mortgage by demise for 1000 years at Canklow V dated 10th of September 1832. 

 A Conveyance dated 24th and25th of April 1837 concerningGeorge Ludlam of Dalton Magna, farmer, Thomas Ludlam of Sheffield, bookkeeper and a Thomas Ball of Sheffield, who was a coachman.  devisees in trust for sale under the will of Thomas Ludlam deceased.


On the 25th of June 1838  A Release was issued concerning  John Tradewell of Dalton a carpenter, his wife Mary, Benjamin Ward of Wickersley a farmer, and his wife Sarah  who were das. and devisees of Joseph Thackry of Herringthorpe.


 1842 a Dalton Enclosure Award Allotments to John Whitehead


On the 13th July 1842 there was a Conveyance concerning Forge Lane Masbrough and Richard Woodhead of Dalton Parva, who was a corn factor.


Around 1851 George Batty a butcher moved to Dalton born in Rossington 1817 son of Lydia Batty of Rossington. George married Margaret French born in 1821 at Ecclesfield,  George died August 1897 and was buried in Dalton, Rotherham, and Margaret died June 1898 and was also buried in Dalton, Rotherham. Their son Frank was born in 1851at Dalton and he married around 1880, Elizabeth Gorrill born in 1856 at Barnaby Dun daughter of  William Gorrill, who was born 1830 near Rotherham and died June 1870 and was buried at Worksop. Williams wife Harriet was born in 1833 and died November 1864also buried at Worksop.

Frank was a coal miner Banksman in 1888, He and Elizabeth Batty emigrated to America in the 1890s. with their daughter Mabel, their descendants including grandson Frank Batty live there today [ 2004]


In 1863 an act was passed in respect of improving the water works at Dalton, the plans were drawn for the construction of a dam across Dalton Brook. Water from the proposed dam was to be  piped to Dalton Magna, Dalton Parve Dalton Brook, and also Rotherham. The dam would be fed from the stream that flowed down from Silverwood and The Blacking Mill on Hollings Lane Thrybergh and also Dalton Brook.

Dalton Lane was to be diverted towards the Blacking Mill. The dam wall would have been from the area of Fuljambe drive, across the valley and Dalton Brook and part way up the hill to Dalton Parva. The back of the dam would have been in a straight line looking down from Thrybergh Workingmans Club toward Wickersley and back across the valley toward Dalton Magna and the top side of Dalton Parva in the valley.

For unknown reasons the plan was scrapped.


In 1884 there was a Dalton Enclosure award allotment to S.B. Winter


There was a Transfer of mortgage dated 1st of  May 1854 Westgate VI: nos. 66, 68 and 70
involving George Stringer of Dalton Brook, who was a corn miller.


A Conveyance  dated 25th of January 1870 concerning Henry James Foster Stringer of Dalton, miller the son of George Stringer, Robert Newham of Attercliffe who was a  grocer and Elizabeth his wife the daughter of George Stringer the mortgagee.


A conveyance dated the 21st of April 1880 from F. W. T. V. Wentworth to the Corporation of Rotherham. Four fields by Dalton Brook, and on easement for a conduct, for 2,170 15s. 6d.

Around 1867 Charles William Foster from Wickersly became the Vicar of Dalton, he was still there in 1881, his wife Isabella was born in India.

Martin Kinsey was born on the 20th June 1857, the son of Noah and Mary [ nee Hammonds ] Kinsey at Wrockwardine, Shropshire. Martin followed his father into mining and the family moved from Shropshire to Yorkshire sometime before 1881. Martin married Sarah Eliza Bailey at the Baptist Chapel, High Street, Normanton, Yorkshire in 1884. He was a Sunday School Teacher for 55 years, starting in Normanton, Yorkshire, then Wombwell, before moving to the Thrybergh area around 1888. He was the Preacher at Dalton for 47 years and President of the Dalton Chapel for 21 years. He was also involved in the founding of the Chapel in about 1888.he died in 1934 at Thrybergh, near Rotherham, Yorkshire.

There are many strays from the area like the one below kindly sent in by Margaret Mantaj who found the information whilst researching.
Whilst recording memorial inscription of Whitwell parish Church Derbys I found
Sacred to the memory of Thomas BALLERSHIP who died March 6th 1823 aged 81 yrs Also of Mary his wife who died May 28th 1837 aged 87 yrs
Also of William son of the above who died Jan 6th 1897 aged 65 yrs
Also Mary daughter of the above late of DALTON BROOK who died April 16th 1881 aged 91 yrs Her end was peace
Many thanks Margaret

There are others like this one found on the 1901 census,

John Broom 45 Suffolk Tostick Yorks Maltby Cowman On Farm
Sarah Broom  40 Suffolk Cockfield Yorks Maltby
Emily Broom 12 Yorks Dalton Yorks Maltby b 1889
Alice Broom 2 Yorks Kilnhurst Yorks Maltby b 1899
Florence Broom  5 Yorks Swinton Yorks Maltby b1896
Nellie Broom 1 Yorks Whiston Yorks Maltby b 1900

As can be seen the family lived in Dalton in 1889 whereas the family can be found in 1881
John BROOM Head M Male 26 Tostock, Suffolk, England Ag Lab
Sarah M. BROOM Wife M Female 22 Cockfield, Suffolk, England
William J. BROOM Son Male 2 Cockfield, Suffolk, England
Kate A. BROOM Daur Female 1 Hundon, Suffolk, England Newly Born
Hall Road
Census Place Hundon, Suffolk, England
Public Records Office Reference RG11 Piece / Folio 1824 / 100 Page Number18


In 1881Henry J. Stringer who was born in Thrybergh was the Miller and ran the Mill shown in the picture above. The windmill was powered by a steam engine in the latter part of the 19th century. At some stage in its history the mill tower had been given extra height, leaving the bottom built in brick and the top was of stone.  Now we have all heard people complain that the tax office will be charging us for the air we breath next. Well it is not as silly as it sounds, because believe it or not Windmill owners had to pay a tithe to the Church, as the Church ruled that the air belonged to God so therefore Windmill owners using Gods air had to pay up. 


There was no Miller listed at Dalton Brook Mill by 1898. The Mill was demolished prior to 1902. The local Innkeeper at the Grapes Inn later known as The Grapes Hotel was Samual Simpson who was born in Worksop, his wife Catherine was born in Penrith, Cumberland. They had a servant who was Ann Pierpoint of Rotherham .


Dalton was the home of Joseph Homson Oxley the Rotherham Steel  Manufacturer and his wife Harriet who was born in Sheffield. Its a bit of a coincidence as I write this next one in, as the present Mayor of Rotherham's wife was born in Dalton [ 2003 ] In 1881 the Lord Mayor of Rotherham was Robert Marsh born in Goatcliffe Derbyshire listed as Solicitor Alderman Mayor of Rotherham, living at Dalton with his wife Elizabeth of Cupar Scotland.




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