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Dalton looked derelict during the latter part of the 20th century as can be seen on the photos taken by John Ward.

A local man, Danny Squires, wrote down his thoughts in a poem about Dalton, and how the changes affected the community at the time. Danny's thoughts were shared by many. Today in 2003 Dalton has been given a new look with the demolition of the old Pit Houses, and the construction of new homes, a change for the better visually. However Houses are easy to construct but will the community spirit of old be rebuilt as easily.


A Poem by Danny Squires  

     In days of old, in pre 1919,
some gentlemen looked at an area of green,
They were there for the benefit of the then local pit.
To build houses on green and to fill every bit.
They stood on the hill, staring down they did look,
and there in their minds eye, they pictured the Brook.
Lot's of house's they'd build them all row by row,
and there in their minds eye a community would flow,
Happy families would live, little children would grow,
and their destination really no-one would know,
Maybe some would be lawyers, but the most work at pit,
for they'd built a community, every last little bit,
for years the Brook functioned it gave many a home,
but some of it's Children did finally roam,
they became local Councillors, and local Mayors, to a new life style arisen ,
out of the blue, they became so aloof ,with their wealthy outlook,
they forgot their beginning, in Old Dalton Brook,
now it's outlooks so shady, they don't want to know,
it's a place they just ignore and hope it will go,
if you speak of old Dalton , their thoughts turn away,
but they don't think back to their childhood day,
it's a problem they created, and don't want to grip,
for they've done poor old Dalton, it's the new council tip,

Dalton in the year 2000, Photo courtesy of John Ward Copyright

and now it's a problem they cannot clear,
they've wasted the money and found it to dear,
The spirit of Dalton is finally broken,
the Brook to a councillor is a word not now spoken,
the spirit of Dalton is finally gone,
but the councils creation their trying to pass on,
and to sell is their object, to get it clear of their books,
the're just not now bothered, with old Dalton Brook.

Copyright Danny Squires.






Dalton 2003 courtesy of Jonathan Dabs copyright
Many Thanks to Danny Squires for contributing his poem to this site. Also many thanks to John Ward and Jonathan Dabs for the photos



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