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Presented by local photographer Luis Arroyo

Luis recently [2007] walked around Dalton Parva and took the following photos of the ancient hamlet as a gift for this site and the people of Dalton, despite a somewhat overcast day the results were rather splendid!








Photos are copyright of Luis and are not to be downloaded.

The Luis Arroyo Collection pg 1


The Luis Arroyo Collection pg 2 This site


The history of the Arroyo family This site



Many thanks once again Luis we are all indebted to you

 Site Disclaimer

This site accepts no responsibility for any dealings or agreements between Rotherham Images. co. uk and site visitors. The link and recommendations above are absolutely freely given as an honest admiration of  the work of the photographer Luis Arroyo. The photos above were presented to the site by Luis as a gift for everyone to view.




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