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Presented by Brian Eyre and John Doxey


Photo courtesy Brian Eyre and enhanced by John Doxey

 Dalton Lane on the Arial view in 1923 Dalton Brook is in the bottom left hand corner, this is where Cleggs farm can be seen. At the top right hand on the far side of the road is the old school. Just above centre right can be seen the church
Dalton Parva is the older hamlet of the three hamlets comprising the area of Dalton, and has been recorded as  Altera 1164-81, Nethyr 1482, Little 1606 and Parva 1822 according to Smith in 1961. This is ascertained by the fact that there is no mention of Dalton Magna as a separate hamlet  until 1466 whereas Dalton Parva is recorded in 1164. Also given the fact that the villages and hamlets which survived from pre Norman times were built on high ground lends further evidence to the above. Plus Dalton Parva was closer to the Roman [ Doncaster Road ] road and also the River Don.  Roman coins have been found at Dalton Parva dated pre the year 236. Croft House at Dalton Parva has a medieval building, roofed structure, 1 bay of timber framed building remains, which is presently  used as a garage.


DALTON, a township, in the parishes of Rotherham and Thribergh, union of Rotherham, S. division of the wapentake of Strafforth and Tickhill, W. riding of York, 3 miles (E.) from Rotherham; containing 228 inhabitants. It comprises about 1400 acres of land, and includes the villages of Dalton Magna, Dalton Parva, and Dalton Brook, situated near the road between Rotherham and Thribergh, to which latter parish Dalton Parva belongs.

From: 'Dalton A Topographical Dictionary of England (1848)

There was a Mortgage by demise for 500 years at Canklow- ref.  213/C/19/2  - on the  3rd June 1774 William Taylor of Dalton Parva, yeoman.

In the following year there was a Lease and release - ref.  213/C/78/1 on the 27/28 April 1775   at Westgate XIII with conveyance by 2 to 3 of a messuage on the east side of Westgate, with croft adjoining, upon trust to the use of 2 for a term of 500 years and upon determination of the term, to such uses as 1 may direct, and for want of such direction, to the use of 1, with proviso that if one shall discharge certain sums of money charged upon the close conveyed to 2 (particularly 100 mortgaged to William Taylor of Dalton Parva) then the 500 year term will become void.

 There was a Conveyance - ref.  213/C/6/2  -on the 13th July 1842 at  Forge Lane Masbrough  to Richard Woodhead of Dalton Parva, corn factor.


  There is a plan of an estate situate at Dalton Parva in the parish of Rotherham and the West Riding of the County of York, belonging F. W. T. V. Wentworth esquire - ref. VWM/662   - dated 1850


In 1874 George A. Pauson was born at Dalton he was found in 1881 living at Blyth Nottinghamshire

Looking toward Thrybergh from Dalton Parva.  Old School on right


Photo courtesy Brian Eyre and enhanced by John Doxey


In the 20th century prior to the 1920's the following people owned businesses or held a position in Dalton Parva

William Ash a Farmer   listed as Brecks  Dalton Parva

William was born 1816 at Ranskill Nottinghamshire moved to Dalton approx 1866 or prior listed as a Farmer Employer in 1891 living at 36 Brecks Farm with his wife Mary Ash Wife who was born 1830 at Mission Nottinghamshire. Their children were
William Ash Son single born 1866 at Dalton Yorkshire Farmer Employer
Elizabeth E Ash Dau Single born 1868 at Dalton Yorkshire
George Newton Single born 1873 at Whitwell Derbyshire Farm Servant
Public Records Office Reference Page 7 Folio 7 RG12/3848


Mrs. Priscilla Foulds Farmer and shopkeeper Priscilla  was born in 1829 at Dalton Yorkshire became a farmer and Grocer listed as a Widower in 1891and running a business, Priscilla lived at 15, Dalton Parva.


George Giddings Postmaster and Parish Clerk Dalton Parva George   was born in 1847 at Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire a Gardener he moved to Dalton approx 1877 living at 11, Dalton Parva with his wife Eliza A Giddons  who was born 1853 at Denaby Yorkshire children of George and Eliza were.
Fanny Giddons born 1877 at Dalton Yorkshire
George Giddons born 1885 at Dalton Yorkshire
Charles S Giddons born 1887 at Dalton Yorkshire
Arthur E. Giddons born 1890 at Dalton Yorkshire
Public Records Office Reference Page 3 Folio 5 RG12/3848

In 1901 the family is listed as George Giddons age 54 was now the Dalton Sub Post Master. His wife Eliza age 48  was the Assistant to Post Master.
While his daughter Fanny Giddons age 24 born at Dalton was the Postwomen or as it was known back then Letter Carrier.
Kizia Giddons age 7 born at Dalton,
Arthur Giddons age 11 born at Dalton.
Charles Giddons age 14 born at Dalton and was a Lamp Cleaner Colliery.
George Giddons age 16 born at Dalton and was a Punching Machine Worker at a Colliery


Dalton Lane looking up toward Dalton Parva Cleggs farm top left 


Photo courtesy Brian Eyre and enhanced by John Doxey

In 1901 the Rev. William Allanson Hick. M. A.  Clergyman Church Of England  was living at the Vicarage Dalton Parva. William age 39 was born in   Scarborough  

His wife was Gertrude S M Hick age 34 born in Rotherham 

Their children were

Edward D Hick 2  born Dalton 
Marjorie A Hick 3 born Dalton 
Donald W Hick 4 born Dalton 
Leslie A Hick 9 born Doncaster 
 In 1892 the family were living at Doncaster

William a Cambridge Graduate was the son of a builder and back in 1881 the family is listed as follows



Wm. HICK   Head   M   Male   63   Newton, York, England   Retired Builder     
Ann HICK   Wife   M   Female   62   Ebberston, York, England   Retired Builder Wife     
Mary ALLANSON   Sis In L   U   Female   67   Ebberston, York, England   Annuitant     
Annie HICK   Daur   U   Female   34   Scarborough, York, England        
Marg. HICK   Daur   U   Female   32   Scarborough, York, England        
Clar.N.A. HICK   Daur   U   Female   23   Falsgrave, York, England        
Wm. A. HICK   Son   U   Male   19   Falsgrave, York, England   Un Grad Camb     

Dwelling   St Wilfreds Rd Westwood Road
Census Place Scarborough, York, England
Public Records Office Reference   RG11 Piece / Folio   4804 / 107 Page Number   12

We can see that William gained his second name from the maiden name of his Mother


Horace Kemp Cert School Master was the Schoolmaster in the early 1900's age 32 in 1901 he was born at nearby Swinton. His wife Frances Kemp Cert School Masters also age 32 was born at Earls Heaton Yorkshire Dalton, they had a son named
Frederich  Kemp age 2 who was born at Essex High Roding. So the Kemps had only just took over the position in 1901.

Back in 1881 Horace was found living with his Uncle at Rawmarsh.

John KEMP   Head   M   Male   45   Bolton On Dearne, York, England   Guard At Coal Mine    
 Mary KEMP   Wife   M   Female   40   Wood End, York, England       
 Lydia KEMP   Daur   U   Female   19   Bolton On Dearne, York, England   Pupil Teacher (School)    
 Edwin KEMP   Son   U   Male   16   Swinton, York, England   Drapers Apprentice    
 Horace KEMP   Nephew   U   Male   17   Swinton, York, England   Scholar    
 Arthur KEMP   Son   U   Male   6   Parkgate, York, England   Scholar    
 Edgar KEMP   Son   U   Male   7   Parkgate, York, England   Scholar    
 Sarah KITCHING   Mother In Law   W   Female   61   Woodend, York, England   (Housekeeper) (Dom)    

  Dwelling   8 Greasbro Rd
  Census Place Rawmarsh, York, England
  Public Records Office Reference   RG11 Piece / Folio   4679 / 11 Page Number   15


Robert Marsh solicitor Rotherham h Dalton Parva

Robert Marsh born in 1824 at Goatcliffe Derbyshire became a Solicitor and Farmer, he lived in Rotherham around 1862 until sometime after 1872, the family was living at 3 Dalton Parva by the 1890s. His wife was
Elizabeth Marsh born in 1833 at Fife, Cupar Scotland their family was
Francis J Marsh born 1862 at Rotherham Yorkshire listed as Solicitor
Katherine J Marsh born 1864 at Rotherham Yorkshire,
Mabel F Marsh born 1872 at Rotherham Yorkshire
The family had 2 servants
Samuel Stenton born1865 at Whiston Yorkshire who worked on the Farm and
Clara Scrivens born 1874 at Rotherham Yorkshire who was the housemaid
Public Records Office Reference


Samual Marsh Farmer and Hay and straw dealer Dalton Parva Samuel Marsh born 1849 at Dunford Bridge Yorkshire became a Farmer and moved to Dalton between 1874 and 1889. In 1891 he was living at 13 Dalton Parva with his wife
Jane Marsh born 1833 at Wife Storrs Yorkshire in the house in 1891 is their son
John T Marsh born 1874 at Kilnhurst Yorkshire and their niece
Mary Warhurst born 1877 at Handsworth Yorkshire
Public Records Office Reference Page 3 Folio 5 RG12/3848


John William Walker Farmer Dalton Parva John Walker born 1825 at Darfield Yorkshire he became a Farmer and moved to Dalton approx 1864 he lived at 5, Dalton Parva with his wife
Maria Walker born 1832 at Edensor Derbyshire their Children were
Edith Walker born 1865 at Dalton Yorkshire
John W. Walker born 1868 at Dalton Yorkshire also a Farmer
The Walker family had four servants
Annie Grindle born 1872 at Bramley Yorkshire, was a Domestic Servant
Sarah A. Bramhill born 1877 at Handsworth Yorkshire, also a Domestic Servant
Laurence Gill born 1873 at Sheffield Yorkshire, worked on the Farm
Arthur Travis born 1875 at Thurnscoe Yorkshire, worked on the Farm
Public Records Office Reference RG12/3848

In 1926 a farm labourer named Albert James [Darky] Cox & wife  Ethel May Cox  moved into Glebe Cottage in Dalton Parva. Their children were named John, Beatrice, Winifred & George.  The family lived in the house until 1929 and then later lived on Dalton lane. Albert died in 1939.

For anyone growing vegetables, tomatoes, or roses it can be seen from the two lower photos that free fertilizer in the form of horse manure was in abundance back then, all you needed to be was in the right place at the right time with a shovel in your hand. Is horse manure a good fertilizer? Well you definitely haven't tasted the best tomatoes until you taste the ones grown in horse manure!

The boy in the photo holding the horse looks a little too well dressed to be a farm hand, and may be the photographers son.

Text and research John Doxey

Photos and additional information courtesy Brian Eyre

Many thanks to Brian Eyre for presenting the above photos.

Many thanks also to Mary Cox mary.cox2@virgin.net for the information on the Cox family, Mary would like to hear from anyone who remembers the family, and would like to know of any near neighbours of the family surrounding Glebe Cottage.


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