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Low Farm Dalton Magna photo courtesy of Brian Eyre


Like many I had assumed Dalton Magna had been in existence for the same period as Dalton Parva. However Dalton Magna is not mentioned as a separate hamlet  until 1466.

In this  period the area at the time was part of the royal hunting forest, due to the increase in demand for land at the time the area was cleared , farm buildings appeared and Dalton Magna was born.

Low Farm pictured left was once the home of William Eyre and family in the latter half of the 19th century


 The land was held in high esteem at the time and rightly so, and some of you may be surprised to learn that Queen Elizabeth the 1st owned estates in Dalton Magna and Parva.

On the 26th November in the year of  Eliz. I. 1583 the Foljambe family of Osberton, Nottinghamshire receipt for 31 11s 11d,  for half a year's chief rents, due to the Queen from estates at Dalton Magna and Dalton Parva.


From: 'Yorkshire Fines: 1587', Feet of Fines of the Tudor period [Yorks]: part 3: 1583-94
Plaintiff Henry Hirste Deforcient Thomas Reresbye, esq.Messuage and 3 cottages with lands in Great [ Magna ] Dalton and Little [ Parva ] Dalton.


From: 'Yorkshire Fines: 1593', Feet of Fines of the Tudor period [Yorks]: part 3: 1583-94
Plaintiffs Thomas Wodhouse and Henry Hyrst Deforcients  George Wade and Elizabeth his wife2 messuages with lands in Rotherham, Dalton, Narrdalton als. Litle Dalton, Farrdalton als. Great Dalton, Tynslowe and Brynsforthe.


From: 'Yorkshire Fines: 1593', Feet of Fines of the Tudor period [Yorks]: part 3: 1583-94
Plaintiff Thomas Reresby, esq. Deforcient  Robert Swifte, esq. Messuage with lands in Woodlathes, Conysburrough, Dalton, Narrdalton als. Litle Dalton, and Farrdalton als. Great Dalton.


From: 'Yorkshire Fines: 1594', Feet of Fines of the Tudor period [Yorks]: part 4: 1594-1603
Plaintiff Henry Hurst  Deforcient  Robert Swift, esq.2 messuages and 2 cottages with lands in Dalton Magna, Dalton Parva, and Hermyngthorpe.


From: 'Yorkshire Fines: 1595', Feet of Fines of the Tudor period [Yorks]: part 4: 1594-1603

Plaintiff George Lynley Deforcient Nicholas Marsden and Thomas Marsden Messuage with lands in Dalton Parva and Dalton Magna.



Past Residents

The photo on the left kindly provided by Brian Eyre is of his Great Granddad William Eyre with his family at Dalton Magna about 1897 with unknown man at the rear.  Herbert age 7 , Lily age 8,  Gertrude age 12 , Florenceage 10 Martha  age22, and Williams second wife Lucy age 43 holding son Ernest age 2.

The Eyre family story



On the 15th June 1723 William Stead of Sheffield, mercer, and Rebecca his wife (daughter of Nathaniel Baxter deceased) revoked all the uses of recited deeds concerning property in Dalton Magna and Dalton Parva in the parishes of Rotherham and Thrybergh.


1759 Rental of Dalton Magna and Parva, also Birchhill: lands held of John Moore, esq., exor. of will of Thos. Foljambe, esq.


On the 1st June 1818
William Spencer of Bramley Grange, Lieutenant-General, to John Wragg of Dalton Parva, farmer, and James Wragg of the same, farmer. A messuage at Bramley with closes called The Croft, 2 Balk Lane Closes, etc. From year to year at an annual rent of 153. 15s.


1832 Thomas Ludlam  farmer brother and heir at law of Joseph Ludlam deceased.


1837 George Ludlam   farmer,


1800's John Hall owned a Stone Quarry at Dalton Magna.

George Scales  age 16 in 1881 was born at Dalton Magna,


Joseph Burden Head M Male 46 Dalton Magna, York, England Stone Merchant
Mary Burden Wife M Female 43 Tinsley, York, England
Fred Burden Son U Male 18 Dalton Magna, York, England Carter
Gertrude Burden Daur Female 13 Dalton Magna, York, England Scholar
Esther Annie Burden Daur Female 12 Dalton Magna, York, England Scholar
John Burden Son Male 10 Dalton Magna, York, England Scholar
Joseph Burden Son Male 6 Dalton Magna, York, England Scholar
Agnes Burden Daur Female 4 Dalton Magna, York, England Scholar
Harry Burden Son Male 1 Dalton Magna, York, England

Hannah Burden Head W Female 74 Rossington, York, England Farmer
Francis F. Burden Son M Male 38 Dalton Magna, York, England Farmer
Sarah Burden Daur In Law M Female 36 Tickhill, York, England
George Burden Grand Son Male 6 Dalton Magna, York, England Scholar
Fanny Burden Grand Daur Female 9 Dalton Magna, York, England Scholar
Albert Burden Grand Son Male 2 Dalton Magna, York, England
Infant Burden Grand Son Male 1 m Dalton Magna, York, England
Sarah Hall Servant U Female 33 Handsworth, York, England Nurse Sub Med
George Rimmington Servant U Male 19 Misson, Nottingham, England Farm Servant Indoor

 Hill Top Farm

Thomas Scales Head M Male 51 Fishlake, York, England Farm Bailiff
Amelia Scales Wife M Female 44 Blaxton, York, England
Emma Scales Daur Female 14 Dalton Magna, York, England
Henry C. Scales Son Male 12 Dalton Magna, York, England Scholar
Mary Scales Daur Female 9 Dalton Magna, York, England Scholar
Richard Scales Son Male 8 Dalton Magna, York, England Scholar
Frances A. Scales Daur Female 5 Dalton Magna, York, England Scholar
Walker Scales Son Male 3 Dalton Magna, York, England


John Tradewell Head M Male 41 Dalton Magna, York, England Wheelwright
Jane Tradewell Wife M Female 37 Tickhill, York, England
Elizabeth Tradewell Daur U Female 17 Dalton Magna, York, England
William Tradewell Son Male 14 Dalton Magna, York, England
Walter Tradewell Son Male 10 Dalton Magna, York, England Scholar
Arthur Tradewell Son Male 7 Dalton Magna, York, England Scholar
Lucy Tradewell Daur Female 6 Dalton Magna, York, England Scholar
Maude Tradewell Daur Female 4 Dalton Magna, York, England
Florence Tradewell Daur Female 1 Dalton Magna, York, England


Arthur Tradewell age 27 born in Dalton Yorkshire was living at Greasbrough working as a File Cutler
Thomas Tradewell age 72 born in Dalton Magna Yorkshire was living at Rawmarsh working as a Cabinet Maker
Apparently one of the Tradewell ladies lived in the big house that stood on Doncaster Road Dalton and owned most of the Shops on Doncaster Road. I will check this out. Meanwhile here are the Tradewells in Dalton 1901
Alan Tradewell age 14 born at Dalton.
Carry Tradewell age 22 born at Rawmarsh listed as a Joiner.
Charles Tradewell age 24 born at Rawmarsh listed as a Blacksmith.
Charles Tradewell age 54 born at Dalton and listed as a Joiner Blacksmith.
Dora Tradewell age 16 born at Dalton.
Jane Tradewell age 45 born at Worksop Nottinghamshire.
Jessie Tradewell age 10 born at Dalton.
Mary Tradewell age 5 born at Dalton.

Henry French Head W Male 82 Dalton, York, England Farmer Of 22 Acres
Mary French Daur U Female 39 Dalton Magna, York, England Farmers Housekeeper Dom
Joseph Halcroft Visitor U Male 52 Cuckney, Nottingham, England Gamekeeper

George Burden Farmer and machine owner Dalton Magna

Robert Longden Farmer Dalton Magna


John Longden Farmer and Butcher  Dalton Magna and Rotherham.

Frank Morley Quarry Owner Dalton Magna

1912 John Williamson Farmer Dalton Magna

Address not known.

1917 and prior Charles and Ellen Royston and son Fred

The Bungalow, Dalton Magna   
1931    George Cox


Pre 1960



Harry Turner, James Turner, Nellie Turner, and Betty Turner


Kenneth A. Slack, and Hilda Mary Slack


Walter Wilson, and Emily J. Wilson


Fred G. Wrigley, Agnes Wrigley, and Mary W. King


Frank Webb, George Webb, Alice Webb, and Nellie Webb


Leonard Heathcote, Leslie Heathcote, and Beatrice Heathcote.


Frank J. Burden, Clara Burden, Kenneth E. Slack, and Kathleen Slack.


James V. Howe,  Rufus Howe, Constance Howe, and Rachael Howe.


Kenneth Howe, and Marie Howe.


William Burden, Emma Burden, Lillian Batty.


Frederick C. Mullins, Elsie Mullins


John M. Burden, Rene Burden.


Herbert E. Greaves, Kate Greaves, Mary E. Naylor


Ralph H. Goodall, Marjorie Goodall


Arthur L. Morley, Ruth V. Morley.


As can be observed from this page the Burden family have a long history in the hamlet of Dalton Magna, where they have farmed successfully since at least the early 1800's



Photo copyright Luis Arroyo




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