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Dalton History



photo courtesy and copyright Luis Arroyo

Photo of Dalton Parva courtesy and copyright Luis Arroyo

Dalton is comprised of three hamlets which are Dalton Magna,  Dalton Parva, and Dalton Brook. Situated on the outskirts of Rotherham South Yorkshire, Dalton like its neighbouring villages was set in picturesque surroundings until the advent of the Industrial revolution.


Houses were erected by the Coal Company's in 1906 to house the large influx of workers into the area. From a  recent photo with the demolition of the old Pit Houses and the construction of new homes at the turn of this century 2003, Dalton Brook now looks quite presentable. So credit has to be given to Rotherham Council for what to most of us is a great improvement. An improvement I am sure greatly appreciated by the people of Dalton.


Though Dalton Brook had somewhat of a tarnished reputation in the last century it has to be said that many fine people lived in this community, I proudly got to know a lot of them in my School years and in my twenty years of living in nearby Thrybergh.


The present [ at the time of writing 2003 ] wife of the Lord Mayor of Rotherham was born in Dalton, and in 1881 Dalton was the home of the Lord Mayor of Rotherham .  Many of the earliest surnames found in Dalton can still be found today throughout the area. Through the centuries people from all over the British Isles came to live in Dalton and this is what these pages are all about, People.


For help in definitions of old legal terms used on the following pages see Definitions on this site

Dalton Brook Mill and  Aldwarke House
Dalton Brook Mill with a Windmill was between the Grapes Hotel and Dalton Lane, on the Grapes Hotel side of Doncaster Road. Just behind the Windmill was an old ruin.








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