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A Timeline of People

1806 Joseph Yelland born at Dalton Yorkshire There is a Joseph Yelland listed in 1822 as a cobbler in Dalton who may be the Father of Joseph born 1806.
1806 John Tradewell born at Dalton
1800,s early Samuel Walker described as a gentleman. Living at Aldwark Hall
1800,s early John, Haywood the Blacksmith at Dalton brook
1817 William Albison born at Dalton
1800,s early John, Haywood a Blacksmith at Dalton brook
1822 Mark Blackburn born at Dalton
1824 Ellen Hinchliffe Wife born at Dalton
1826 Martha Brazier Wife  born at Dalton
1829 Priscilla Foulds born at Dalton
1834 Ellin Athron born at Dalton West Riding YKS
1836 John W Watson born at Dalton
1837 George Sanderson born at Dalton
1843 Francis Burden born  at Dalton
1843 Mary [ nee Ashmore ] Wright Wife  born at Dalton West Riding YKS
1847Charles Tradewell born at Dalton
1848 Harriet Rheam Wife at Dalton
1850 Mark Guist born at Dalton
1850 Thomas Sanderson born at Dalton
1852 John Blackburn born at Dalton
1853 Mary E Sanderson Wife born at Dalton
1856 William Sanderson born at Dalton
1857 Sarah A Scales born at Dalton
1858 John Moorhouse born in Dalton
1858 Edith A Ledger Wife at Dalton
1858 Sarah [ nee Hinchcliffe] Clinton born at Dalton
1859 Elizabeth Thorpe was born in Dalton
1860 Lucy Rimmington born at Dalton
1860 Sarah Morley born at Dalton
1860 Sarah Williamson Wife born at Dalton
1860 Alfred Leach born at Dalton
1861Agnes Johnson born at Dalton
1860 John Wright born at Dalton
1861Frank Oxley born at Dalton
1861Arthur Gibson born at Dalton found in the Rotherham Workhouse in 1891 listed as a Inmate S 30 General Labourer Imbecile
1862 Ada Wilson Wife born at Dalton
1862Frank Morley born at Dalton
1863Pheobe Pearson born at Dalton
1864 Cassandra [ maiden name ?] Hanson born at Dalton
1864 Edwin C Oxley born at Dalton
1865 Edith Walker born at Dalton
1865 Elizabeth P [ maiden name ? ] Foers born at Dalton Magna
1865 George Scales born at Dalton
1865 George Coward born  at Dalton
1866 Junius Athron born  at Dalton
1866 Mary E Tyas Wife M born at Dalton
1866 William Ash  born  at Dalton
1868 Elizabeth E Ash born  at Dalton
1868 John W. Walker born at Dalton
1871Ada Rotherforth born at Dalton
1871Eleanor Brazier born  at Dalton
1871Alan Turner born  at  Dalton
1872 Emma Sanderson born  at Dalton
1872 Mary Scales born  at Dalton
1873  Jethro Blackburn  born at Dalton
1874 Walter Sanderson  born at Dalton
1874Robert Turner born at Dalton
1874 George A Pauson born  at Dalton Parva went to live at Blyth
1874 Willy Leach  born  at Dalton
1875 Percy Smith  born  at Dalton
1875 William Turner  born  at Dalton
1875John Rheam  born at  Dalton
1875 Clara G Watson born  at Dalton Yorkshire
1876 Ellen Sanderson  born at Dalton
1876 Alice Ross  born  at Dalton Yorkshire
1876 Frances A Scales born at Dalton
1876 Margaret W Verity  born  at Dalton
1877 Fanny Giddons born at Dalton
1877 Alice Sanderson born at Dalton
1877 Mary Burden born  at Dalton
1877  Elisha Roberts born  at Dalton
1877 Margaret Sanderson  born  at Dalton
1878Edith Sanderson  born at Dalton
1878 Walker Scales  born  Dalton West Riding YKS
1878 Harry Smith born  at Dalton
1879 Fred Smith  born  at Dalton
1879 Frank Sanderson born  at Dalton
1880 Mina E Sanderson born at Dalton
1880 Harold Sanderson born  at Dalton
1881Edward Sanderson born Dalton
1881Rhoda Moorhouse born  at Dalton
1881Arthur W B Hinchliffe born at Dalton
1881Ann Smith  born  at Dalton
1882 Charles Sanderson  born at Dalton *
1882 Mary Sanderson  born  at Dalton Yorkshire
1882 William Sanderson born  at Dalton
1882 Clarice F C Ledger born at Dalton
1882 Elizabeth Leach  born at  Dalton
1883 Ernest Smith born at Dalton
1883 Horace Wilson born at Dalton
1883William Burden  born  at Dalton
1884John Sanderson  born  at Dalton
1884Ada Roys  born  at Dalton Yorkshire
1884 Amelia Watson  born  at Dalton
1884George H. Broom born at Dalton
1885Charles Smith born  at Dalton
1885 Arnold Wilson  born at Dalton
1885 Bertha Sanderson  born  at Dalton
1885 George Giddons born  at Dalton
1885 Alice Leach Dau  at Dalton
1885 Dora Tradewell born  at Dalton
1886 Martha Broom born at Dalton
1886 Emily Pearson born at Dalton
1886Stephen Rhodes  born at Dalton
1886 Mildred Burden  born at Dalton
1886 James L. Rimmington born  at Dalton
1887 William Roys born  at Dalton
1887 Mildred J. H. Goodall,  born  at Dalton
1887 Maud Foers born at Dalton Magna
1887Alan B Tradewell  born at Dalton
1887 Laurence Wilson born  at Dalton
1887 Hannah Williamson born at Dalton
1887Margaret M Moody  born  at Dalton
1889 Maude Wilson born  at Dalton
1887Edith A. Moorhouse born at Dalton
1887Charles S Giddons born  at Dalton
1888 Elisa Leach born  at Dalton
1888Edmund C Edwards born  at Dalton
1888 Ellen E Clinton born at Dalton
1888 Kate Roys born at Dalton
1889George H Clinton born at Dalton
1888 Laura Smith  born at Dalton
1888 George Pearson born at Dalton
1888 Martin Kinsey  was the Preacher at Dalton for 47 years and President of the Dalton Chapel for 21 years. He was also involved in the founding of the Chapel in about 1888. He died in 1934 at Thrybergh, near Rotherham, Yorkshire.
1889 Mary Pearson born at Dalton
1888 Janet Robinson born at Dalton Yorkshire
1889 Clara Sanderson born at Dalton
1889Alice M Edwards  born  at Dalton
1889 Emily Broom born at Dalton
1889 Edith M Purdon  born  at Dalton
1889 John Silkstone born at Dalton
1889 Lily Eyre born  at Dalton
1890 Cordelia Moody born  at Dalton
1890 Arthur E. Giddons born at Dalton
1890 Jessie Tradewell Dau born  at Dalton Yorkshire
1890  Leanord E Johnson born at Dalton
1890 Frances M. Moorhouse born  at Dalton
1890 John Pearson  born at Dalton
1890 John T Edwards born  at Dalton
1890 Ethel Blackburn born at Dalton
1890Veronica H. Goodall, born at Dalton
1890 Anna Leach  born at Dalton
1890Charles H. Rotherforth born  at Dalton
1890/91Fred Sanderson  born  Dalton
1890/91 Herbert H Eyre  born Dalton
1890/91Joseph W Silkstone  born  at Dalton
1891 Charles A. Pearson born at Dalton
1891Emily Roys born  at Dalton
1891Edward Purdon  born  at Dalton
1891Thomas Pearson  born  at Dalton
1891William Spur born at Dalton
1891 Unnamed Trickett  born at Dalton
1895 Repository Kirklees (GB 204) Finding No KC426
Title Arthur Moore, Dalton, labour certificate
Description Labour certificate
Halifax and Area: deeds and papers
Bradford, Haworth, Norland and elsewhere: deeds
1914 Harry Megitts was born in Saville Street Dalton





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