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Presented by Kelly Cox


Photo courtesy Brian Eyre and enhanced by John DoxeyThe history of the family in Dalton began with a farm labourer named Albert James "Darky" Cox  and his wife  Ethel May Cox " nee Middleton"  who lived at Glebe Cottage in Dalton Parva from 1926 to 1929.  The previous resident in the cottage was Albert Edward Wilson and prior to that was John Davies who had resided there since 1918.

Albert and Ethel had four children John Edward Cox, Beatrice Mary Cox and Winifred May Cox who were born between 1910 to 1925 presumably at Rotherham, and George who was born in Dalton in 1925    Our knowledge of Albert James is very limited as we do not know for sure where he was born (Aldershot is one suggestion) and we cannot find a marriage certificate.

It is believed that Albert and family prior to 1925 lived in the Sheffield Road area of Rotherham.

The Cox family were related to the Sanderson's .


From 1918 to 1947 Clifford Henry Cox  Emma Cox  lived at 12 Dalton Lane in the period   1920 to 1921 Alice Cox resided there and also George Cox  lived there in 1920.

From 1930 to 1933  John Cox resided here and also in  1946 Robert Cox and in 1947 William Cox

Living at number 14 Dalton Lane in the period 1930 to 1936 were Albert James Cox and wife Ethel May Cox, also in 1932 until 1936 John Cox is recorded as residing there. Also in the house from 1937 until 1939  Annie Thompson and Thomas Thompson.


Whilst at number 16 Dalton Lane in 1936 we find Matthew Cox living with Hannah Boardman and Peter Boardman


 At number 35 Dalton Lane from 1918 until 1933 Hannah Cox is recorded and in 1918 George Cox,  the following year 1919 John Cox is recorded. All living with Harry and Alice Rodison  who had also been resident since 1918 and left the house in 1935.
In 1923 until 1931Hannah Shaw also shared accommodation as also did Hannah Birch in 1935.


In 1937 Albert James Cox and wife Ethel May  were now living at 39 Dalton Lane along with John Cox and are recorded there until 1939, also in the house in the same period were Vincent and Ethel Louise Pogmore.


Meanwhile at number 64 Dalton Lane in 1937 we find  Matthew and  Florence Cox who lived there for ten years until 1947. Joseph Whatley moved into the house in 1938


At number 55 Osberton Street, Dalton between  1945 - 1947    Ethel May Cox, John E Cox , George Cox,   Herbert Lewis, Hilda Lewis, and Winifred M Coffey all resided at the above address.

In 1946 Clifford Edward Cox Doris Cox George Charnock  Mary Charnock are recorded as living at number 12 Saville Street, Dalton.   

 Between 1945 1947  Adin Cox, Charlotte Cox, Charlotte Megson, John and Phyllis McGann shared accommodation at number
18 Saville Street, Dalton   

In 1933 Mary Cox is found at 39 Arundel Avenue, Dalton living there with  Arthur and Annie Norcliffe and Charles Roderick Danks

 Between 1921 and 1922 living at 12 Kelvin Street  was James Cox, also in the household in this period was  John and Betsey Ann Naylor, son John Naylor Jnr , William Jeffreys, and John Martin, later in 1923 James Kelly resided there.


Nearby living in The Bungalow, at Dalton Magna  in 1924 - 1925  were Walter Cox, May Cox,  and in 1931  George Cox was recorded as living there.


At 22 Parva Cottages, Dalton  between 1934 - 1947  John Cox and Rose Cox resided there, also in 1934 living there was a Henry Wright

Across the valley in Sunnyside during 1935 living 10 East Crescent, Sunnyside was John William and Agnes Cox, also in the household in that year was George William Hirst.
In the following year 1936 at 49 East Crescent, Sunnyside  Adin and Florrie Cox were found. During the same year Adin and Florrie had lived at number 16 The Square East, Sunnyside   
Also in 1936 living at 13 Woodway, Sunnyside were John William   and Agnes Cox, and recorded in the same year at the address is one William Hartle.

John George and  Jean Clark Cox were found in 1939 living at number 32 The Brow, Brecks   


In 1929 John and  Ada Sanderson were living at 27 Saville Street  Dalton, also in the household was Peter and Sarah Frith,
By 1931 John Edwin and Ada were living at number 26 Saville Street.  

In the same year 1929 living at 41 Arundel Avenue  Dalton were  Emily Sanderson, Walter Sanderson,  Sidney Sanderson, and
Jessie Sanderson.


Whilst in Dalton Parva from 1918 - 1925 living at 5 Walkers Cottage was Charles Sanderson.


Also in 1918 living at Cottage ?, Dalton Parva  was  John James Sanderson who was in the forces. John is recorded again in 1922 until 1924 living at Pratts Cottage, Dalton Parva still serving in the forces, also in the cottage from 1922 until 1926 is
 Sidney Sanderson


Listed during 1918 until 1926 living at Cottage, Dalton Parva are Walter and Emily Sanderson and from 1924 until 1928 also living in the cottage was Bernard Sanderson


1929 until 1931 living at the School Cottage, Dalton Parva were Bernhard and  Annie Sanderson.

At number 2 The Fold, Dalton Parva recorded between1918 - 1926  was  Eliza Sanderson, and between 1918 - 1931  Mark William Sanderson, between 1920 - 1924    Bernard Sanderson, and between 1920 - 1931    Emma Elizabeth Sanderson.
Research Kelly Cox
Text Kelly Cox

Additional text and page formatting John Doxey




Kelly has produced some very informative results from her research, and has very kindly shared those results here. In a recent email Kelly writes.
" Hi John firstly let me say how informative I find your Dalton website.  Although I consider myself a Rotherham lass at heart, I've moved around all of my life, so my knowledge of Dalton in years gone by is quite limited.  Although the information above mainly focuses on my names of interest, it might help others fill in some gaps too."

Kelly wishes to learn more about her ancestors above and also their neighbours and friends, so if you can help with any information please contact Kelly at  kellym.cox@btopenworld.com


Many thanks Kelly for sharing your family story here.

John Doxey



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