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Holy Trinity Church

Dalton Parva
Fr. Matthew Ineson SSC

Sunday Mass is at 10am and

Mass id offered daily except Fridays

For further information visit


Records of baptisms, marriages and funerals from the day of consecration to the present (1849-2004) are in possession of Fr Matthew

Holy Trinity Vicarage
2 Vicarage Close
Dalton Parva
S65 3QL

Tel: 01709 850377
Email: FrMatt_@excite.com 

Photo copyright Jonathan Dabs

On the 6th September 2004
the church celebrated its 155th anniversary of consecration


 photo copyright Luis Arroyo


The Holy Trinity Church is situated at Dalton Parva and was built in the years1848 / 9 by

G. S. Foljambe the Lord of the Manor at the time. The Church was endowed by him with 150 per annum along with a Parsonage House and a small glebe. The living in the 1800's is described as a perpetual curacy which was  valued at 200 and the incumbant was the Rev. G. H. Eyre, M. A.

Around 1867 Charles William Foster from Wickersly became the Vicar of Dalton, he was still there in 1881, his wife Isabella was born in India.

Charles Wm. Foster Head M Male 56 Wickersley, York, England Vicar Of Dalton
Isabella Mary Foster Wife M Female 42  British Subject, India
Charles Wilmer Foster Son U Male 14 Dalton, York, England Scholar
Margaret Char. Foster Daur Female 13 Dalton, York, England Scholar
Mary Foster Daur Female 11 Dalton, York, England Scholar
John Foster Brother U Male 66 Wickersley, York, England Annuitant
Anna E. J. F. Hasse Governess U Female 18 Hamburgh Governess Teacher
Ann Watson Servant U Female 62 Retford Bridge, Nottingham, England Domestic Servant Cook
Anne Green Servant U Female 18 Grindleford, Derby, England Domestic Servant Housemaid
Census Place Dalton In Rotherham, York, England
Public Records Office Reference RG11 Piece / Folio 4674 / 16 Page Number 8

John W. Goodall born 1859 at Leicester Leicestershire became a Clerk In Holy Orders, He moved to the Vicarage at Dalton approx 1886 his wife was
Clara J. Goodall born 1865 at Sheffield Yorkshire, their children were
Mildred J. H. Goodall born 1887 at Dalton Yorkshire,
Veronica H. Goodall, born 1890 at Dalton Yorkshire,
The Vicarage had 3 servants and they were
Annie Nixon born 1871 at Masboro Yorkshire, who was the Cook
Sarah A. Parkin born 1870 at Norton Derbyshire, was the Housemaid
Ellen Sanderson born 1876 Dalton Yorkshire, was the Children's Nursemaid

John Goodall age 42 born at Leicester who was the Vicar at Dalton until at least 1896, was listed as Rotherham Clergyman Church of England in 1901 at Rotherham,
Emma Goodall age 41 born at Epworth Lincoln living in Rotherham
John Goodall age 6 born at Dalton living in Rotherham

Public Records Office Reference RG12/3848

The Hicks family were living in Dalton in 1901 listed as
William Hick age 39 born at Scarborough Yorkshire was the Vicar of Dalton Clergyman Church Of England
Gertrude Hick age 34 born at Rotherham Yorkshire
Edward Hick age 2 born in Dalton
Donald Hick age 4 born in Dalton
Leslie Hick age 9 born at Doncaster Yorkshire
Marjorie Hick age 3 born at Dalton.

In 1901 the Rev. William Allanson Hick. M. A.  Clergyman Church Of England  was living at the Vicarage Dalton Parva. William age 39 was born in   Scarborough ,a Cambridge Graduateand was the son of a builder and back in 1881 the family is listed as follows


Wm. Hick   Head   M   Male   63   Newton, York, England   Retired Builder     
Ann Hick  Wife   M   Female   62   Ebberston, York, England   Retired Builder Wife     
Mary Allanson  Sis In L   U   Female   67   Ebberston, York, England   Annuitant     
Annie Hick  Daur   U   Female   34   Scarborough, York, England        
Marg. Hick  Daur   U   Female   32   Scarborough, York, England        
Clar.N.A. Hick  Daur   U   Female   23   Falsgrave, York, England        
Wm. A. Hick   Son   U   Male   19   Falsgrave, York, England   Un Grad Camb     

Dwelling   St Wilfreds Rd Westwood Road
Census Place Scarborough, York, England
Public Records Office Reference   RG11 Piece / Folio   4804 / 107 Page Number   12

We can see that William gained his second name from the maiden name of his Mother

1963 - circa 68 Rev. Peter Challen

1968 onwards Rev George Shrimpton.


The Revd M O Blackman the previous Priest left in May 2003, and Fr. Matthew Ineson SSC is now the Parish Priest.

Photo copyright Luis ArroyoThe Church is currently  fairly well attended, with a congregation of around 45 to 50 adults, and a Sunday School with 30 children on the register. This is a fair increase as the Congregation was down to 9 adults last year.

The church has ( and has had for a long time) a Catholic Tradition. Sunday Mass is at 10am and Mass id offered daily except Fridays.  On 6th September 2004 the church will be celebrating its 155th anniversary of consecration.

In 2004 the Church will be undergoing much needed Restoration, and the Bishop will be re- Hallow the Church early in 2005.  [ Fr Matthew points out that he said Restoration and not re-ordering ]

Many thanks to Fr. Matthew Ineson SSC for contributing current information to this page.

Notes by John Doxey


In an age when the size of Church congregations are dwindling alarmingly, it is very interesting to note that the congregation of Fr Matthew at the Holy Trinity has actually increased considerably in the last twelve Months. Why has it increased ? Well I suppose the best way to find out the answer is to pop along there one Sunday and see for yourself. I would like to know the answer too, so if someone could perhaps email me with the answer I would be pleased to hear from you. I would also like to hear from anyone who has memories of this now Historical Church.


Since Fr. Ineson's arrival the church has been the victim of hooligans which is very sad to hear, especially as the good Fr. has worked very hard in the community, and also during the restoration of the church. He has gained the admiration of many for his efforts since his arrival, and deserves the full support of everyone in the parish, and hopefully the vandalism can be stamped out. The Holy Trinity church is a very important part of the heritage of Dalton, it is also an house of God and like Fr Ineson deserves a great deal of respect.

John Doxey


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