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Allott's of Dalton







The Allotts were and still are a well known family in the area, they originated from nearby Hoyland where the Allott name is also well remembered. In fact when you look at the 1881 census of Hoyland its a wonder they didn't call it Allottsville. On the main Sheffield road on Hoyland Common is an intersection known as Allott's corner.

The photo on the left is of Sam Allott senior and Sam Allott junior, taken at Dalton. [ You have got to love that dog posing for the photo ]


Sam senior was found on the 1881 census living with his widowed Mother Elizabeth Allott  age 38  who was born at  Thorpe, Yorkshire. Also at home was Sam's older sister     
Annie Allott age  17  born at Hoyland, Yorkshire who worked as a   Domestic Servant   
Samuel Allott was then age  5  and also born in Hoyland. and was a  Scholar   
Census Place Hoyland Nether, York, England
Public Records Office Reference   RG11
Piece / Folio   4608 / 33Page Number   15


In nearby Worsbrough was living Sam's future bride Elizabeth Hoyle age 3 born at   Bradfield, Yorkshire. Elizabeth's family was listed as
James Hoyle  Head of Household  age 32  born in Penistone, Yorkshire who was at this time a  Coal Miner. His wife   Rachel Hoyle [ nee Shirt, nee ? ]  age 36 was born in   Barnsley, Yorkshire. Elizabeth's  half sister   Amy Elizabeth Shirt age   12   born at Chesterfield, Derbyshire, a Scholar    
Vin Hoyle  age  9   born at Bradfield, Yorkshire, a  Scholar.  George William Hoyle age 6   born at Bradfield, York, England  also a Scholar. Frank Hoyle age   1  born at Worsbrough, Yorkshire. Visiting was Sarah Ann Taylor  Neice  of James Hoyle age  2  born at Castleford, Yorkshire.     
Living at  11 Thomas St
Census Place Worsbrough, York, England
Public Records Office Reference   RG11
Piece / Folio   4610 / 8 Page Number   10

In 1901 Sam Allott age 24 Yorks was living at Hoyland Nether and was a Coal Miner Hewer. He was now married to Elizabeth Allott  and looking at their ages compared to their children you can see that Sam and Elizabeth were very young when they got married. In fact they apparently told the registrar that they were aged 21so they could marry. Their children were Alice Allott  age 3 born at Hoyland Yorkshire. Clarice Allott age  7 born at Hoyland Yorkshire.
Sam's Mother was living with them and is listed as Elizabeth Allott  age 54  working as a Washer Woman.

When the family moved to Dalton Elizabeth was employed at the Grapes Hotel as a washerwoman, and family legend as it that she either quit or lost her position there. Within a couple of weeks she was asked by the Steeples family to return as they could not get a suitable replacement. The Allott's were to become very friendly with the Steeples family, and were very well thought of. When Elizabeth eventually retired and had a problem walking, Joe Steeples gave Elizabeth one of his own walking canes.

 Edith Allott also worked for the Steeples family in the Grapes and when the Steeples family opened The Rotherham Empire Movie Theatre in Rotherham, Edith became one of the first usherettes. Edith  was to marry Michael Cassidy  a family well known in the Village of Dalton. Alice Allott married Sammy Duxbury

Joe Allott was well remembered as a local Councilor in the latter half of the last century



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