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On the 30th March 1702  the will of Thomas Winks of Dalton near Rotherham declared Thomas younger son devisee in remainder copyholder freeholder. His daughter Dorothy devisee of all her fathers lands in Dalton

Dorothy married  Thomas Clarke on the 24th June 1703


There was a Deed of revocation dated 15th of June 1723 in which William Stead of Sheffield a mercer, and Rebecca his wife who was daughter of Nathaniel Baxter who was deceased revoke all the uses of recited deeds concerning property in Dalton Magna and Dalton Parva in the parishes of Rotherham and Thrybergh.

This was followed by a Mortgage lease and release  dated 16th and 17th of June 1723 by William Stead of Dalton Parva in the parish of Rotherham, a gentleman, and Rebecca his wife, to Gamaliel Milner of Burton Grange in the parish of Royston, a gentleman. A messuage at Dalton Parva, and the Tonge Close, the New Close, the Howriddings, the Longery Lane Close, a piece in the meadow called Wisand Comon Bank, the Mill Close, the Long Acre and the Cross Acre Close, the Listeryard Close, a piece in the Meadow called the Neather Yard, the Sankinrow Close, a piece in a meadow called the Monday Lands, a piece in the Intacks, and the Little Paddock, with land in the Neather Feild, the Toft Field, the Bank Field, the Highgrave Field and the Dean Bank Field, for 500.


A Fine dated Michaelmas, 1751concerning Matthew Charlton as plaintiff; Anthony Firth the younger and Ann, his wife, deforciants. Two messuages and land in Dalton Parva.


1759 Rental of Dalton Magna and Parva, also Birchhill: lands held of John Moore, esquire, who was the exor. of  will of  Thos. Foljambe, esquire.


TheVernon-Wentworth family of Wentworth, held  Deeds concerning Dalton Parva dated 1723-1940


1764 government heading


In 1764 by an act of Parliament the Doncaster Tinsley Turnpike trust  was given the authority to make repairs to Doncaster Road as the road was described as "in a ruinous condition and in places very narrow and incommodious " Of course such repairs were to be at the expense of the road users of the time by implementing Tolls.


The next recorded event found so far occurs in 1769'. when apparently a song was written about 'Bill Brown the Poacher' the song was written by a blind fiddler player Johnny Gibbons of Darnall , some years later  another song was written 'The Death of Bill Brown ' which took place at Dalton Brook .

Apparently old Bill with two of his mates Ned Greaves and George Miller from Sheffield decided to help themselves to some of the local game, unfortunately for our three Sheffielders the then gamekeeper John Shirteliff caught them and shot poor old Bill. John Shirtliff was charged but acquitted at York.


William Taylor of Dalton Parva, a yeoman  took out a Mortgage by demise for 500 years - dated 3rd of June 1774 at Canklow I. The following year on the dated 27th and 28th April 1775 a Lease and release with conveyance by 2 to 3 of a messuage on the east side of Westgate, with croft adjoining, upon trust to the use of 2 for a term of 500 years and upon determination of the term, to such uses as 1 may direct, and for want of such direction, to the use of 1, with proviso that if one shall discharge certain sums of money charged upon the close conveyed to 2 particularly 100 mortgaged to William Taylor of Dalton Parva then the 500 year term will become void.


On the 6th and 7th July 1779 a Conveyance lease and release between John Kent of Hooton Roberts a gentleman, with John Foljambe of Rotherham, a gentleman, to Thomas Marsh of Herringthorpe in the parish of Whiston, a gentleman. Seven of eight parts of closes in Dalton Parva called Ox Close, Long Close, Hutchinson Close and Wood Close, for 651, to John Kent.
Also a Conveyance lease and release dated  6th of April 1779 concerning John Kent and John Foljambe to William Taylor of Dalton Parva, a yeoman. Seven of eight parts of the two Tomlin Thornes, the Monday Croft and the Picking field, for 262 10s. 0d. paid to John Kent.


AConveyance lease and release dated 4th and 5th-of May 1795 concerning Samuel Lister of Sheffield, a innkeeper, Thomas Lister of Sheffield a baker, whose mother Hannah Lister was the daughter of Martha Hall late wife of George Hall of Outibridge, who was a cutler, also deceased, to John Whitehead of Whiston. One eighth part of lands in Dalton Parva, not only those in which Samuel Lister assigned his life interest but of the other lands, all composed in the three conveyances of John Kent and John Foljambe; for 227 10s. 0d.






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