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If many of you wonder why often census information online is so misleading well try and imagine trying to decipher the writing of the time, not to mention inkblots covering information. Plus there were often thick lines drawn across information by civil servants in London. Often lines across the age of the person means hazarding a guess from clues. As on the Thrybergh census the letter S for single regarding marriage status is used only on people age 15 and over. Having other siblings above and below whose ages are recognizable is the greatest help. A number 6 with a line running up can look like 8.
Now trying to use previous and latter census records as a way of verifying can also be full of pitfalls, as they also have many errors. So if you should spot an error below please contact me and let me know.
On the census below you will note that what we know now as Doncaster Road is called on the census Rotherham Road.
Yes we finally caught a member of the Fullerton Family in residence at Thrybergh Hall, and remember that during the closely following years the Fullerton presence in Thrybergh disappeared.
This census as also answered many questions for me, the answers to which I will be placing on the appropriate pages in the next few weeks
Below are three entries as written in 1891for you to have a look at. The first is pretty easy, the second a little harder, and the last is an example [ not the worst] of how hard it gets.

This is an occupation

                        This is an address

           This is a place of Birth

On the census below I am still trying to decipher some of the information particular to place of birth, so for now I have placed the County of birth where possible. Still haven't figured out the above ? Then click on each example for the answer. The answer will appear at the top of the page.




Name Relationship Status Age Where Born Occupation

Water Works House
Henry Henson Head M 41 Newborough Northampton Manager Doncaster Water Works
Mary J Henson wife M 39 Haxey Lincolnshire
Mary J M Henson daugt 13 Doncaster Scholar
Basil Henson son 10 Doncaster Scholar
Ethel A Henson daugt 7 Doncaster Scholar
Daisy M Henson daugt 4 Doncaster
Edwin May b.i.l. M 31 Lincoln Joiner

Victoria May s.i.l. M 25 Whitington Derby

Arthur Goodlad Head M 53 Conisbro Farmer
Hannah Goodlad wife M 45 Baslow Derbyshire
Ashley Goodlad son S 20 Conisbro Farmers son
Ethel Goodlad daugt S 15 Conisbro Farmers Daughter

Rotherham Rd Lodge
George Adams Head M 45 Bradsworth Gamekeeper
Sarah Adams wife M 45 Barnbro
Mary S Adams daugt S 19 Wolverston
Fred Adams son S 15 High Melton
Percy Adams son 11High Melton
--- Adams g.daugt 2 High Melton

Rotherham Rd
Joseph Butler Head M 71 Sunderland Durham Shoemaker
Eliza Butler wife M 69 Thrybergh

Rotherham Rd
John South Head M 70 South Bisby Gardener

Mary A South wife M 69 Bakewell Derbyshire

Rotherham Rd
William Boles Head Wid 63 Bramley Shepherd
Mary Boles daugt S 36 Bramley Dressmaker

Rotherham Rd
Jane Wing Head wid 66 Burton on Trent Staffs
Jane Wing daugt 33 Ecclesfield Laundress domestic servant
Frank Wing son 32 Thrybergh Colliery Lamp man
Arthur Wing son 23 Thrybergh Coachman domestic servant
Davey Wing g.son 7 Thrybergh

Rotherham Rd
Mary Gilliott Head wid 75 Thrybergh Retired Farmers Widow
Sarah A Bedford daugt M 49 Thrybergh ME Proffessor
Joseph Bedford s.i.l. M 53 Attercliffe Springmaker
Rhoda Bedford g.daugt S 28 Attercliffe Me Proffessor

Rotherham Rd
Oswin Everitt H S 32 Boothley Graffol Lincs Under agent and clerk
Elizabeth Everitt Sis S 37 Boothley Graffol Lincs Housekeeper

Rotherham Rd
William Kendell H M 65 Nottinghamshire Labourer
Sarah J.Kendell Wife m 56 Waltham Lancashire
Alice Kendell G.Daug S 5 Butterthwaite Yorks Scholar
Frederick H Habron ? 21Wressle Yorks Gardener

Rotherham Rd
Benjamin Scholey H M 36 Dalton Colliery Banksman
Mary Scholey Wife M 27 Sheffield
Arthur Scholey Son S 1 Thrybergh

Rotherham Rd
Michael Bohan H M 45 Ireland Joiner
Sarah Bohan Wife M 45 Ireland
John Bohan Son S 16 Thrybergh Labourer
Rachael Bohan Daug S 14 Thrybergh
Edward Bohan Son 13 Thrybergh Scholar
George Bohan Son 10 Thrybergh Scholar
Frederick Bohan Son 7 Thrybergh

Rotherham Rd
Robert Storre H M 38 Sturton by Storr Lincs Agricultural Labourer
Ann Storre Wife M 38 Oakworth Yorks
Rachael Storre Daug 6 Sturton by Storr Lincs
George Storre Son 4 Brampton Lincs
Harold ? Storre Son 2 Sturton by Storr Lincs

Rotherham Rd
John Caucom Head M 42 Maltby Yorks Agricultural Labourer
Jane Caucom Wife M 36 Lancashire
Lydia Caucom Daug 13 Hooton Levitt Yorks Scholar
Tom Caucom Son 11 Hooton Levitt Scholar
Mary Caucom Daug 9 Thrybergh Scholar
Harriet Caucom Daug 7 Thrybergh Scholar
Edith Caucom Daug 6 Thrybergh Scholar
Alice Caucom Daug 3 Thrybergh
John Caucom Son 1 Thrybergh
William Travis Border S 18 Kirkhouse Green Sheffield Farm Servant

Rotherham Rd
William Whitaker Head M 29 Thrybergh Farmer
Ann Whitaker Wife M 25 Wadsworth Yorks
George Whitaker Son 1 Thrybergh
Ann Jenkinson Serv S 19 Sewerby  Notts General Law Apprentice
Sarah A. Gallom Serv S 18 Notts General Law Apprentice
Robert Survmon Serv S 56 Worthsey Devon Farm Labourer

Rotherham Rd
George Scott Head M 46 Herwell Yorks Farmer
Harriet Scott Wife M 45 Doncaster Yorks
William G. Scott Son S 21 Catcliffe Farmer
Lousa Scott Daug S 19 Catcliffe
Frances Scott Daug S 17 Catcliffe
Annie M. Scott Daug S 15 Catcliffe Dressmaker
Ada H Scott Daug S 13 Catcliffe Scholar
Emily L Scott Daug S 11 Catcliffe Scholar
John H. Scott Son S 9 Thrybergh Scholar
Wilfred Scott Son S 7 Thrybergh Scholar
Harold S. Scott Son S 6 Thrybergh Scholar

Post Office
Hannah Newsome Head Widow 40 Whitney Hertford Sub Post Mistress
Charles S. Newsome Son S 17 Rawmarsh Labourer
Eliza Newsome daug 12 Thrybergh Scholar
Sarah A. Newsome Daug 9 Thrybergh Scholar
Ella Newsome Daug 5 Thrybergh Scholar
Anne Jenks Mother Widow 67 Peterchurch Retired

Rotherham Rd
Henry Pearce Head M 46 Conisbrough Farmer
Herbert Pearce Son S 19 Yorks Farmer apprentice
Ernest Pearce Son S 6 Thrybergh School Boy

Edward Howley Head M 47 Rotherham Blacksmith
Vashti Howley Wife M 46 Derbyshire
Oliver Howley Son S 22 Derby Blacksmith
Clement Howley Son 8 Attercliffe Scholar
Hiacinth ? Howley Daug 6 Thrybergh Scholar
Kitty ?Howley Daug 3 Thrybergh

Edward Handley Head Widow 44 Hatfield Groundsman Gardener
Florence Handley Daug S 15 Hatfield
Benjamin Handley Son 11Hatfield
John W. Handley Son 10 Hooton Roberts
Cyril Handley Son 5 Hooton Roberts
Makena Handley Daug 3 Hooton Roberts

Silverwood Lane
William Sargan Head M 34 Clifton Yorks Farmer
Ellen/Elenor Sargon Wife M 33 Ireland Farmers Wife
Sarah Hardy Serv S 23 Bramley Yorks Domestic servant
John Capsticks Serv S ? Sowerby Notts Farmers servant
James Merrils Serv S 13 ? Mission Notts Farmers servant

Silverwood Lane
John Ford Head M 44 Clugworth Notts Dairy Owner
Eliza Ford Wife M 46 Ravenfield
Annie E. Hutchins Serv S 18 Chardwick Notts

Thrybergh Mill
Leonard Turner Head M 23 Thrybergh Miller and Farmer
Mary A Turner Wife M 23 Chesterfield
Elizabeth Turner Mother Widow 62 Bramley Yorks
Edith A Sargan Niece S 16 Thrybergh
Frank Bohan Serv S 17 Thrybergh Servant

Glebe Farm
Thomas Williams Head M 24 Ribworth Farmer
Annis Wife M 26 St Mary and St Martin
Elizabeth Williams Daug 5 Sheffield
William Williams Son 3 Sheffield
Sarah Daug 1 Sheffield
Tommy Ward Serv S 40 Sheffield General Servant
George Storre Serv S 23 Sturton Farmers servant
William Dwey serv S 18 Lincs Farmers servant

Rotherham Rd
Charles Drabble Head M 54 Maltby Yorks Agricultural Labourer
Margaret Drabble Wife M 52 Woodsetts
Charles Drabble Son S 25 Thrybergh Furnace stoker at colliery
George Drabble Son S 19 Thrybergh Quarry Labourer stone
Rebecca Drabble Daug S 16 Thrybergh
William Drabble Son 14 Thrybergh Farm Servant
Edwin Drabble Son 9 Thrybergh Scholar

Rotherham Rd
Thomas Boothroyd Head M 28 Fishlake Joiner and Builder
Hannah Boothroyd Wife M 26 Thrybergh
George H. Boothroyd Son 1 Thrybergh
Anne Hodgeson Boarder S 25 Barnsley School Mistress

Rotherham Rd
Walter Coggins Head M 27 Souldern Oxford
Matilda Coggins Wife M 25 Thrybergh
Frederick Coggins Son 9 Thrybergh Scholar
John W. Coggins son 7 Thrybergh Scholar
Samual Coggins son 5 Thrybergh Scholar
William Coggins son 2 Thrybergh
Edwin Coggins son 8M Thrybergh

Rotherham Rd
William Bagshaw Head S 59 Denaby Garden Labourer
George Bagshaw Neph S 15 Thrybergh servant

Rotherham Rd
James Storre Head M 44 Sturton Agricultural Labourer
Alice Storre Wife M 52 Littleham
William Storre son S 22 LittlehamGardeners apprentice
Sarah A Storre daugt S 19 Lincoln
Mary J. Storre daugt S 16 Lincoln

Rotherham Rd
Frederick Willert Head M 27 Tansley Derby Agricultural Labourer
Teresa Willert Wife M 29 Brackenfield Derby
William Willert son 10 Brackenfield Scholar
Edmund Willert son 11 Lea Derby Scholar
Thomas Willert son 9 Lea Derby Scholar
Sarah Willert daugt 7 Delthi Derby Scholar
Edith H Willert daugt 4 Tansley Derby Scholar
Robert Willert son 2 Tansley Derby
George F Willert son 2m Thrybergh

Rotherham Rd
Henry Boyd Head M 44 Arlington Colliery Banksman
Lucy Boyd wife M 40 Sandbeck
Mary Boyd daugt 15 Thrybergh Scholar
Horace M Boyd son 13 Thrybergh scholar

Rotherham Rd
John Butler Head M 69 Thrybergh Retired Agricultural Labourer
Emma Butler wife M 78 Rotherham Blind
Charles Butler son S 37 Thrybergh Colliery Banksman

Rotherham Rd
Name listed on 1891 and 1901 as Ekr
Francis Eke head M 49 Norfolk Police Constable
Charlotte Eke wife M 47 Norfolk
Harry J. G. Eke son S 27 Norfolk Wagon repairer
Albert Eke son S 12 Rotherham Scholar
Leah South serv S 18 Sedgeley Staffs General Servant Domestic

Rotherham Rd
Edwin French Head M 35 Rawmarsh Stone Mason
Margaret French wife M 33 Clifton Yorks Housekeeper
Margaret J French daugt 4 Thrybergh
Helena E French daugt 2 Thrybergh

Rotherham Rd
Joseph Lambert Head Wid 91 Wath upon Dearne Retired Coachman
Martha Shepherd daugt Wid 54 Conisbro Housekeeper
Pollie Shepherd G,daug S 28 Derby Derby Domestic servant
James A Shepherd G,son S 23 Derby Derby Solicitors Clerk

Rotherham Rd
Thomas South Head M 75 Cadeby Yorks Road Labourer
Hannah South Wife M 71 Thrybergh
Riley South g,son S 16 Thrybergh Joiners Apprentice
Agnes L Baker g,daugt 9 Bramley Yorks Scholar

Rotherham Rd
James Spencer Head M 35 Carlton Notts Farmers Labourer
Maria Spencer wife M 31 Kirmington Lincoln
Charles Spencer  son 11 Braithwell Scholar
Annie Spencer daugt 7 Thrybergh Scholar

Arthur Spencer son 4 Thrybergh Scholar

Rotherham Rd
William Walker Head M 45 Swinton Farmer
Mary J Walker wife M 45 Silkstone
Mary Walker daugt S 16 Thrybergh Scholar
William Walker son S 15 Thrybergh Scholar
Arthur E Walker son 11 Thrybergh Scholar
Mary W Ownsworth m.i.l. Wid Wortley Living on own means
Thomas Brown serv S 41 general servant
Florence Black serv S 16 Worsbro General servant domestic
Frederick Allison serv S 17 Hooton General Servant
George F Sales serv S 21 Doncaster General Servant

The Rectory
Henry L Bennett Head M 57 Luplades Gloucester Rector of Thrybergh
Grace Bennett wife M 42 Guildford
Edward L Bennett son S 17 Leamington Engineering pupil civil
Maud Bennett daugt S 15 Thrybergh
Mary Bennett daugt 14 Thrybergh
Grace M L Bennett daugt 9 Thrybergh
Henry E.  L  Bennett son 7 Thrybergh
Maria Bates serv wid 37Hudson Rough Cook domestic servant
Isabel Baslow serv S 19 Swinton Housemaid and Parlour maid
Gertrude Sargan serv S 17 Thrybergh General servant

Garden House
Tom Beeden Head M 49 Ellstone Notts Head Gardener
Mary Beeden wife M 49 Wellingore Lincoln
Joseph A Beeden son S 21 Potterhanworth Lincoln Gardeners Labourer
Frederick W Beeden son S 14 Brent Broughton Lincoln Gardener
Walter M. Beeden son S 12 Brent Broughton Lincoln Scholar
Lizzie Beeden daugt 7 Brent Broughton Lincoln Scholar
Rosemand Beeden daugt  2 Thrybergh Scholar
Elizabeth Almand vis S 51 ?

Manor House
James C. Smith Head M 51 Scotland Railway Contractor
Anne Smith wife M 44 Barnsley
Martha Hampson serv S 34 Firbeck Housemaid domestic
Kate Allem serv S 19 Northamptonshire Housemaid Domestic

Rotherham Rd
Martha Taylor Head Wid 64 Cambridge
Archibald Taylor son S 28 Thrybergh Clerk
Alice Taylor daugt S 32 Thrybergh Breadmaker

Leonard Athey Head M 47 Southampton Coachman
Sarah Athey wife M 45 Spicton
Arthur Athey son S 18 Banbury Farmwork
William Athey son S 16 Southampton Collier
Amos Athey son 10 Colby
Austin Athey son 8 Colby
Richard Athey son 5 Colby

Thrybergh Hall
John Fullerton Head S 25 Boothby Graffol Lincoln Esq Living on own means
Rebecca Turton serv wid 72 Bridlington Housekeeper
John Gillett serv S 49 Sand Hills Footman
Emma Raynor serv S 26 Boston Housemaid
Elizabeth Shirt serv S 19 Rugby Kitchenmaid
Ann Mollett serv S 16 Stafford Scoullerymaid
John Faraday serv S 21 Southampton Groom
Tom Clarke serv S 18 Botherton Groom
William Tonbric serv S 35 Granthem Stud Groom
Fred Woodersey serv S 19 Markham Groom

Kilnhurst Rd
James Satterfett Head M 61 Dalton Farmer
Mary Satterfett wife M 60 Kilnhurst
Harriet Satterfett daugt S 26 Kilnhurst
John Hanley boarder S 62 Kilnhurst Farmer

Rotherham Rd
Hannah Sargan head Wid 64 Conisbro Retired Farmer
Melissa Sargan daugt S 33 Thrybergh Retired Farmer



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