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1841 Census


By the early 1840's there were 217 people living in Thrybergh, made up of servants, farmers, a couple of tailors, dressmakers, a painter, a couple of carpenters one of whom was female, a miller, a maltster, a grocer,  and a couple of farm bailiffs. Of the 44 dwellings four were uninhabited


10th June 1841
 The Rev Arthur Fullerton was the clergyman and  the servants at Thrybergh Park were:-
James Norman a servant age 50,

Paul Hirst servant age 20,

Christopher Pullain servant age 40,

Eliza Parker servant age33
Mary Richardson servant age 25,

Sarah Cook servant age 19,

Mary Johnson servant age 35,

Lydia Wainwright age 30 servant,

Martha Downing servant age 20,

Sarah Cresswell servant age 10,

and James Brown servant age 30.

In the Thrybergh Rectory were

James Cherry servant age 35,

Ann Wright servant age 35,

Mary Thompson servant age15,

Hannah Garton servant age 15,

and Thomas Cousins servant age 35.

In one Lodge were

Rachael Scott servant age 30

and John Roberts age 40 Agricultural  Labourer. 


In the other Lodge
were the Dodge family.

Edmund Dodge farm Bailiff  age 70,

Ann Dodge age age 55, and presumably their children,
John Dodge a shepherd age 24,

and Ann Dodge age 20.

In Thrybergh Village were the following households,

1] Thomas Concomb Agricultural Labourer age  25

Ann Concomb age 25.

2] William Hepworth agricultural labourer age 54, 

Sarah Hepworth age 64,

Hannah Hepworth age 28

3]William Greaves agricultural labourer age  50,

Elizabeth Greaves age 45,

Amelia Greaves age10,

Martha Greaves age 9,

Alfred Greaves age 5.

4] Matthew Speight age 50 agricultural labourer,

Mary Speight age 45,

Mary Speight age 7

Henry Speight age 5

5] Mark Caucomb age 50 agricultural labourer,

Ann Caucomb age 44,

William Caucomb age 22 agricultural labourer,
 Ann Caucomb age 20,

Elizabeth Caucomb age12

Sarah Caucomb age 5 

John Caucomb age 2

6] George Stocks age 59 agricultural labourer,

Ann Stocks age 63,

John Stocks a Tailor age 38,

Martha Stocks age 20

Thomas Stocks age 16 a servant, and presumably visiting the household was

 Martha Stanfield age 4

7] George Longdin age 52 agricultural labourer,

Mary Longdin age51,

William Longdin age 20 agricultural labourer

Charles Longdin tailors apprentice age 18,

 Ann Longdin age 12, and

David Longdin age 9

8] Anna Ross age 55 widow of the Thrybergh Bard,

Sarah Ross age 29 dressmaker, 

Georgina Ross age 24 dressmaker, and

 Elizabeth Ross age 22 dressmaker


Elizabeth Neat age 83


Danial Ting 50 servant

Charlotte Ting 42

Alice Ting 4

Charlotte Ting 2
Louisa Ting  3 months

 Elizabeth Read 59


William Speight 26 ag lab

 Kezia Speight 27

Dinah Speight 1


Elizabeth Oxley 14 servant

Sarah Speight 14


Thomas Piper 79 Tailor

Mary Piper 72


William Whitaker farmer 60

Sarah Whitaker 50

George Whitaker 25 Farmer

Martha Stacey 15

John Caucomb 15 ag lab
Abby Farmer 15 servant


John Staniforth farmer 53

 Elizabeth Staniforth 52

Hannah Staniforth 22 servant

Emma Staniforth 20

Cathrine Staniforth 17

Ann Staniforth 15

John Staniforth 13

Martha Staniforth 10

Mary Staniforth 10

Sarah Fox 4


John Longdin 20 ag lab


Elizabeth Schofield 70

Mary Schofield 30 Schoolmistress


Ann Awty 55 Farmer

Elizabeth Awty 32

Mary Awty 26

William Awty 24 Farmer

Fuljambe Awty 20 Farmer

Mary Tingle 30 servant

Mary Askin 15 servant

Joseph Newsham 25 ag lab

John Dawson 15 ag lab


James Ross 31 Painter

Harriet Ross 29

James Ross 4 months

John Hicks 70 ag lab

 Elizabeth Hicks 72

Alfred Beal 14 Painters app


Sarah Baumont 40 Carpenter

William Spencer 23

Carpenter journeyman

John Ross 2


George Piper 45 Tailor

Hannah Piper 45

Christina Piper 11

John Piper 9

William Piper 6

Mary Piper 3


Samual Farmer 64 ag lab

Benjamin Farmer 24 ag lab

Hannah Farmer 22

Samual Farmer 5 months


Joseph Lambert 35 servant

Mary Lambert 30

Henry Lambert 7

Martha Lambert 5

Thomas Lambert 3

Mary Lambert 1


Elizabeth Turton 48

Ann Turton 12

Ann Hobson 12


Richard Grindle 45 ag lab

Sarah Grindle 45

Isaac Grindle 7

Ellen Grindle 5

Michael Bagshaw 25 carpenter


Charles Butler 54 shoemaker

Mary Butler 56

John Butler 20 ag lab

Edward Butler 45 shoemaker


John Moorhouse Carpenter journeyman

Sarah Moorhouse 32

Henry Moorhouse 4

Ann Moorhouse 1
William Liversidge 36 ag lab


Ann Heaton 71 grocer

John Hague 30 ag lab

 Elizabeth Hague 37


James Bagshaw 34 ag lab

Sarah Bagshaw 38

Mary Bagshaw 11

Ellen Bagshaw 8

Francis Bagshaw 6


James Bagshaw 62 ag lab

Ann Bagshaw 67

George Bagshaw 31

Ann Bagshaw 30

William Bagshaw 8
Sarah Bagshaw 4

Elizabeth Bagshaw 1


Charles Gutteridge 45 servant

Fanny Gutteridge 45

Mary Gutteridge 19

Fanny Gutteridge 17

William Gutteridge 15 servant

Charles Gutteridge 13

George Gutteridge 10

Henry Gutteridge 7

Richard Gutteridge 5


John Glover 57 ag lab

Martha Glover 30

Mary Glover13

Ann Glover 10

William Glover 8

Valentine Glover 6
Thomas Glover 1


George Watkinson 58 ag lab


John Bisby 39 Farm Bailiff

 Betty Bisby 37

Charlotte Bisby 13

Martha Bisby 6

Mary Bisby  4

William Bisby


Jonathan Whitaker 70 Farmer

John Whitaker 30 Farmer

Thomas Chapman 22 ag lab

George Elridge 14 ag lab
Mary Marriot 35 servant

Ann Satterfit 17 servant


James Foster 46 Farmer

Mary Foster 48

Martha Boulton 20 servant

George Turton 23 ag lab

James Hobson 17 ag lab
George Lee 15 ag lab


Mary Legatt 85 Farmer

Sarah Legatt 20

 Mary Taylor 25 servant

John Bailey 15 ag lab

William Ashmore 15 ag lab

38 ]

George Stringer 45 Miller

Mary Stringer 42

Elizabeth Stringer 7

Mary Stringer 5

Henry Stringer 1

Mary Greaves 20 servant

Ann Piper 15 servant

39] Blacking Mill

Valentine Wilkinson 45 Maltster

Selina Wilkinson 16

Ann Wilkinson 10

Mary Morley 30

40] Blacking Mill 2

Nathen Beaumont 44 ag lab

Mary Beaumont 40

Thomas Beaumont 10

William Beaumont 2





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