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Here they are words, sayings, sarcasms, insults, and what ever else can be said in the dialect of the Rotherham area of South Yorkshire, aptly named 101 Damnations, as you won't find too many words of endearment.



1 OH ECK :- Oh no!
2 EE BY ECK  :- Well I never
3 ECKY THUMP  :- That hurt
4 BOLD AS BRASS or BOLD AS A BRASS MONKEY :- Description of A very forward person
5 COMMON AS MUCK  :-  Common as dirt, someone of low reputation.
6 THA'S NOWT TO COME :- You have nothing to come You won't succeed.
7 GI US ONE THEN  :- Give me one then
8 THA'LL GET NO CHANGE OUTER THAT ONE. :- You won't get anywhere with this person.
9 OUR LASS  :- My Sister
10 OUR KID  :- My Brother
11 LIKE A STUNNED MULLET :- Someone standing idle. as in Don't stand there like a stunned mullet, give us a hand
12 BENT AS A BUTCHER'S HOOK :-  A crook, swindler etc. or someone Gay.
13 TOW'D MAN  TOW'D WOMAN, TOW'D BLOKE  :- The old man etc. referal to someone old or parents
14 NUFF SAID :- Enough said, I understand you don't have to tell me anymore
15 PUT TWOOD INTOIL :- Put the wood in the hole,  close the door
16 NA'THEN  :- Now then  Now look here or can be used as greeting in place of hello
17 TH'ART A BALMPOT  :- You are A Balmpot you are silly
18 THA' WHAT  :- What did you say can be used jokingly or a threat
19 THA'MOANT,  THA' MUSANT :- You must not do that
20 THA'RT A SILLY 'APETH :- You are a silly 'half penny worth  You are silly
21 IF THA EVER DOES OWT FOR NOWT DO IT FOR THYSEN  :-  If you ever do anything for nothing do it for yourself
22 HEYUP  :- Can be used as a greeting , an expression of surprise, or a warning
23 FAIR TO MIDDLIN' :- Not to bad, response to a question ie how are you ?
24 BAH GUM OR EE BAH GUM :- Well I never.
25 SEETHY  :- Look here you
26 GERROF :- Get off.
27 MARDY :- As in don't be mardy- stop crying- don't be a suck.
28 GOBSMACKED :- Mouth Smacked, Surprised
29 WELL THA COULDA HIT ME OE'ER HEAD WI A WET KIPPER AND AH WOULDNA BIN MORE SURPRISED :- Well you could have hit me over the head with a wet kipper [ fish]
30 TINT or TAINT :- It is not
31 TINT INT TIN :- It is not in the tin [ Lyn]
32 UZ AZT GERRUS BUZ :- We have to get ourselfs a  bus [ Jacob]
33 GERRON WI THEE :- Get on with you You must be joking
34 THART A GRAND UN ARNT THA :- You are a grand one are you not Well what an idiot you are or what a nasty piece of work you are
35 EY-UP ME DUCK :- Hello my darling- or friend.
36 ZENNY ONYA CUMMIN WIMMY TILSON :- Is anybody comming with me to Ilkeston [ Jacob]
37 AL TREETER GERROWD ER RON  :- I will try to get old of one [ Jacob]
38 DO LALLY or DO LALLY TAP  :- Mad as a Hatter [ Lyn]
39 MIND THYSEN :- Mind yourself  Please move out of the way
40 GIGGLE GAGGLE GATE AT THE END OF THE GINNEL. :- Gate at the end of the alleyway [ Lyn ]
41 LENDS THEE FACE TO GO RABBITING :- Insult, Can I borrow your face to go Rabbiting, hinting that the person to whom this remark is addressed has a face like a Ferret [ Small weasel like animal used to send down Rabbit holes to catch Rabbits in England ]
42 BAAH'T :- Without, as in the Yorkshire song On Ikley Moor Baah'tat [ without a hat ]
43 T'WORM  :- The worm
44 EIGHT  :- Eat
45 GUD NEET :- Good night.
46 NEETS :- Night shift
47 TOW'D DRAGON  :- Wife or Mother in law
48 EARALL SAYNOWT :- Hear everything but don't say anything
49 THA'S MUCKED IT UP  :- You have really made a mess off that
50 WEER THER'S MUCK THERS MONEY :- Where there is muck there is money There is money to be made in dirty places.
51 ALLUS KEEP THEE BARRA NEARTA MUCK  :- Always keep your wheelbarrow near to the pile of dirt.
52 BLOOD N SAND N BUCKETS A TEA  :- A way of cursing without actually swearing.
53 HEYUP DOST THA LIKE FISH COS IF THA DOES THURS A PLAICE AT BACKA QUEUE :- A way to deal with the people who push in front of you.
54 HEYUP HOWED THA INJECT THIS FISH INTA BATTER :- Remark heard in fish and chip shop from a customer complaining about how small his piece of fish was.
55 GERROUTTERTHEER :- Get out of there Move away from there.
56 SHES A TITTLETATTLER THAT ONE :- Shes a Gossip Monger that one.
57 THA'NOSE NOWT :- You don't know anything.
58 KEEP THEE NOSE AHT' :- Keep your nose out of my Business
59 IF ITS OWT TO DO WI THEE AHL TELL THEE  :- If it has anything to do with you I will keep you informed.[ anouther way of saying keep thee nose aht. ]
60 AHLSEETHY :- I will see you Yorkshire way of saying Hasta la vista Baby [ who needs Arnie. John.]
61 ALBELT THY ONE  :- I will hit you
62 THARTA GIDDY KIPPER  :- You are acting silly [ usually said to a child ]
63 ANTHEE ANOWL  :- And you as well
64 WHATSUP  :- What is wrong
65 NOWTSUP :- There is nothing wrong.
66 THAD NONEED TA BOTHER THYSEN  :- There is no need for you to bother yourself
67 HE DIN'T  DIDHE :- He did not, did he
68 TWERNT :- It was not.
69 TIS  :- It is
70 TISNT :- It is not
71 TWERNT FOR HIS BRAIN HE'D BE SMART :- If it wasn't for his brain he would be smart.
72 THACUDNT KNOCK SKIN OFFER RICE PUDDING  :- You could not knock the skin off the top of a rice pudding. [ infering that the person being addressed was a weakling.]
73 AH WE HAD ONE BUT WEEL FELL OFF :- Yes we had one but the wheel fell off. Usually said to someone bragging about a new aquisition [ a definate put down.] In other words Yes we had one but it was no good because the wheel fell off
74 AHM PIGGED OFF :- I am really annoyed
75 GERRINWITHY  :- Get inside with you
76 WHATS THA THINKITIS :- What do you think it is, can be used as What do you think you are doing
77  GUDJOB THA WERNT TOWDING TAMMER WIBOTH HANDS WHEN THA HIT THEE THUMB  :- You were lucky not to be holding the hammer with both hands when you hit your thumb with it.[ words of consolation to an injured workmate AHEM!]
78 BET THA'DINT THINK IT WA GONNA BE THAT EASY DID THA. :- Usually said to a workmate who has just totally exhausted himself.
79 GOIN DAN'T ROWD :- I am going down the road [ this can be a question or a statement.
80 THALL CATCH THEY DEATH OCOWD :- You will catch your death of cold
81 THA MUNTHASTHA :- You have not have you.
82 AM THAT HUNGRY AHCUDEAT A MAN OFF HIS HOSS AND THEN GO BACK FA'TORSE :- I am that hungry I could eat a man off his horse and then go back for the horse [ and eat that to.]
83 THARTAS THICKAS A PITPROP :- You are as thick as a pit prop. [meaning you have the intelligence of a piece of hard timber.]
84 NATHEN CLEVER CLOGS :- Now then clever clogs [ clever clogs is a name given to someone who thinks they are a lot smarter than they actually are.]
85 ATHA GONNA BREWUP THEN :-Are you going to brew up then. [ meaning make me a cup of tea please. ]
86 THA GONNA SUPUP THEN ORWHAT. :- Are you going to finish your drink or what?
87 BETTER GERON THEN :-We had better get a move on then.
88 TONYHIS MOTHER CUD LUVIM :-There's only his Mother could love him [ or her.]
89 THARTA GRET DUMPLING :-You are a great dumpling [ dunce]
90 IT'SANUPNUNDER :- Its an up and under. Famous descriptive utterance and description of a Rugby Player kicking the ball high in the air from the great Eddie Waring, Lancashire born t/v commentator .
91  THURS NOWT WRONG WI REETFOLK :- There is nothing wrong with right folks,
92 ILL BELT THEE ONE ROUND TEAROIL IF THA DUNT GEEOER :- I will belt you one around your ear hole if you don't give over
93 AHM GOIN' AHT, THEE DINNERS TINTOVEN :- I am going out your dinner is in the oven. [Wife informing husband who has just returned home from work ]Nowadays of course this would be --
94 THA MUN EAT THEE DINNERUP INT MICROWAVE :- You can heat your dinner up, in the Microwave.
95 THINGYMEJIG or THINGYMEBOB :- Now everyone I ever knew has a house full off these, You can never put your finger on the name of them so they must be a thingymejig etc.[ You usually remember the name of it two days later ]
96 WHATDOYAMACALLIT :- Don't know what this is ? Why its a Thingymejig of course.
97 YAGRETPUDDINGEAD :-You great pudding head[ you silly fool ]
98 DINT  :- Didn't
99 SERRY :- Mate
100 HE GIDIT ME :- He gave it to me.
101 PHISSINHUMMER :- Well I never.

List John Doxey 2001


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