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            Pronounced locally Thrybur  Old English Triberg

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"'Let Sleeping Dogs Lie"


Never tell a Yorkshireman a list of reasons why you are going to ask to borrow something, just simply ask or you will more than likely hear "Nemind all that does tha wanna borra summat or what?"


Likewise unlike people from other counties a Yorkshireman when telling you something or asking, will point blank ask or tell you, if you need to know reasons he will tell you those after. For instance if a mutual acquaintance has died most English people will start off with " You know old Fred how he has been sick for a long time" and then possibly give you a run down on his medical history, and how hard it has been for the family etc. , and then at some stage get around to stating that Fred has died.


Well a Yorkshireman will simply state "Owd Freds deed[ died ] ", and then any further discussion will take place.


1 AL TELL THEE SUMMAT FANOWT ' I will tell you something for nothing ' Now despite the fact Yorkshire folk have a reputation for not eagerly delving into their wallets, this statement shows that they are quite generous with information, however the statement can be the prelude to you being put in your place.
2 ANYROWD  Anyway as in " anyway as I was saying "
3 ANYROWD UP ' Any road up ' Is the Yorkshire way of saying and in conclusion. I remember once sitting with a group in a pub and one of the group was telling us of one of his experiences, one of those stories that went on and on. We politely listened for what seemed an age, when the story teller said "Anyrowd up to cut a long story short" upon this one of the listeners interrupted and said " Nay! thas bored us ta deth fa an hour na, dunt bother cutting it short , tha might as well bore us all ta deth fa another hour "
4 PEGGED AHT To be dead or be tired
5 DUNT CUM ROUND ERE NAMORE 'You had better not come around here no more' a warning to stay away.
6 AM TELLIN THEE NOWT NAMORE I am not telling you nothing no more
7 AM ASKIN THEE NOWT NAMORE I am not going to ask you nothing no more
8 AM SAYIN NOWT NAMORE meaning as far as I am concerned the subject is closed, and I am not going to comment on it
9 HE'EL GERIS ONE DAY He will get his just deserts one day
10 HE'EL GERRIS CUMUPPENCE ONE DAY He will get his come uppence meaning he will be put in his place one day.
11 THA CUD SEEIT CUMIN 'You could see it coming' meaning what has happened was inevitable
12 HEYUP AM NOT AS DAFT ASALUK  'Now then I am not as silly as I look' Yorkshire way of saying I may look silly but I am not
13 HEYUP AM NOT AS DAFT AS THA LUKS A variation of the above with an insult added
14 THATS NOWT FRESH That is nothing new
15 THATS NOWT NEW That is nothing new
16 THAT CUM AHT WEN ADAM WARRA LAD When someone has told you a joke you had heard before you would use this phrase to emphasize that the joke was around since the first man 'Adam'
17 AH WUNT SWAP IM/ER FA WORLD At last a word of endearment, meaning you love this person so much you would not exchange them for the Whole World.
18 WOOLLIES Woolworths
19 MARKS N SPARKS Marks and Spencers
20 AV AD A BELT I have had an electrical shock
21 AV AD A BANG I have had an electrical shock [ these two phrases should not be used in the U.S.A. as the term bang means something entirely different.]
22 THAS ADDIT NA ' You have had it now ' meaning you are in big trouble for something you did or said.
23 N THEE ANOWL WI BRASS KNOBS ON And you as well with brass knobs on A phrase used by children in an argument that involved name calling, if someone called you a non complimentary name the reply would be N THEE ANOWL WI BRASS 24 KNOBS ON a way of hurling the insult back with an addition which saved you the time of thinking up a new suitable insult to yell back.
25 ITSA COP AHT ' It is a cop out ' No this does not mean a policeman has left the building it means an excuse not to do or say something.
26 CUDN'T WEIGH IT UP I could not understand what had happened.
27 ITS ONT BLINK It is on the blink meaning it is not working properly
28 ITS BUNGED UP It is blocked
29 ITS BROCK It is broken
30 IS A BIT SLOW ONT UPTEK He is a bit slow on the uptake meaning he is pretty dim and does not understand what he is being told
31 THA BONKERS You are silly
32 AH BONKED MESEN I bumped myself
ADDIS LOT Had his lot, meaning the person has no more chances or options.
HE'S SHOT HIS BOLT meaning the person has no more chances or options

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